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St. Michaels Uiiiversit^^ School 

3003 - 3004 







-^^^ ■■ ' 


Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2010 with funding from 
St IVIichael's University School 

SalntJ Michaels UnlverelUy School 
' ^95400K\GhmondRoad 
I Ylotorla, 3r\1>\eh Columbia 



i ', 




Published in Canada 
Printed in USA 


'Our school seeks the excellence in all of us, with 
passion and compassion. We are a community 
"shaped by the pursuit of truth and goodness, pro 
viding outstanding preparation for higher learning 
and for life." 



Student Life 6 

JuniorSchool 40 

Middle School 66 

SeniorSchool 96 

Sports .118 

RneArts .144 

Clubs .158 

Boarding .166 

Awards .180 

Crad :186 

Sponsors 232 



I — 


Every year, the Yearbook provides a record of the 
events of the school, along with so many other 
happenings and thoughts that would never be 
recorded if we didn't have such a volume. It is the 
record of friendships, of successes, of experiences 
both pleasant and difficult that go to form the 
character of a year This year, with the opening of 
the Qothall Centre, and the commencement of 

construction on two new buildings - Schaffter Hall and the William Monkman 
Athletic Complex - students are in the midst of a school that is being physically 
transformed. Cellists will finally have room to swing their bows properly and bas- 
ketball and volleyball teams will finally have room to practice properly 

The pictures tell so much of the story the glimpses of learning, and work and 
play foolishness in the residence and the quad, and formal pictures of Remem- 
brance Day and concerts. It all goes to tell a story that would burst out of any- 
thing that tried to contain it - anything, that is, other than this yearbook. 

Those students and faculty that put the book together take on a daunting task, 
and do an admirable job. Of course they are in the midst of all this action and 
emotion, and are the best ones to convey it. I, like many others, look forward to 
opening this book many times, and I thank those who made the effort for putting 
it together. 


The Yearbook Staff 

(Section heads in boid) 

Editor: Claire 

Assistant Editor: Ellise 

Plioto Editor; Deanna 

Senior School: Annie, Kyung-Hye, Sanm"' 

Middle School: Carol, Bonita, Samantha, 


Junior School: Marisa, Simon. Calvin Lii 

Boarding, Fine Arts, and Clubs: Mairead, 

Zee, Calvin Ng, Massey 

Crad:Jaimie, Shannon, Rowan 

Sports: Yun-Ji, Dave 

Student Life: Grace, Diana, Catherina 

Other Dan Andrew, Dave Lang 

So. Another yearbook is finally (almost) finished, and no one 
has perished in its making! I offer the token apology here for any 
misspelled names, misplaced photos,ugly layouts, cheesy cap- 
tions and/or unflattering portrayals. Hopefully these will not 
overtake the book. Oh, and they' re not my fault:) lalsojustwant 
to say here that the people who work for the yearbook face an 
incredible amount of work, from gathering write-ups to dealing 
with my groaning about deadlines, to taming their 
"helpers" (among them were Andrew and Dan, so enough said, 
I think). That they have braved these obstacles as well as 
designed some pretty fantastic pages (take particular note of the 
Student Life section) is a truly huge accomplishment. Therefore 
I want to thank everyone who participated this year and com- 
mend you on a job well done. Also, there are some people 
throughout the school community who hand in writeups and 
photos cheerfully and on-time and we are immensely grateful to 
you forthat.Ourjobisfarfrom easy, butyou make itall the easier 
by cooperating. Thanks also to: Mr. Humphries for photogra- 
phy, Mrs. Nason at the Junior School, Mme. Strauss at the 
Middle School, and, of course, our advisor, Mr. Taylor. Oh, 
right, and the theme of the book is tentatively games, which may 
explain the random playing cards interspersed throughout. 




r- 1 
^ 1 


;; J 






to be a chUd: To see the woiid in a grain of sand 

_ Heaven in a wiidflower 


dd infinity in the palm of your ha^ 

And eternity in an hour. 

(W Blakd) 










' ^^^^H^ ^^Bf. ' yflflU 





/ ^^^^H 











fc Wki- 



- ! 




1 ^> 


L„ ^ 

'v"3no 'ooixsn "vddo 'so&&v<zf'vnv& '/vvcvc ■('V oj- ~)J s"t/3/we/vv 



















^ " 

iCTK" ,^^ 

r -^. ,; '^X / ''^^^i 





^ 1 








September is a time of year where we increase the 
iwareness of cancer and raise funds to support the fight 
against this devastating disease by participating in the 
Terry Fox Run and the Run For The Cure. Our main fo- 
cus on campus for the past three years has been the 
Cops For Cancer Campaign and the head shave. 

Cops For Cancer raises money specifically for kids 
with cancer and for the research that helps these young 
people in their battle. This year we raised over $3000 
for cancer research in part because of a challenge from 
Ms. Ives, the Senior School counsellor The spirit of the 
event is wonderful and includes education about the 
impacts of this disease in conjunction with the fun of 
watching the hair fall - a great way to make a difference 
in the lives of our community 

-- Mr K. Cook 


t ^^ 


> r\ ■ '* 

,%>.! ^^1 

it'. *J. ^.^ ^ 

^^^ '^ 







^tWB CmJSiiims 

jFeliz Navidad! (sp»nM 


1^^^^^^^^ '"^--^^r-^o^ nI 

Joyisux Hoe I ?^-c.. 

Sheng Dan Jie Kuai Le Mandarin 
^^'oHiches Weihriachceri .=^-.-.^ 

Merii KuriSUmaSU r Japanese) 

^^^^m ^ ^^^^^^1 

Sol tan nl cbilu iRomidali ck<»wi 



i^x'k ne sin tJan fy let tawv» 


Vrolijke KerstJiiis cfxii*. 


Suk San Wan ehristmas ,-rhai) 

...ard a :ai-r-"-ge ir a c?a- :--t- 

'O^^t/L udllUi 



f _ 

7 reasons to enjoy 
Valentines day: 

1. wear red 

2. eat candy 

3. eat more candy 

4. give candy 

5. Get Struck by Cupid 

6. Be a Secret valentine 
7 Love is in the air 

Senior School Chapel Wardens (Lto R): Rev. June 
Maffin. Pat McCulloch, Andrew Van der Westhuizen, 
Brianne Bentzon, Brittany Crow, Sarah Sapsford, 
Frances Dunn, Jen Fritz, Kendall Cutler 


Chapel time is a mini-Sabbath in the rhythm of daily SMUS life and gives students and faculty an opportunity to 
be centred and grounded for the day before being "sent forth" by the Dismissal at the end of the service to learn, 
teach, administer the business ^^^ school. 

Spiritual leadership at the school ^ offered by faculty and students alike. Grade 5 students atjunior School read 
lessons, light candles, participatCTffQoancel Drama presentations. Chapel Wardens assisted the Chaplain in various 
w/aysfor regular and special senyices throughout- the school year. Boarders Chapel Planning Team members 
(Evgeny Aleksandrovjudy Chou, Kendall Cutler, Frances Dunn, Jen Fritz, Clare Hauser, Garner Lea and Duncan 
Mdntrye) helped plan and lead Sunday evening Boarders services. Faculty and students alike as well as special 
Guests spoke at Chapel services of the passionMn their lives and helped us reflect on our relationship with the 
world, one another, ourselves, our Creator in our ongoing spiritual formation. 

The Reverend Dr. June Maffin 

Many exciting changes have occurred this year for the Parents" Auxiliary! We now have our own 
"classroom" in School House, which means that we have our own place to hold monthly meet- 
ings and a place to display used uniforms, resulting in the "shop" being open for weekly sales. 
The introduction of Senior School pizza days means that further money will be directed towards 
Senior School. Archives dating back to the early 70's have been organized, and development of 
our website is continuing. A more streamlined approach to payment of membership dues has 
resulted in a record number of members, with almost all school families choosing to participate. 

The Parents' Auxiliary undertakes a number of annual social and fundraising events. This year's 
activities have included Used Uniform sales. New Student/Parent Parties, Welcome Coffee 
Parties, a Get Acquainted BBQ, a Golf Tournament, development of the Student Directory. 
Boarders without Borders, Parents" Education Lectures, Weekly Pizza Days, Piece of Home Gift 
Packages, Boarder's Cake Service and the Annual Christmas Dinners. Since this is a Spring Fair 
year our energies are directed towards supporting this wonderful event. Parents, thank you for 
volunteering time and energy to help support "excellence in education". 
■—--------— --—^^^-^^— ——-—--—-------— -———^-— —-—-—— ------ Lindsay Kis hch 

Back row; 
Front rojw: 

Kellie Wyllie Scjayne Hawe (Mid. School Liaisons), Lynn Pollock (Secretary), Bev Duthie (2nd Vice Presic 
Sulo Saravana-Bawan (Sr. School Liaison), yndsay Kislock (President), Jane Effa (1st Vice President) 



^f>0" I'l'sf^^Uol^ 

Campus m 







V ^ 

or ScbQol 





s t a F F 



"We've learned how to stretch 
out words to write in our 

"I like playing Doctor in the 
hospital centre." 

"A doctor and a nurse came in 
to talk to us and we got to 
touch the stethoscope, I liked 
touching that." 

"We went to a pumpkin patch 
and Coldstream Park where we 
saw inside a dead salmon." 

"We learned how to draw 

"I liked going to the play 'The 
Lion the Witch and the 
Wardrobe'. We liked the witch's 
sleigh and the white reindeer." 

"We played dice and learned 
how to make numbers." 

"We play lots of games in P.E. 
It gives me exercise and when 
I play soccer with my dad at 
home I'm fester". 

"I like counting to 100. ~ 

"I learned how to count by I's, 
2's, 5's and lO's." 

"We build structures out of all 
kinds of things." 

Robbie Yelland 





Things We Love About 
Grade One 

Speed drills 




Field trips 

A great teacher 















Awesome things about 
Grade Two 

- Playing basketball 
and soccer. 

- P.E. and art 
' Playing on the rings 
at recess 

- Reading 

- Writing journals 
■ Our class makes a 

- Science, math and 

- Playing at recess with 

- Making new friends. 

- Our class works together and gets along. 



My Dragon -Julia Milden 

I have a little dragon 

He really is quite sweet 

His wings are blue, his tail green 

And purple stripes upon his feet 

His mother is from England 

His father is from France 

He really likes a girl 

He shows her his tap dance. 

He has been across the world 

To show his silver flame 

That got him into the Olympics 

And led him into fame. 

So now he is quite famous 

With reporters interviewing him 

There are a couple at the door right now! 

All singing a dragon hymn. 

So now I have to go 

To see him on TV 

I hope that sometime soon 

You will come and visit me! 



Mark Yoratii 


•A- FOtIR D 

Our best memories are: 

- making good friends in 2 new classes, 

- collecting house points 

- playing sports 

- collecting gummies and freezies 

We are: 

- passionate about hockey and skiing 

- extremely weird! 

- noisy 


- recess and lunch time games like Hangman and 
recycling-bin basketball 

- PE, MCR, poetry, DEAR and playing Hide and Co Seek at 

We don't like to sit in our seats, and we try to go to the 
washroom five times a day! 

Dragon - Laura Shaw 


Dark, dangerous 

Scratches, bites, flies 

Likes to blow fire 


•'^ FOCJR G 

Awesome Things about 4C 

- I'm never bored; I always have challenges. 
- 1 love art. math and P.E. 

- 1 like this school a lot. 

■ 4C has helped me through the year. 

- The teachers make work fun and challenging. 

- 1 like 4C because you get to play games at lunch. 

- 1 like all the subjects because all the teachers are nice and 
make it really fun. 

- Mr. Chan is cool and he rocks. 

- 4C is very cool. 

- 4C rocks. 

- 4C rules. 


Daniel Cameron 

Wolves - All Pollen 


Grey, wild 

Sneaking, growling, hunting 

Howling at the moon 

Fierce canine 

Christopher Welsford 

The squeaking of a kickstand 

The droning and humming of computers in the lab 

The clunking of high-heeled shoes rushes through the hallway 

As teachers' birdlike voices clamber in the staffroom 

Water is dripping furiously as a student drinks 

A chair squeaks 

Someone sneezes quietly 

Then everything is silent. 

Eagles - Johnathon Sipos 


Massive, alert 

Glaring, staring, gliding 

Flies like a King 





5H Top 10 List 

- Best kids, best teacher! 

- We are an original and unique crew 

- We have our own fire exit 

- We like to have fun (dance at lunch) 

- We have a great sense of humour 

- We have the best classroom - pillows, games and it's close to 
the washroom. 

- We have an office 

- We have the best class library 

- We have synergy as a group 

- We have an encouraging environment 

Joseph Furness 

Nuraiyah Kassam 


< I 


The Folks Who Live In Backwards Town - Tanya Rossa 

The folks who live in backwards town 

Are inside out and upside down. 

They wear their hats inside their heads 

And go to sleep beneath their beds. 

They only eat apple peeling 

And take their walks across the ceiling. 

They mess up their hair before heading to school 

And wear their P.J.'s into the town pool. 

They put shoes on their hands and gloves on their feet 

And imagine how hard it must be to eat. 

They don't eat with their hands like normal 

And yet every dinner is formal. 

They sleep in the day and not at night 

And this way they can avoid having a fright. 

They are the folks of backwards town 

And when they're happy they always frown. 

Tanva Rossa 

Rick StoUe 

Kate Loomer 




5J Top 10 

- We have Mr. Harris! 

- Big desks 

■ An unique arrangement of desks 

- Good teachers 

- Have a good time 

- Home form is an interesting room as it is a 
science lab. 

- We have a fish tank. 

- Good classmates 

- We are allov^/ed to sit with friends 

- We get along weW together 

Kindness * Sara Khan 

Kindness is a tapestry; 
Made from the finest thread. 
Purple is trust, red is goodness, 
Orange is loyalty, pink is friendship; 
Once you've found someone who 
Possesses these qualities. 
They are unique. 



Eric Beban 



Stewart Erwin 








GlrVe QoGG^T Tdam 


Phoenix - Ashton Louie, 4D 


Fire-wing, graceful 

Swoops and soars 

Beautiful diamond-eyes golden-heart forever! 


Library - Michael Shaw, 5J 

The rows and rows of colourful books 
Are the same as a time machine 
Here there two or three centuries ago 
As old as some of the water that flows 

Some share mystery 

Some tell history 
But all are like the muted voices of tribal storytellers of old. 

Cheetahs - Jonty Considine, 4G 


Deadly, sleek 

Rumiing, hunting growling 

Poimcing on imiocent animals 


Nightmare - Sarah Bodine, 4G 

What's a nightmare? 

Bad dreams 

Letting your imagination run wild 

Scary thoughts 

Things that aren't true 
That's a nightmare. 

Rat In The Attic - Samantha Colby, Grade 2 

Crack crick 

It is scary in the attic 


Something touched me 

Who's there? 


The door just opened 


There is a monster 

Said somebody 

The rat's shadow scared 

The somebody away 



Snow Alphabet Poem - Paige Wegeland, 4D 

As snow flakes softly fall 

Bailing out pails of snow 

Cold birds flitter into trees 

Dirty tires skid on ice 

Easy to pack snowballs 

For throwing at your friends 

Good for making snow angels 

Hurry, and slide down that hill! 

In the kitchen, making Hot 


Jogging through the fallen snow 

Kicking frozen rocks across the road 

Lakes are unbreakable 

My vision obscured with snow 

Not wishing to go inside 

One more time. Dad? 

Poking snowy bushes 

Quilting a blanket 

Running, trying not to trip 

So cold, feels like you have frostbite 

Towering piles of snow 

Ukulele playing in the distance 

Veering right, aiming for the snowy sidewalk 

Waiting for it to snow again 

X-tra chilly now! 

You love to fall face first in the snow 

Zebras stay in their homes today! 

Snow - Jack Janus, Grade 2 

Snowflake swirling 
Nice holiday 
Oak tree no leaves 
White snow 

Mila Stolle, Grade 1 

■0 0' 


Christopher Fenje, Grade 3 

Cimmaron Langlois, Grade : 

The Ocean - Muriel Protzer, 4G 

What's the ocean? 

where sea creatures live 

and the ships sink 

gets deeper and deeper 

where sun sets 

and moon rises 
That's the ocean. 


I had ill my bank accciui 
iicr \diai: ni}' clci-hes locked like, 
hcrld 1113.}' be a little beicer because 1 li'a.s imvcriaiit in 
the life cii a child. 

^^rt is^fi^e supreme art of 
the teacher to awaken 
/5cfl|i1^ creative expression 
and ki^owledge. 

Jeremy Bagshaw 

Portia Bekes 

Giuliana Bianco 

Richard Boness 

Liana Brook 

Oliver Brooks 

Cameron Buckingham 

Maxwell Considine 

Laura Dale 

Scott Dallen 

Julia Denley 

Travis Denley 

Anton Dugan 

Joshua Edgar 

Andy Erasmus 

Lisa Evans 

Olivia Fleming 

Lukas Galbraith 

Kristijan Gjorgjevik 

Samantha Green 

James Harris 

Benjamin Hayes 

Janine Hsu 

Michael Ip 

Claire Jackson 

Shaun Kho 

Wonjin Kim 

Nicolas Klak 

Kristina Knappett 

Parker Langlois 

Kirsten MacLeod 

Kyle Marshall 

Eric May 

Luke McCloskey 

Cameron Metcalfe 









Fvcho Mommsen-Smith 
Danielle Murtland 
Thomas Nicholson 
Morio Oyake 

Christian Pasitney 
Mina Phaisaltantiwongs 
Reid Plasterer 
Havden Potash-Kooyman 
Ross Prager 

Genna Purcell 
Celina Santilli-Giza 

Bradley Sawyer 
Benjamin Schaan 
David Sedlev 

James Sharp 
^^ Kieran Sharpe 

Sydney Stockus 
Angelica Taylor 
Beckv Thomas 

Daniele Tipping 
Marc van der Wal 
Emma Wilson Pease 
Simon Witt 
Jamie Yorath 


Yayl Peanut Bltttcr Dayl 

ffW'T wm b(^hiwti m e. 
I way hot lead. Poh't 
walk in frowt of me, I 
may wot follow. Just 
walk beside me and be 
my friewd. " 


"In ord&r ^o succe^e^d you mutt^ 
fail, so that you know what no€ 

to do the^ ne^xt tfme^. 




A fricrxd is orxc to whom one may pour out all the contcats of one's 

heart, chaff and grain together, knowing that the gentlest of hands 

will take and sift it, keep what is worth keeping and, with the 

breath of kindness, blow the rest away. 


Olev Anniko 

Colin Beban 

Melissa Bosworth 

Joshua Brerman 

Kyle Bridge 

Thomas Bridger 

Sheena Campbell 

Duncan Clarke 

Megan Cooper 

Colin Copes 

Jonathan Cunningham 

Rachel Davel 

Olivia de Goede 

Bhupinder Dulku 

Benjamin Effa 

Elizabeth Fenje 

Reilly Fong 

Ian Gabriel 

Laura Gilmore 

Nicole Godwin 

Georgina Graham 
Sasha Gray 

Douglas Grimmer 
Patricia Halim 
Ashley Hawes 

Neil Hayden 

Emma Houghton 

John Humphries 

Barney Hung 

Lauren Kipp 

Jake Kislock 

Katherine Kohler 

Rory Lattimer 

Charles Leitz 

Richelle Leonard 


Tlia only fence aQahet the world 


Daniela Loggia 



E\'an Louie 
Ceilidh MacLeod 
Kirsten Marsh 
Jake McCloskey 
Lexi McCoU 


Claire McKenzie 
Harmon Moor\ 
Taylor Moon 
Joel Nason 
Kent Oppelt 


KatherLne Peiffer 
Amrita Pooni 
Francis Quinlan 
Emily Reid 
Karia Rosenberg 

Monica Rossa 
Jamie Saunders 
Trevor Scagliati 
Colin Sedgwick 
Samuel Simons 





Scott Swinkels 
Brendan Thomson 
Nicole van der Wal 
JiUian Vasko 
Matthew Warner 


Brianna Webb 
Elliott Wheeler 
Jasmine Yan 
Linda Yu 
Michael Zhou 

b a thoroUijU kiiowlt?d(jd^ of it. 






Treat* you friends as you do 
your picture, and place 
them in their best li<hK' 


^^Friendship warms like a 
sunbeam; charms like a good 
story; inspires like a brave 
leader; binds like a golden 
chain; guides like a heavenly 


^[oIQR.S't l/,VW.X ViZ 

Elizabeth Ayre 

Qristina Bachand 

Jason Bains 

Terra Barnes 

Annelies Bekes 

Stephanie Bentzon 

Francesca Bianco 

Darren Broome 

Heather Buckingham 

Erik Burke 

Dylan Callow 

Jacquelyn Carson 

Zachary Chan 

Nicholas Charleton 

Andrew Chen 

Eric Chen 


Tony Chuang 

Nicole Cook 

Andrew Crow 

Peter Currie 

Paul Davison 

Jennifer Debroni 

Martin Erlic 

Joshua Evans 

Raymundo Garza Belden 

Siobhan Glen 

Rilev Gudgeon 

Elizabeth Guilbault 

Rvan Hall 

Frieodsljip warnjslike a saobean)\ i 

charn)s like a good story; 

inspires like a brave leader; 

bipds like a goldeo chair); 

guides like a beaveijly visioi). 


Gillian Harper 
Ian Harper 
Rosanna Harris 
Ciiristopher Hawe 
Louis Hayes 

Sydney Helm 
Allen Hsu 
Felix Hu 
Graham Inglis 
Jennifer Jackson 

Rahee Jung 
Adam Kennes 
Victoria Ker 
Terry Kho 
EUina Kim 

Nicholas Lampard 
Chelsea Langlois 
Emilv Lee 
Samantha Lee 
Angus Lennox 


Tommy Lin 

Benson Ling 

Arthur Lo 

Stephen Lyon 

Katrina Macintosh 

Courtney Mahrt 
Taylor McCarten 

Chelsea McLean 
Sarah Moselle 
Richard Moser 



lAJf^AT hie: IMEfLG: AMD S££S 

IMf^AT l\J£ CAM e>£. 

Gloria Ng 

Kevin Oh 

Michaela Onasick 

Kevin Park 

lliya Pavlovic 

Nicholas Pawluk 

Emily Prager 

Kim Pringle 

Jessica Qualley 

Evan Rankin 



Jennifer Rao 
Victoria Sapsford 
Ottilie Short 
Peter Short 
Christine Silver 

Himat Singh 
Christopher Smith 
Curtis Smith 
Derek Stedman 
Clayton Thomber 

Michael \an der Westhuizen 

Dani Ward 

Piper Werle 

Olivia Whittick 

Jordan Wiedemann-Komamidd 





Gr.6 Gi 

Gft.. 6 G>oys &As«erGAU_ 



(.:a M 











It is always a short season, this ^rade S Rugby session in the autumn, but it is the training ground for wany 
a senior player, and it has the potential to instill in young hearts a passion for the game that will take thew 
through the hurly-burly of school life with added confidence and hope. There is always the next tackle to achieve, 
the next heaving scruwwage to win, and even the elusive try to score when Lady Luck smiles her winning smile. 

because many of the players at this level are seeing a rugby ball for the first time in honest action, we spend 
the largest portion of practice inculcating basic skills. It's really the nursery of rugby in the School, and It should 
be encouraged to grow considerably if we are to have veteran players for the upper echelons. 

The key to this term's success was the able leadership and exemplary play of Richard Moser, who was out 
for every practice and who assisted with coaching by providing picture-perfect execution of all the drills we 
needed to see. Another strong forward returning from last year was Chris Hawe, noteworthy for his scampering 
runs up mid-field, spreading panic in the ranks of even the most resolute defenders. The back division was 
immediately enhanced by the powerful attacking drive of Clayton Thornber and the sure hands of our fullback, 
Michael YanderWesthulzen. Then there were the "discoveries ", new players who, finding themselves with the ball 
in the middle of a game, suddenly produced great things - brilliant, intuitive little bits of sportsmanship that 
heartened the whole team: Penson Ling crashing forward from flanker; Ray frarza running perfectly off the base 
of a fast ruck: Kevin Oh slithering out of tackles like an electric eel; Taylor McCarten setting up single-handed 
the most courageous ball possession of the Ladysmith game. . against huge opposition. Lots of good things to 
remember. Lots to look forward to in the mud and blood of next season. Yivat! 



"MINE!!" I yell to my teammates as I quickly side-step to the left to pass the ball. The serve from the pigtailed 
girl on the opposite team is coming fast. 1 must remember to bend my legs, keep my arms together straight 
out in front of me, and follow through with a shoulder shrug if I am to pass the ball to my setter with 
accuracy. All right, a great pass to Gloria our setter; all that practicing has been worth it! Set - spike 
attempt - yes, our first spike of the season! Wow, we're looking pretty good! Oh, no, but we've all just stood 
around and watched, and now the other team has scrambled to dig up the ball and has passed it back over 
the net. Yikes, we've been caught off guard and the other team scored! We all look surprised and disappointed, 
but then our teammates from the bench yell, "PELU&A!! " frillian, Trina and Christie all turn into whirling 
dervishes and race around the court to bring us together in the middle to reconnect. We all smile, and we're 
ready to receive another serve with confidence. The game is close, we are only a few points behind, and we 
are playing well. The serve goes to Rosanna. She calls fro it and successfully passes up to the front row. Who's 
going to get it? Heather? Pani? The ball's tight at the net! Piper takes a long stride and executes a wonderful 
attack volley, finding a weakness In our opponent's defense for the point. Excitement! Pig smiles!! Raucous 
cheering from the bench!! Our strong and consistent servers this game have been Annelies, Jessica, Nicole, 
Sam and Tori, and now Siobhan is coming up - great, we're guaranteed to get some points! We are enjoying 
switching into specific positions in the front row; setter, middle blocker, and hitter. Even though sometimes 
it is confusing, it has made us really focus and think about our specific roles on the court. Ottilie is waiting 
to switch into the hitter position. Terra into the setter position, and Jackie will be our middle blocker for 
this play. The referee blows the whistle for the ^zrwz, "SWICH", we all yell and scoot to our positions, hands 
up ready to block at the net. Sweet, we scored again! There will much singing on the bus ride home! 


Fie.W WccA^-ev 

" Gr. (p (\\r^ T Field liccX-o^ 

Gr, 3 Fie. W i\ocX-ejs/ 


Track and fidd 



On Tuesday. February 3. 2004 the sun rose blood red. It 
peeked over the Sooke Hills and bathed the parking lot of 
the Gordon Head Recreation Centre in an orange haze. It 
was VERY early and the air had that cold February nip in it 
that made you wish you were still curled up in a warm bed. 
But. alas, the SMUS Middle School swimmers are 
a hearty lot. and we were at the pool at 6: 15 am as 
per usual on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. 

There was a nasty rumour that some of the swim- 
mers came just to enjoy the Tim Horton's treats 
washed down with Mr. Crawford's kick-a-poo joy 
juice. But the party was at the end of three months 
of early morning swimming so I think the real 
swimmers were sincere. 

As early as it was, and as difficult as it seemed to 
jump out of bed at 5:30 am on a winter's morning. 
we all had fun, learned how to improve our swim- 
ming and swapped tall tales in the sauna and 
changing rooms. A good time was had by all. 



^fck^'l. i'. -■^■fZ^ 



N,'> ^^^B 




in art: 
^ explain. 

The object of art is not to 
reproduce reality, but to 
create a reality of the same 


WlHTt b Hope? 



I wns. 

Was'tbat a sipfle? . 
Twobe/ri "^^ ^ 
Like butterflies 

My beait is ii) 

His baod 

Ai}d bis ii) n)ioe 

Eyes catcb Wke Wbispers io at) 
Eavesdropper's ear 
But quickly scatter 

Botb are satisfied, 
CoQteQt ki>owii7g "" s 
Tbeir bearts are : 
Io eacb otber's ' 

-by Olivia Wbi^ck! Grade 8 

Qristioa Bacbaod 

Hope is reassuraoce 
Wbei) you've bad a borrible day. 
Hope is watcbii7g a subset, 
Paioted ii) tbe sky. 
Hope is a snjile, 
FroiQ a conoplete straoger. 
Hope is a pboi}e call, 
FroiD a loog lost f riei}d. 
Hope is a rainbow, 
Oq a raioy day. 
Hope is a letter ii} tbe njaii, 
FroiD soioeooe you love. 
Hope is takiog a loi)g walk, 
Ai)d leaviog your cares beii}d. 
Hope is tbe suQsbiije, 
Peeking tbrougb tbe trees. 
Hope is wbat takes away tbe fear. 

Of ai} uplived life. 
Hope is ei}joyii}g life to it's vilest, 
AQd appreciatiog all it bas to offer. 

A Glass 

Bare Bear 

I oi)ce sbaved 
ipy teddy bear. 

Tbii}kii}g it'll grow, soioe iQore bair 

I stripped it f roiQ bead to toe. 
Now it's as bare as tbe sqow. 
Tbe oext day I looked, | 
tbere was ijo bair. ' 

It was still really bare. 
A year weijt by just yesterday. 
I bad to pay for nyf bear's disn)ay. 
Next tiiQe I will be n)ore wise. To ask, 
so tbere's oo sacrifice. 

- by Reiily Foijg, Grade 7 

For cbildrei) I bold joy 

For adults I bold daoger 

But for eacb a taste, of pure 

Delicacy streaips ii)to tbe rpoutb 

My cooteijts ripples 

Maybe it's a warpiog 

Maybe it's a rQoveipeot of joy 

A daoce perbaps 

Ooce will oever koow 

For 1)0 persoi) ever 

ListeQS to a wari)ii7g 

Ai)d everyone tbii)ks it odd 

For ai; object oot liviog to do a 


-by Nikki v^der Wal. Grade 



kA\ AA\. 




t t 


Middle (§ehool 



ale Scriool 


Middle School 



(Grade 81 






iide t?choc 

Middle School 

Middle Sdioo. 
ikSchoo " 

Bo wd^ 


M\Me School Middle School 

Middle School 

1 mL- 

t ir 


"TB J^g 


;^^ ni 





mIcIlIIo tr^onoc 

Middle School 

die School 

MiHdlp .Srhnol 

\Akide Schoo 

Middle School 





(jy'Ae cliearri (>e^in^ uklh a leache^ ii^ho (>€- 

(iet}etj in //OU/ loho lu<^ej and nu^'>he^ and lead^'^ 
1/oa la the next n( ale aih f'>oniel(n^ee'> jzokin^ 
you uulh a oharp ^>//^^> 

SGM(oP^ SCf400 

Grade 9 

Diandra Barsalou 

Zachary Blumer 

Matthew Bosworth 

Emily Bridger 

Aaron Brook 

Holly Brydson 

Nicholas Burnett 

Molly Cameron 

Hugo Chan 

Jack Chan 

Sheng-Han Chang 

Eric Chen 

Henry Chen 

Ian Chen 

Joseph Cheng 

Ahla Cho 

Tristen Cho 

Po Wei Chuang 

Justin Courtnall 

Christopher Cunningham 

Daniel Dale 

Marc Dallen 










Andrea De Goede 
anielle Denley 
gjitpai Dhariwa 


Jason Dhillon 
■Arrdrew Diba 
Andrew Dil 

Stephen Dong 
Ed%vard Dunn 
George Duthie 


f I 

Renee Duvenage 
Nicole Edgar 
Jeff Erasmus 
Sean Godwin"^ 

Craig Gorman "^ 
Ellis Gray 

Michael Hamilton 
Peggy Hogan 
Charlotte Houston 
Angle Hsieh 
Katie James 
Peter Jawl 

Andrew Johnson 
Ryanne Johnson 
Ah Rom Jung 
Keisuke Kajivvar 
Shane Keepence 
Laurvn Kerr 

Woo fCim 

Sani; woo K\m 
Jesse Kliman 
Justin Ko 
NicoUe Kwon 
Margaret Lapp 
Wayne Lau 


Hoon Lee 

Ji-Min Lee 

Karen Lee 

Kyu-Young Lee 

Surrey Lin 

Jose Llausas Zuniga 

Laura Lyons 

Jeneese Marchand 

Stewart Matthews 

Niko Mavrikos 

Ria Mavrikos 

Yianni Mavrikos 

Emma May 

Duncan Mclnt\re 

McKyla Mclntyre 

Kailey Metcalfe 

Olivia Mueller 

Vince Ng 

Jordan Ofiesh 

Sandra Oh 

Onye Onyeabor-Udi 

Kevin CVJRlSrdnn 

ica? Parker 

imily Peiffer 

Anne Penner 
legan Pohorecky 
Stephanie Pollard 
Winnie Poon 
Alexander Reid 
Christopher Rodriguez 

Priya Rosenberg 
Cassandra Santilli-Giza 




» / 



Chris Shin 
Ajit Singh 
Jennifer Smith 





f>^ fi> n f) 

Mariel Spence 
Kvrle Svmons 
Ryley Tapping 
Dalen Thierry 
Kate Timmis 
Christian Tipping 

Jake Todd 
Ke\'in Tseng 
Michael Upton 
Arin Veerapen 
Jesse Wang 
CalUe Waters 

Daniel Weidner 
Elizabeth Weir 
Theodore Wluttick 
Sam Witt 
Wilson Wong 
Ken Yim 

Sarah Adair 

Brittany Allan 

Jasmine Bains 

Andrew Battershill 

Kyra Benloulou 

Jeffrey Bernal 

Trevor Blakeney 

Matthew Blumer 

Alexander Bridgeman 

James Bridger 

Jordan Bryan 

Anthony Bryson 

Campbell Bryson 

Dennis Carson 

Andrea Chan 

Felicia Chapheau 

Alberto Charles 

Ivy Chen 

Yan Chen 

Henry Cheung 

Tomson Chiu 

Daniel Christensen 

Hannah Cole 

Jordan Cormell 

Christophir Connoly 

Kiri Cook 

Anna Cordon 

Robert Crapo 

Alastair Crow 

Sarah Csumrik 






104 1 

*^ftS, P 







Caitlin Dalton 
Korbin Da Silva 
Jonathan Effa 
Conrad Ely 
Jeremy Evans 
Horace Fang 

Laura Faryna 
Nicolas Gething 
Julia Gill 
Sarah Goulding 
Rohan Gowda 
Eddie Gudewill 

William Gudgeon 
Alexander Hache 
Kimbell Hall 
Min Gee Han 
Jane Hauser 
David Heffeman 

Samson Ho 
Nicholas Houghton 
Simon Howard 
Hayley Hudson 
Catherina Hur 
Lauren Johnson 

Charlie Jung 
Jay Jung 
Sae Rom Jung 
Jae Yoen Kang 
Robert Kelly 
Sam Kim 

Yoon J. Kim 
Taylor Kipp 
Yuka Kishimoto 
Stephanie Klak 
Morgan Lea Kliman 
James Knappett 

Jaron Kropp 
Faith Lau 
Jordana Lee 
Patrick Leung 
Claire Lewis 
Oscar Lien 

Dennis Lin 
Renault Lin 
Monica Liu 
Steven Lu 
Jasmine Luchuck 
Sabrina Lueck 


Aidan Maclnnis 

Connor Macneil 

Aminah Malik 

Jesse Margolus 

Galium McClure 

Elena McDonald 

Emily McKenzie 

Taylor McKinnon 

Dylan Moran 

Ashley Morgan 

Christina Moser 

Violetta Mueller 

Sarah Nam 

Kathleen Noble 

James Oborne 

Ryan Onasick 

Henry Pai 

Benz Phaisaltantiwongs 





rp ^ p ^ 

Art Pithayachariyakul 
Brin Porter 
Meyash Prabhu 
Gabrielle Quinlan 
Lindsay Roper 
David Sariders 

Emily Sapsford 
Bianka Saravana-BawJ 
Max Seeley 
Erik Sjulstok 
Drew Sollis 
Mavis Song 

Sarah VViebe ^ a| 

Bailey Wiedenrflii'i-Komarrucki 

Karen Abeln 

Nader Ahmed 

Isabel Aldag 

Evgeny Aleksandrov 

Allison Archibald 

Minjung Baek 

Jeannine Bartz 

Mark Bazett 

Claes Bergh 

Charles Bodman 

Afra Boissevain 

Marisa Brook 

Sarah Brown 

Zoe Brown 

Kit Brown-Watts 

Christopher Burnett 

Andrew Cavin 

Alex Cecchettini 

Iris Chan 

Roy Chan 

Kevin Chang 

Natasha Chao 

Jonathan Char 

Matthew Charleton 


t ™ 





lary Cohen 
Rupert Common 
Adam Courtnall 

Nicholas Csomanv 



Susan Davis 
Gavin Duffiis 

Darius Eghdami 



Peter Erickson 
Natalia Esling 
L Arshia Farhangi 
■Liam Flannigan 
Adriana Fuentevilla 

9 P C 

p m (y pi 


William Gall-Tallboy 
James Gardiner 
Niels Gauter 
Anna Gawor 
Christopher Geminiano 
Alice Geng 

Eleanora Gibson 

Justin Gill 

Jason Gulyas 

Kevin Ha 

Jeremy Hanson-Finger 

Gillian Hayden 

Eraser Hayes 
E\'an Hesketh 
Ivy Ho 
Sannifer Hoi 
Julie Hong 
Jessica Hopkins 

Andrew Horton 
David Houghton 
Elizabeth Humphries 
Kevin Hur 
Brendan Inglis 
Sara Jacobson 



ilip James 
nny Jordan 
Sojung Jung 
Katia Kashirina 
Meri Kieksi 
David Kim 

Hyun Ji Kim 

Sang Min Kim 

Ellene Ko 

Melissa Ko 

Steve Kwak 

Bonita Lam 

Carol Lam 

David Lang 

Louis Lay 

Charlie Leach 

Jonathan Lee 

Michelle Lee 

Ellen Lin 
James Lin 
Monica Lin 

Joni Lind 
Margaret Liu j^ 
Alex Lo 
Davide Loggia 




Michael Loomer 
Richard Ma 

Christopher MacCarthy 
Brian Martin 
KaitUn Martin 
Justin McElroy 

Lachlan McLeod 

Nobu Miyoshi 
Evan Morgan 
Priya Morley 
Emery Moses 
Clarence Ng 

Gregory Nicholson 
Marie Nonaka 
Robert Orr 
Kurt Peruier 
James Reid 
Mark Rozanski 

Dominik Rozwadowski 
Megan Sandover-Sly 
Elisabeth Sarrazin 
Karen Schwabe 
Andrew Sharp 
Megan Sharpe 

Ayako Shirayama 

Victor Short 

Ellie Shortt 

Daniel Siemaszkiewicz 

Walker Smith 

Brendan Snarr 

Felix Steinberg 
John Tapping 
Simon Ting 
Ken To 

Howard Tseng 
Tisah Tucknott 

John Vernon 
Donata Von Schack 
Jess Walker 
Julie Wang 
Sophie Waterman 
Andrew Weir 

Jan Wellems 

Alwin Wen 

Alexander White 

Janel Willms 

Martine Willox 

Yara Willox 


Jason Wong 

Joyce Wong 

Varinda Wongkulnaparit 

]un Bae Yoo 

Jason Zapantis 



wiK>& (all IVie. lW*\e,. Bur 

noTc' vour ■«»W>e.'fe c^k-w?) 

"leai^ cv-> liie. oox-^" ycM 
Vvave. it'Tc^eex?! w£vn ■far 
wiore. IViaKi TV«>&€. wUc> 
U«ve. Trie^. 

Aboe Left: Senior Boy's 


Above Right: Junior Eight 

Lower left: Senior Novice 


As usual, the rowing team consisted of a blend of 45 novices and veterans 
from grades six through twelve. Coaches included Jen Walinga, Jeff Powell, 
Jeanni Waksel, and Donna Williams. The team set challenging goals for 
themselves and worked relentlessly on land and on water to achieve these 
goals. By the end of the season, the rowers could be seen running up to 10 iVIt 
Tolmie hills, followed by 4 x 125 squat jumps. Training on the Gorge typically 
consisted of hauling coachboats and equipment to the dock, rowing 10-12 km, 
and then restoring the shells and coachboats to their proper spot in the 
boathouse. SMUS Crews were renowned for their discipline and hard work 
and could be counted on for taking care of business around the club and at 
regattas. Whether managing the equipment, derigging and loading boats 
onto trailers, or setting up camp at weekend long regattas, this crew in- 
spired onlookers and coaches with their commitment to self and to team. 
The SMUS Crews competed successfully at the Crabfest Regatta, Annual 
Second Regatta, City Championships, and Islands in a pool of 17 Greater 
Victoria Schools and 31 Island Schools. W 

Mrs. Jennifer Walinga 

Back L-R) Mrs. Jennifer Walinga. Steve Kwak. Niels Gauter. Robert Orr. Nick 
Houghton, Brin Porter. Ryan Onasick. Julia Gill. Bianka Saravana-Bawan. 
Kendall Cutler. Mrs. Donna Williams Midde 1-R) Stephen Dong. Laura Lyons. 
David Jiang. Evgeny Aleksandrov. Ariel Winkelmeyer. Alex Isphording. Gamer 
Lea. Colin Macintosh. Dylan Moran. Madia Salmaniw. Front row IL-R) Janel 
Willms . Sumi Gebauer. AAeri Kieksi. b> Frances. Donata Schack. Melanie 
Paget. Alex Cecchettini. Gillian Hayden. Karen Schwabe. KatWeen Noble. 



Jr Boys: 2"'' in novice and varsity eights 

4"' in double 
Jr Girls: A**" in novice quad 
Sr Boys: l"^ in novice eight, 4"" in varsity eight 

4"^ in double. 2"'^ in novice quad 
Sr Girls: 3"^ in novice eight 
Jr Boys: 3'^ in novice eight, 5* in varsity 

eight, 5'*" in novice quad, .4 

6* in varsity quad 
Jr Girls: 4* in novice quad 
Sr Boys; 4'" in varsity eight, 5"^ in novice eight 

4* and 5' in novice quads 

Sr Girls: 5* in novice quad, ?' in novice eig 

Island Champions: Jen Rao (cox), Meri K 
Gebauer, Karen Schwabe, Donata Von Scha(?(S;.1Catt>l 
Noble (spare). Bianka Saravana-Bawan, G 
Melanie Paget and Anya Gawor 

Team Avs^ards: Sumi Gebauer and Mark Vigt! 

Sportsmanship Nominees: Robert Orr apd Dylan M^far 




The Grade 9 rugby group enjoyed o^^^HPffr;^ *i<4^,y;W'V;-^ .'^Ws- i-;- . :- 

of the most successful seasons in 

recent school history, winning all bul 

two games and capturing the ISA | 

championship. Along the way, the 

team played some wonderful matches. 

Of special note were two absorbing 

contests against St. Georges, the first 

won in Vancouver by 36-12; the return 

at home by 32-24. The only defeats of 

the season came in an extra match at 

physically powerful touring Welsh side 
from Ystalafera. Backrower Matthew 
Bosworth led throughout by example, 
with his experience, hard running and 
uncompromsing tackling setting the 
standards for the others. He was well 

supported by newcomer Dan Weidner and powerful Nico Mavrikos in the backfield. Up front, a front row ofjesse Kliman, Riley T 
ping, Dalen Thierry and Chris Cunningham battled enthusiastically against all comers, while Ajit Singh and Jeff Erasmus locked the 
scrum. Goerge Duthie, and when not playing in the back division, Lucas Parker, likewise got through a great deal of work. The final 
member of the pack, Craig Gorman, although on the slight side, was an effective link man and key source of lineout possession. B^ 
the scrum, Alex Reid and Peter Jawl proved to be a tidy set of halfbacks, the former a feisty competitor, the latter a smooth handler an_ 
good goal kicker. Centre Yanni Mavrikos proved durable and skilful in the midfleld, and, along with Justin Courtnall, Eddy Dunn, Chris ' 
Rodriquez and Michael Seo completed a back line that scored over 40 tries. Many of the combined squad full deserved their prornofe 
to the Grade 10 "A" group, and Bosworth, Weidner and Mavrikos figured prominently in the 22-18 upset of Oak Bay in a gripping CaB 
Final. In the "9B'' group, which often had to link in with the Grade 10s, centre Wayne Lau, winger Michael Upton and fullback Hugc« 
Chan toiled bravely. My thanks to all the players, and fellow coaches Chuck Shergold and Davejawl on a season full of enterprise,™ 
excitement and enjoyment. |H 

Thanks also to a loyal band of parents who so splendidly supported the matches. Ian Hyde-Lay :^l 

"^^^^^^^JUpt row (L to R) Mr. Chuck Shergold, Hugo Chan, Sangwoo Kii 
|#Arin Veerapen, Tristen Cho, Mike Upton, Wayne Lau, Mr. Ian Hyd 
^ to! Middle row (L to R) Ryley Tapping, Jesse Kliman, George Dul 

^■Singh, Jeff Erasmus, Matt Bosworth, Lucas Parker, Craig 
rCorman Front row (Lto R) Chris Cunningham, Chris Rodriguez, 
k Dunn, Dan Weidner, Yianni Mavrikos, Nico Mavrikos, Mike Seo, I 
Ijawl, Alex Reid 



•<jj 'w-r ' 

row ^Lio K) N\r. rcrer i ongue, uennis i-arson, Jon Effa, David Heffernan, i 
Alex Bridgman, Chris Connoly, James Bridger, Erik Sjulstok, Shane Sweet, Mr. Eliot . 
Anderson Middle row (L to R) Mr. Bruce Kuklinski, Charlie Jung, Sean Suga, 
Galium McClure, Aidan Mclnnis, Taylor Kipp, Campbell Bryson, Drew Sollis, 
Alberto Charles, Korbin da Silva Front row (L to R) Jordan Connell, Eddy Cudewill, 
James Oborne, Jesse Margolus, Alastair Crow, David Sanders, Conrad Ely, Pat ,ja 
Leung, Jayjung ^ 

The 2003 Grade Ten rugby season was a most enjoyable and very exciting oi^^^^Bfcncerned. 
'A' XV, and a 'B' XV with a handful of Grade 9's, played against ISA opponents, while the whole squad took part in local city competition. 
Both teams improvement during the seasons was astonishing, and the squad met or exceeded every one of their goals. Although the 'B' squad 
found the ISA a challenge, the team played hard and should be pleased with their application, commitment, and development. The play of 
hooker Connor MacNeil, prop Campbell Bryson, lock Galium McClure, scrumhalf and captain Dave Sanders, and utility back James OBorne 
deserve special mention. The ISA competition for the A squad was also very challenging. In the opening tournament they lost all three of their 
games. In the following games they went 1-1 with Brentwood and Shawnigan, but lost heavily at St. Georges. The team was strong in the city 
league taking first place in their pool. This sent the 'A' squad into the semi-final against CNS, which the team won easily. In the city final the 
team played heavily favored archrival Oak Bay. Despite starting strongly with an early try, the team showed signs of being overwhelmed by the 
strong back-line of Oak Bay. Early in to the second half the team was down 5-18. However, they stepped up their play physically and mentally 
to score two late tries to pull out a 22-18 upset victory. In the Island tournament the team easily defeated Ladysmith in their opener. With a flu 
outbreak at hosts Shawnigan and unexpected snowy weather, the semi-finals were cancelled and the team was advanced to the final against 
Oak Bay. Athough giving it their all, they could not repeat their earlier performance against a hungry Barbs side out for revenge. In a total team 
effort and without wishing to focus on individuals, some players do deserve special mention. In the forwards the front ro w of Sean Suga, Jesse 
Margolus and David Heffernan deserve recognition as do lock Alex Bridgeman and James Bridger and Jon '^ 
Effa in the backrow. In the backs captain and flyhalf Alastair Crow, scrumhalf Eddie Cudewill, center 
Taylor Kipp and fullback Aiden Maclnnis all had their moments. Although the team lost their final game, 
overall they did extraordinarily well, and developed an enormous amount over the course of the season. - 
They give special thanks to coaches Mr. Bruce Kuklinski, Mr. Elliot Anderson and Mr. Peter Tongue for ) 
their commitment and assistance. Also thanks to the parents for your greatly appreciated support and ' 

Ian Hyde-Lay 






I « 





« ] ft yn 1 1 1 P ^ ^ K 1 ■ * I* L' I i^- 

finished off the 
il spike, and 
I. Surrey 
-fr passes 
Tzed court po- 
ttany made' 
aj used her 
Lit not least, 
b court skills 

^ent soarino 

^^t the citie 
ade semi-finaL 
pame ■4-'*' out o 
eat seas 



w*m »;i ■( - I I 


-.mber of aw 
»t only to imi 

kllij. but also . 

p£. Some highli 
Ljrnament in Var 
-jced 4-th overa 
as named All-St 
the city for the A^ 
Tibrick. At the / " 
urtney. the t< 
alification very 
d overall. ( 
ar at the • 
oupof gir " 
oving th< 
sty teams out _ 
their wonderful c 
id Mrs. Anderson, a 
fs amazing exp erii 
ary. Sarah and ( 

Soccer JuniofBoysSoccer 








Ton^ Gmlle 

Back Row (LR): Mr Tony Cordle, Simon Witt, Ryan 
Onasick, William Gudgeon, Taylor Kipp, Yianni 
Mavrikos, Craig Gorman 

Middle Row (LR): AlastairQow, Jason Dhillon, Lucas 
Parker, Charliejung, Eric May Sean Godwin, Adrew Dil 
Front Row (LR): Shane Keepence, Aidan Madnnis 
, Niko Mavrikos, Ed Dunn, Peterjawl, Jay Jung, Jesse 



sjl""!!-— t I' 


Top row llrR): Ms. Tobacco: Anna Gaw6r:tmily 
Bridger: Kyu-Young Lee: George Duthie: Me. i 

Benz Phaisaltantiwonge; Chelsea Phipps: 
David Lang: Diandra Barsalou: Ryley Tapping 
Bottom row (IrR): Andrea Chan: Grace Tso: 
Will Gall Tallboy: Robert Orr: Tisah Tucknott: ^^ 
Henry Pai: Ivy Mo ' 


srasm. I ne seasoriBgoais ineiuaea pcrwnai imprownietwaK] wicour 

hard work and determination, runners, jumpers, and throwers advanced their skills and produced some excellent 
results. Throughout the term, students were encouraged to try new events, maintain a high level of participation i 
and develop fundamental skills. As the season advanced impressive progression was evident and at the 
penultimate meet of thejyear. twelve athletes earned berths to the Island finals. On the day. numerous outstand- 
ing performances were produced and many personal records set. Highlights this_year included first place Island 
finishes hy K^^u-Young Lee in the 100 metres and Poi Wei Chuang in the long jump and excellent finishes in the 
sprints and jumps by Diandra Barsalou. Emily Bridger and Olivia Mueller Robert Orr continued to excel in the ^ 
distance races along with Kathleen Noble and tremendous throwing talent was displayed b;' Ryley Tapping. 
George Duthie. Andrea Chan, Ivy Ho and by this^'ear's team award winner. Chelsea Phipps. Congratulations to 
everyone on a fine season! The coaches. Ms. Tobacco and Ms. Hoffer wish to thank all of the students who , 

participated during the season. Well done! ' :] 

\ ^^^K Ms. Tob^co 

or . 


Bock row (L to R) Mr. Steve Kerr, Mr. Tony Cordle, Chris McCarthy, lohn 
Huddort, Eric Penner, Taylor Willms, Alex Langenbach, Huf Mclntyre, 
Justin McElroy, Mr. Peter Leggatt Mddle row (L to R) Adam McLean, Felix 
Steinberg, Mark Zakus, Ancfrew van der Weslhuizen, Duncan Mclntyre, 
Brett Cooper, Ian Broome, Andrew Covin Front row ^ to R) Haf eez Wcdf, 
Ben Gudewill, Nik Purcell, Gavin Walman, Jeff Mitchelmore, Jason 
Zapantis, Dominik Rozwadowski 

Witb a stroog core of returpiof players aod a large quiqI 

iQOviog up froiD tbe }ui7ior Boys' City CbaropioQsbip teang, t. 

Sei)ior Boys' soccer team) begao tbe seasoi) witb bigb expecta- 

tioQS. During league play, tbe teanj displayed treipeodous 

deteriQioatioo, fii}isbiog tbird io tbe city. Tbis was a great result 

as tbe city league provided botb tbe 'A' aod 'AA' Proviocial 

Cbangpioos as well as tbe 'AAA' Provincial fii>alist. A sligbt 

collapse at tbe Islaod CbargpioQsbips resulted in tbe tean) 

qualifying tbird for tbe Provincial Cbaippioosbips, witb tbe teano 

finisbiog fiftb ii) for tbe second consecutive year. Tbe season 

also included participation in botb tbe ISA and Karnloops 

Invitational tournaments, witb an appearance in tbe final in 

botb. Tbe teain was led during tbe season by tbe j 

excellent defensive work of Mark Zakus, A 

Jeff Mitcbeln)ore's strong n)idfiel|]' 

play, Nik Purcell's / 

offensive skills and of /' 

/I * * 
course tbe versatility of / » if » 

Taylor Willnjs. Well ^ *^ 

done to all players, 

congratulations on ^ 

an excellent season. 


}>^CpM ntru 


fesj ' 

^^i^ 5^°5 5^?5 jv"-: jMH^ 

I his years crcscs country team possessed a great 
deal of talent, potential and enthusiasm. The seasons 
goals included personal improvement, increasing the 
fitness level of new athletes and having a full team 
participate in all league races. With lots of hard work 
and determination, all goals were met. with most 
runners advancing their running skills and fitness levels 
to produced excellent overall results. Hard work and 
consistent training were the cornerstones to the 
success of many of ttie athletes, especially those new 
to the sport 

Throughout the fall, numerous outstanding 
performances were produced and many personal 
records set Highlights included a second place finish by 
the boys team in the Island Series and strong 
individual performances by Harvey L". Rupert Common. 
Robert Orr. Evan Hesketh. Shane Keepence. Quentin 
etedman and Deanna SingK 
In the Island competition, on a challengng course at 
Beaver L^e. the boy s team narrowly missed qualifying 
for the B.C Championships. By placing 9th overall 
Harvey Li. however, qualified as an individual runner. 
Harvey was therefore the school's lone representative, 
finishing 39th out of a field of 320. and closing the 
season with an outstanding perf ormanca 
All participants are to commended, especially those 
whose determination, persistence and tremendous 
efforts resulted in amazing developments over the 
course of the seasoa The relative youth of this years 
group bodes well for a successful season ne>ft year. 

Back Row L to B Ms. 
JucL) Tobacco. Quintan 
Steadman. Evan 
Hesketh. Robert Orr. 
ShanG Keepence. Po- 
wei Chuang 
Front fio«A/Ltx)H 
KatHeenMoble. Ellis 
Grey. Rupert Cofnmon. 
Darry Siemandwicz. 
\A/ilI 6all-TaIlboy. 
Deanna Singh 



AAs. Tobacco 

Backrow: Mr Kuklinski, Mike Loomer, Jeff 

Bemal, Chris Rodreiguez, Louis Hayes, Mike 


Middle Row: Jon Char, Jen Fritz, Karen 

Ablen, Andrea Rosenberg, Brianne Bentzon, 

Art Pithayachariyakul 

Front Row: Meredith Lewis, Emily 

McKenzie, Kimball Hall, Karen Schwabe, 

Ellary Cohen, Amy Kohler 



C&oys WAS prNALX.y settled on, with a wAMerrv op singles 



SOLID WINS OVER. Mt. DougC10-13 AND GMS (8-3). At the (sland 
AA Championships, the TEAMPEft.Poft.MED a little disappoint- 


AND ELi-Aftv Cohen, as well as the iMPft.ov/ED plav op Amv 


Mike L-OOMEft.. -^Hi . 





- - - ■ 




- - - - ■ 

Back Row: Ivan Celuszak, Ian Broome, 
Roy Chan, Vincent Yang, David Lang, Mr. 
David Fisher ^^^m. 
Front Row: f^j^^BtHimsk, Lincoln Jiang, 
Nader AhmeJyHK IMaclntosh (Capt.), 
Rohan Gowda, Andrew Horton 

Not in the photo: Andrew Battershill, Jag 
Dhariwal, Jason Dhiilon, Andrew Diba, 
Nick Houghton, James Knappett, Jaron 
Kropp, Wayne Lau, Galium McClure, Brin 
Porter, Walker Smith, Dalen Thierry, 
Theodore Whittick, Bailey Wiedemann, 
Vincent Yang, Andrea Chan, Renee 
Duvenage, C-B Goshko, Ivy Ho, Margaret 
Hogan, Diana Kim, Jamie Lai, Victoria Lai, 
Faith Lau, Chelsea Phipps, Hannah Rae, 
Samantha Saravana-Bawan, Grace Tso, 
Roshni Veerapin, Lee Ling Yang, Vicky - 

This season started off very well for the 1st XI, both in terms of the weather as ..^ 

as the results that were achieved. The first major game was against the Alumni. In ' 
this match the Alumni batted first and thanks to steady bowling by Nader Ahmed (2 
wickets for 10 runs), Colin Macintosh (1 for 31) and Rohan Gowda (1 for 18) the Alumni 
reached 97 for 7 off of their 24 overs before lunch. In reply the IstXI, despite the fall 
of an early wicket off of the second ball, soon got into their stride and, with Ian 
Broome scoring 31, Navraj Chima 17 and Ivan Celuszak 20 not out, a score of 100 for 4 

r>> was reached with 4 overs to spare. With the Mid-week fixtures we won the first 2 
matches after which we had 2 cancelled due to rain and lost 3 (although one was lost 
only because we "drafted" Vinnie Yang to the other side to make up numbers and he 
scored 15 for them and we lost by 9 runs!!). Inter-school games seemed to get hardest 
by cancellations due mainly to weather. We did have one memorable match against PCS 
where Navraj Chima (our wicket-keeper) dismissed 5 of the batsmen by stumping 3 and 
catching 2, as well as being instrumental in a "run-out". This was the first year that 
we had a full Girls XI. They played 5 matches, 4 against the "Wicket Maidens" (a team 
2 of women from the Victoria Mid-week league). Here we won 1, lost 2 and tied 1 - it 

I ~ doesn't get much closer!! The 5th match the girls defeated the SMUS female staff 

■ handily. Throughout the year the team was led by the batting and bowling of Chelsea 
Phipps, Jamie Lai and Diana Kim, ably supported by Andrea Chan and Faith Lau. The 
last week of school saw two marvellous games played by the boys. The first, which is 
always a highlight, was the "Clayton Cup' match. These matches were inaugurated in 
1912, and with the exception of the last 2 years of the First World War and a gap from 

3 1976 - 1997 has been played annually ever since. This year Colin Macintosh's XI played 
Ivan Celuszak's XI. Colin's team would have been dismissed very quickly had it not 
been for an excellent innings of 42 by Rohan Gowda, who was very sensibly supported 
by Jaron Kropp, who "dug-in" at the other end during this time. Colin's side ended 
up with a total of 77. Ivan's team never really looked in danger, and scored 78 for the 
loss of 2 wickets with Ian Broome scoring 16, Nader Ahmed 21 not out and Roy Chan 14 
not out. The second game, played onthelast day of school as always, was the staff game. 
Despite a solid opening by the 1st XI with Rohan Gowda scoring 19 and Nader Ahmed 
20, the batting suddenly collapsed from 52 for 1 to 74 for 8. This was mainly due to Mr. 
Rob Tweedie's spell of 3 for 14 and Mr. Kent Leahy-Trill's spell of 2 for 2. The staff 
responded and well led by the batting of Mr. Eliot Anderson (26n.o.) and Mr. Bob 
Snowden (10n.o.) a score of 77 for 5 was reached with 5 overs to spare.All in all I believe 
that this has been a very successful and enjoyable season for all concerned. I would 
like to congratulate Colin Macintosh and Ivan Celuszak for their hard work on and 
off the field, and to thank Mr. Mel Jones, Mr Rob Ducharme and Mrs. Simone Kuklinski 
for their help this year. 

Mr. David Fisher 


KI(Tf4 oN(_y A <^ew a.erua.MMQ, plave^^ amd a 

(_Ar5.6E MUM&EP. Of= PLAVEP^ MOV/(M<S UP f^P^OM 
Tf4E M(DD(_e SCWOOC, Tf4E OUMfOft. G(P-LS' SOC- 
SENJ(Oft. G(ft.LS' TEAM DUP-(M6 T«E(fi. PL^VOPP 

Mft.. Leggatt -^ 


iza, Lauryn I 
er Leggatt, 
Staw Kerr, Margaret 
Lapp, Jane Hauser,, 
Mckyla McIntyreVv ,. 
Middle Row; Ryanne 
Johnson, Angle Hsieh, 
Katie James, Ria 
Havrikos, Emily 

Sapsford, Lauren p 
Johnson, Charlotte 
Houston. Front Row 
Laura Faryna, Anna CordraTi 
Jamie Sharpe 


rah Adair, Michael Strocel, Nariel Spence, Jasmine Luchuck, 

soccer r 

T«(S WAS A SOLID yeAft.froR.THE SeWIOft. G(ftJ_S SOCCEft-TEAM?^-^ 

rsHrNG 2"'' IN AA. Thcs ensured us a cer-th at the Jsland cham- 

Gulp (slands. UNPoaruNATELy we lost 3-2 in what was a 


SHOWED. L.I2. - THANKS POft. ALL VOUft. HAft-D WOftJ<.. CLAftE; - VOU 

Captain, R-ellx - no Moft.E deeence por. you - a sTft.iKEft- was 

PLAy THIS yEAft-, you WEft£: Gft£AT. SAftAH "PIT G.ULL" 

SEASON. Chelsea - thanks Eoft. all youft. HAftj:^ wofti< and 
Gft-EAT PLAy. Saps - the ft.ocK oe ouft. e>ACK line, you WEft-E 


^ Back Rowttteft to Right) 
Craig Parish, Chelsea 
Ipps, Gillian Hayden, 
ss Haybee, Dione 
.1^ Harrison, Jenny 

Couvelier, Liz Francis, 
"" Wendy Shergold 


Front Row: 



HcCarten, Brittney 
Crowe, Sarah MacDonald, 
Kendall Cutler, Clare 
r Hauser, Kelly Krueger, 
Aya Shirayama, Sarah 


Miaaiag; Susan Davis, Joni Lind, Jess Moll, Hannah Cole 

Tbe ]ui7ior Boys bad a good seasot), bavipg 
rpore gardes tbai) practices ar)d indeed working 
bard to be coropetitive. Our best gan^es can)e 
against our tougbest opponents, and tbougb we 
• were often pbysically outn}atcbed, we played 
I witb deterrnination and beart. Tbe top perfor- 
^ . rnances of tbe year included a 2nd place f inisb 
at tbe Tinjberline tournarnent in Carppbeli River 
and a 4tb place finisb in tbe Police Tournan)ent. 
Tbanks to Gavin Walnjan for bis conjpetitive 
drive, ciutcb baskets and fearless play; Oscar 
Lien for bis outstanding offensive skills and 
rebounding; Dennis Carson for bis scoring 
. ^ toucb; Alastair Crow for bis defense and re- 
, m bounding; and Yianni Mavrikos for bis all round 
I^^IjI contributions and bustle. 

Mr. Franklin 


A' (Back Row/ L to Rl Jackie Chan. Alastair Crow, Dennis Carson. Willie 
Gudgeon. Ajit Singh. Aidan Maclnnes. Mr Mat Franklin (Front Rov»/ L to 
R) Kevin Ha. Yianni Mavrikos. Peter Jaw/I. Savin Walman, Niko Mavrikos. 

Andrew Dil 

"B' (Back Row L to Rl Kyu-Young Sun. 
Max Seeley. Darryl Wong. Ken Yim. Jag 
Dhariwal. Mr. Eliot Andreson (Front 
Row L to R) Shane Keepence. Conor 
MacNeil. Meyash Pradhu. Wenry Chen. 
Mike Upton. Po-wei Chuang 

It was a bittersweet year for Sepior Boys Basketball. A 
youog aod uofapcied outsider iij tbe preseasoo, tbe teanj 
iroproved steadily during botb exbibitioo ar^d league play. A 
ijarrow defeat to everjtual BC cbanjpioQ Argyle, aod a victory 
over lslai>d winners Mt. Douglas were testin)ooy to tbe level 
tbe group could apd did acbieve oi) a nun)ber of occasions. 
However, lacking aoy real pbysical size, and linjited offen- 
sively, tbe tean) operated on a very slinj njargin of error, and 
was tberefore also vulnerable to virtually all opponents. In 
tbis regard, an overall record of 23-11 was renjarkabie. 
Unfortunately, in tbe City Tournanjent, a sonjewbat unex- 
pected 60-58 loss to Esquiroalt ended pren)aturely tbe 
season. Swingn)an Taylor Willnjs enjoyed a fine year, witb 
bis conjbination of intelligence and skill njarking bin) one of 
tbe prerpier players on tbe Island. Likewise, post Dave Crapo 
was a vital cog. Wben be was able to score and rebound 
witb consistency, tbe teanj raised its perfornjance several 
levels. Adan) McLean was tbe only otber senior to gain any 
n)eaningful floor tinje. Particularly late in tbe year, bis 
outside sbooting often provided a spark. Of tbe underdass- 
rpen, forward Ricbard Ma, and tbe backcourt of Andrew 
Cavin and Darius Egbdanji started tbe vast njajority of 
ganjes. Tbey were well supported by posts Kurt Penner and 
]ason Wong, and guards Danny Sien^anciwicz and Rupert 
Corprpon. Calvin Ng and Greg Nicbolson, tbe latter unfortu- 
nately ill or injured njost of tbe year, rounded out tbe 
squad. Witb eigbt returnees, and tbe addition of several 
Juniors, tbe teanj could be improved overall next year. Tbat 
said, botb tbe City and Island competition will be stiff 
indeed. Tbanks to coacb Ms. Lindsay Brooke for all ber 
work tbrougbout tbe season, and to Justin McElroy, 
statsrpan extraordinaire. Also, a buge debt of gratitude to 
Massey Poon and ber tireless group of njinor officials. 
Ian Hyde-Lay (coacb) 

(Back Row L to Rl Justin AAcElroy. Calvin Mg. 
Kurt PennGH Dave Crapo. Greg 
Jason Wong. 
Adam McLean, 
Mr. Ian Hyde- 

(Front Row L 
,^3'^5r ^ to R) Danny 


Andrew cavin. Darius Eghdami. Taylor Willms. Rupert 
Common. Ken To 


Rebecca Hoffer, Mihey Strocel 
Lauren Johnson, Moriel Spence, 

Deandra Barsalou, Danielle 

Denley (Front Row L to R) Vicky 

Ying, Emily Sapsford, Sarah 

Adair, Kimbcll Hall Haylcy 

Hudson, Gabrielle Quinlan 







'B' (Bock Row L to R) Ms. 

Deboroh Acheson, Kailey 
Metcolfe , Gallic Waters, 
Emily Bridgcr, Margaret Lopp, 
Channelle Sawyer, Ms. Andrea 
Hlody (Front Row L to R) Liz 
Weir, Jamie Sharpe, Winnie 
Poon, Charlotte Houston, 
Angic Hsieh, Ryannc Johnson, 
McKyla Mclntyre 


The Jr.Girls basketball team had an awesome season. We started offfl I 
the season as being champions at the Crof ton House ISA tourna- 
ment. Our team came together at the tournament and gave us i 
hope to look forward to a great season. Sarah Adair and Vicky Ying 
as captains led the team, however it was completely a team effort. 
Emily fiapsford, Gabrielle Quinlain. Michael fitrocel. Mariel Spence. j 
Lauryn Kerr and Daniel Penley were our strong wings. Lauren 
Johnson. Kimbell Hall and Hayley Hudson were our powerhouse ; 
posts. Although we finished off the year with a disappointing loss ifc 
gave us the drive to look forward to next years season and ensure; 
that we reach further than our goals. We would not have been able! 
to improve and go so far without the coaching from Ms.Hoffer and 

■Dr.Phif Mr. Brook. Thank you 

Sarah Adair 

(Back Row L to R) Allison 
Howard, Suson Davis, Tisah 
Tuckriott, Jennifer Fritz, Ms. Lind- 
say Broohe, Hannah Rae (Front 
Row L to R) Sarah Sapsford, 
Chclsco Phipps, Mcri Kieksi, 
Brittany Crow, Yu Ohashi 

The Senior Girls baskef:ba!l team, playing a^HHBHPpet'tion in the city, had to play through 
adversity at times, only having nine players^hn^heybegan as an inexperienced group, often 
times they exceeded expectations and in fact, improved upon the previous years final result. An 
early season highlight was in the IQA tournament, where the team placed 2nd out of eight teams, 
only losing to eventual AA Provincial Champion York House in the final. As the season rolled on. the 
team showed steady, marked improvement. No where was this more evident than in the city chal- 
lenge game when the team beat Stelly's to advance to the City Playoffs. Although the team was 
outmatched in the playoffs, they managed to finish 6th in the city. Special thanks goes to Grade Us 
Susan Davis and Tisah Tucknott for providing consistent scoring throughout the year, and to Brit- 
tany Crow and Chelsea Phipps for their rebounding and leadership during the season. Congratula- 
tions to all the girls for a fine season. 


I^ack Row (L to R): Wmk Poon, 

Megan Sharpe, Howard Tseng, 

•ioiiathaii Lee. Justin Ko, Jesse Wang, 

Jamie Sharpe, Massey Poon, 

Mr. Hunt 

Front Row: (L to R): Pennis Lin. 

Clarence Ng, Surrey Lin, Shannon 

Ko, Jawie Lai, Victoria Lai, Nick 

f urnett, Stephen Pong. 

Missing: Nikolas Macintosh, Clayton 



mm ,'***'* ^»'«"isiwi -nm 

Tbe badioiotot) tean) is a tean) tbat conopetes agaiost all AA aod AAA bigb schools io tbe 
rovii)ce. Tbis coed tean) is a selectioo of tbe top players froip all tbe studeijts ii) Grades 9-12 at tbe 

Kli) league play tbis year, tbe tean) fii)isbed io a 5-way tie for first place witb a record of 5 wii)s 
losses. At tbe lslai)d Tourr)an)eot, tbe SMGS tean) woi) narrowly, edgiog out St. Aijdrews 6-5 ar)d 
%et) Claren}ot)t 6-5. Tbis qualified tbe tean) for tbe provincials. 

mAt tbe Proviocial Touri)an)ei)t ii) Coquitlan), tbe SMGS tean) played extren)ely well, ai)d tbe J 
wei)t as follows: r- 

7-4 Loss vs. David Tbon)psot) (Vancouver) 
10-1 Wii) vs. Saln)oi) Arn) 
"~ , 8-3 Wii) vs. Burnaby Soutb 

9-2 Loss vs. ].N. Burnett (Ricbn)ond) 
6-5 Loss vs. Maple Ridge 
6-5 Loss vs. Port Moody 

Tbe SMGS Badn)inton tean) finisbed a very respectable 8"' place in tbe province. Tbis finisb wai 
op on tbe island, and first for AA scbools. 

Leading tbe way tbis year were tbe Grade 12's. In particular, Nik Macintosh was exceptional 
r._,lng in tbe boy's singles division and tbe two girls doubles' tean)s of )an)ie Lai/Victoria Lai and 
Shannon Ko/Massey Poon were a consistent force to be reckoned witb. 

Tbe Senior Season also showed son)e bright spots fron) the Grade 9's and 10's. I thank each 
bridual on the tean) for his/her effort, and I look forward to another unbelievable season next year. 

Mr. Jeff Hunt 

%, -^ 


^k row (L-R) Jawes Obome, 
lathaw Eff a, Robert Orr, Mark 
, , ridgewaw, coach Mr. Larry 
Jorgersow | 

Front row (L-R) Alex Reid, Marc 
fallen, Puwcaw Mclhtyre, Fraser . 
Hayes ^ 

The 2004 cycling season saw our team finish 3"^^ over-all in the Great« 
Victoria High School Cycling League. In the Senior ranks, Mark 
Bridgeman finished his "career" on the team with some "gutsy" perfor- 
mances, including a ''^bike-carry" when he experienced mechanical 
problems in one race. Harvey Li showed that his fitness level from 
triathalon training could translate into solid results on the moun- 
tain bike. Robert Orr was able to get away from track and field once tc| 
show his biking form. And, Fraser Hayes garnered a third over-all 
ribbon with two seconds and one third place race finishes. With a soli' 
core of new Junior riders, that includes James Oborne, Duncan f| 
Mclntyre, Alex Reid, Marc Dallen, Jake Todd and Christian Tipping, the; 
promise of a bright future for the team seems assured. |H 

Mr. Larry Borgerson, coach ^^| 

The Saint Kidt/gg/g^/g^^^^^gg^gfai had &g 
this year. With many grade twelve players to lead the way, the team 
performed admirably on the courses of Victoria. Congratulations 
to graduating student Taylor Willms who won the team award for 
golf this year and hopes to pursue a career in the sport. Good luck 
to the graduating golfers and to the younger students who will 
lead the way next year. 

(L-R) Nic Porcell, Taylor 
'lllws, Alex Lagehbach, Puwci 
iciwtyre, Huf Mclntyre | 
PottoiH (L-R) Peter Jawl, Jod 
ConnelL Justin CourtnalL Eddt 
^udewilL Mr. Mclntyre 


(Bock Row L to R) Mr. Jeff Hunt, 
Kate Timmis, Callic Waters, Olivia 
Mueller, Renne Duvenage, Danielle 
Denley, Andrea de Goede, Jaime 
SKarpe, Charlotte Houston 
(Middle Row L to R) Sarah Wiebe, 
Taylor McKinnon, Violette Mueller, 
Lauren Johnson, Kimbell Hall, 
Jasmine Luchuck, Sarah Adair, 
Animah Malik 

"" The Junior Girls Field Mockey Team spent the majority of 

the season developing their level of skill and knowledge for 
j\ the game, while staying competitive with all other oppo- 

ished 2""^ in the city behind arch-rival Oak Bay on goal dif- 
ferential. Right at the end of the season, the early arrival of 
Mr. Hunt's baby meant that the team would be losing their 
coach for the final Island Tournament at Brentwood Col- 
lege. In spite of the team playing very well, the team lost in 
the crucial crossover match in penalty strokes. As a result, 
the team finished a slightly disappointing 6'^^ Place, but the 
result was not indicative of how the team gelled on and off 
the field. Key performers for the team included Sarah 
Weibe. Violetta Mueller. Sarah Adair and Charlotte Nous- 
ton. I thank all the players for their efforts over the course 
of the season and I hope they remain in the field hockey 
scene for years to come. 

Mr. Jeffrey Hunt 

(Back Row L to R) Ms. Peggy 
Baudon, Meredith Lewis, Susan 
Davis, Jessica Moll, Jen Couvelier, 
Brionne Bentzon, Karen Abeln, 
Megan Sharpe 

(Middle Row L to R) Julie Chun, 
Kelly Krueger, Hannah Rae, Sarah 
Macdoanld, Laura Saunders, Julia 
Borns, Ellie Short, Zan Bowering 

There is a eajfng about journeys not being measured by the number 
of breathe we t^e. but by the number of moments that take our 
breath awaj. The first sparkling moments were to be seen during our 
first trip to Vancouver. The team found moments of brilliance on the 
field and came away with promising tactical play and tight bonds with 
each other. AAoving through league play tested our ahlities to put 
traning into effect and two players new to this complex sport 
showed us astounding determination and perseverance in the pro- 
cess. Just before the Island championships, we were treated to a 
unique moment of pep rally spirit by the senior boys soccer team. 
The boys' creative choreograpKj gave our team some new ideas for 
tactical plaj: the girls played tfieir best passing games during the 
Island's. The semi-final against Shawnigan was when the gris played 
their most beautiful team game with the ball travelling what seemed 
like ma-y miles due to their passing. The most memorable tra'ning 
moment followed that weekend when the rain fell to set new records 
aid we set out to /V\ystic Vale. [Running through AAystic Vale is a 
moving experience on an average day but seeing the team revere the 
experience of running through twelve inch deep water and loving the 
water that rolled constantly off their faces, arms and legs was price- 
less. Our final trip - provincials - proved to be difficult and we realized 
that sport presents us with constant challenges and tough accompa- 
nying answers. 

A/te. Peggy Baudon 




M I 



L ./^^ 

&ACK. ftX)W (L. TO ft.}: Alex 


Eftjc SouLSToK, Andr-EW (Meift., Oaw 

Eft-fCt-tSONJ • 

2fsJD PftOM &ACK. <XoW (LtO ft.): Mft.. 

GAUTER-, ft-(C«A(iI> MA, SHAUN WEf=«=E(5JJAN, 

Andrew v/ander- West«ui2EW, Pelix 
STEiNceft-G, Matthew Gjoswor-th, V/ictor. 
SHo<vr, Mft- (ANJ WyDE-LAv ^ 

3ft.D PftXJM GjACK. PjOW CL to ft.): 
Daw WEiDWEn., L(njcoi_nj Oiawg, Pat i 

MacCucloch, Coliw MacIwtosh, J 

Michael CooPEfU5.iDEft., GAfLWEO- (_ea, PfiL 
Oames, Matt CwAft.LETow, Oohn Tapp>in , 
Oamie P-eid 

PaOMT ft.OM Ct- TO ft.): Adam 
McLean), R-uper-t Commow, Mar>«c. Zak. s, 


Wo, Andrew Cawinj, Wapeez (Mlaoi, 


"TRUST ^ ^ 




"Let's do 100 tw(Mgs 

1% G>GrTeXTflAM LAS' 

1/ '1 

Ultimately, it was comething of a mixed season. A comprehcrisive early win over 

Cy< Bay. and a draw/ with then #1 and eventual losing EC AAA finalist 
^ ehawnigan. hinted at what might have been. Yet. a late loss of momen 
^|vtum. coupled with a debilitating am of injuries, consigne the i^^ XV to an 
^^^ eventual 7* place provincial finisK 

V Certainly, all looked bright after the mid AAarch 25-11 Boot Game 
^ win against Osk Baj. A underrated pack of forwards, with 

seniors Qhaun Meffeman. Samer Lea. Mike Ho. Andrew van 
^iter Westhuizen and Brett Cooper all to the fore, gave an 
exemplary effort, and indeed performed consistently all 

L Yet. the injury bug hit hard, with several three 
\ quarters ruled out for the balance of the season. 
' \ This ensured that the backline never achieved the 
\\ fluency or consistency needed When shoulder 
>. »* and concussion problems then removed a 

fcirther three players, including captain and chief 
tactician Jeff AAitchelmore and goalkicker AAark 
Zakus. the writing was on the wall. It was 
therefore perhaps not too surprising the team 

iist four of its final eight matches (overall 
ecord of 8-4-1). including the Howard 
Sbssel Cup final to Oak Bay and a BC 
quarterfinal to a powerful, but not particul 
arly skilled Semiahmoo side. 
Still, several newcomers to senior rugby 
seized the plajing opportunities on offer. 
Grade lis Pupert Common. Phil James and 
Felix Steinberg became effective front line 
selections, while, remarkably, two talented 
Grade 9s. AAatt Bosworth and Dan 
Weidner. also proved up to the required 
dard. The further return of fullbacks 
ew Cavin and Chris AAacCarthy. and 
irds Andrew Weir. Peter Erickson. John 
femon and John Tapping. Dave Heffeman 
4nd James Bridger ensures a strong nucleus for 


Congratulations to Gamer Lea and Andrew 
Cavin. who were selected to the National UI8 
, Long list, and to Brett Cooper for Ks selection 
to the provincial UI8 squad 
■ The 2"^ XV plajed an additional ten matches, 
winning four. Often pitted against opposition I"* XVs. 
the team found the going difficult at times, particularly 
pkjsically. but never let spirits flag With the severe injury 
situation, mary of the players were promoted, several on a 
ermanent basis, to the top side, and acquitted themselves 
i. Of note were the ongoing efforts of Alex Bridgeman. Pat 
AtecCulloch. Mike Cooperrider and LacNan McLeod 
AAy thanks to all players involved for their enthusiasm, hard work 
and good humour. Likewise, coaches Peter Tongue. Eliot Anderson 
Chuck Shergold contributed enormously throughout the campaign. 

Ian Myde-Lay IP' XV coach) 




This was a new year for the Senior Choir programme and above all for the new Choir 
Director, Madeleine Humer. Challenges were faced right at the begin ning with many 
new singers finding that it can be tricky to sing in tune, let alone in harmony! But with 
courage and patience, each class slowly found its voice, and began to produce a 
glorious sound, coming together for the Re membrance Day Service, and above all, 
surprising everyone, including themselves, for the Christmas Carol Service. The first 
big public test was the SMUS Concert at UVic in January, performing alongside the 
Senior Bands and Strings. And what a wonderful evening of music making it was! The 
choirs started the programme singing 6 songs that rang through the Auditorium, 
giving each singer a taste of where their voices were heading for the rest of the year. 
Most students listening to the 
professional opera singers 
during the performance of 
"Carmen" were amazed at 
what the human voice was 

able to achieve, and by expanding our repertoire to include Sacred 

music from different historical eras and a Medley of Beatles hits, the 

choirs were set to sing for everyone at the Spring Fair, the 24- 

hour"Keep The Beat" day and a sing-along in the Middle School 

Chapellln the meantime two auditioned choirs were working hard, the 

new Ladies Ensemble and the Chamber Choir which got its start last 

year. Both choirs sang and were recognized for their outstanding 

performances in the Greater Victoria Performing Arts Festival, the 

Chamber Choir even receiving two awards from the adjudicator. The 

Chamber Choir also gave a wonderful concert at St Anne's Academy 

Chapel as part of their Sunday afternoon concert series. And in May 

there was that Choir Trip to Disneyland. Yes, it was a long-weekend 

holiday and there was plenty of chance to play and have fun, but with 

2 performances in the Disneyland Parks, plus a workshop with a 

Disney Entertainment Professional, and another workshop at Califor- 
nia State University with their Professor for Choral Music, it was also 

hard work! We all returned with a huge sense of accomplishment and| 

definitely stronger voices. The Final Choral Concert at the end of May- 

thrilled singers and audiences alike with memorable performances by r" 

the choirs from the Junior, Middle and Senior Schools. With repertoire from i 

Mozart to 

Gershwin, St Andrew's Cathedral lent its perfect acoustics to the 

sound of each choir. Every singer can be proud of the level of 

musicality and vocal tone they have achieved this year. 

- Maleline Humer 

This has been a euccGssful. although somewhat unusual year for the strings program. 
Immediately following our final performance for term I our home for the past 15 
years at least was hauled away to make room for the new music teaching facility 
that will be opening this fall. I can't honestly say that anyone was too upset to see 
it go. Wg then moved into the basement of Challoner for the remainder of the year. 
The lack of space meant that the full orchestra would have to be cancelled until the 
new facilities opened, which has been unfortunate, as we all miss the wonderful 
experience of combining forces with out woodwind, brass and percussion 
players. We did. however, manage to continue with the string orchestra. This is a 
90 piece ensemble made up of violins, violas, cellos and basses. I would like to 
express my gratitude to the members of this fine ensemble for their wonderful 
attitude and great music-making. As always, it is an honour to stand before such an 
excellent ensemble. 

TfiG year in review: On Oct. 3 the new Crothall Centre was offidally opened. To help 
commemorate the event the SMUfi brass ensemble, under the direction of Mr. 
John Reid. and the grade II chamber strings orchestra provided the music. The 
strings performed the first movement of Vivaldi's Concert Grosso Op. 3 No. lO for 
4- Vidins aid CoiiJnuo. November 7 was the Remembrance Day service. This is always an important event for the orchestra. 
This year we performed Sanuel 9art3er"s Adag'o for Qtn'ngs and Vaughan Wiirtams' arrangement of the English folk song My Borrty 
9oy. On November 18* some of our string students went to the Victoria Conference Centre for the annual Festival of Trees 
fundraiser for the Vancouver Children's Hospital where they serenaded the tree decorators lard the judges as they walked pastl. 
it is becoming another seasonal tradition in our department and is always lots of fun. Our final orchestra performance before the 
holidays was at the all campuses assembly in the senior school gym where we performed a medey of Louis Armstrong tunes. 
Mowever 2 string ensembles played Christmas carols to welcome guests as they arrived for the Parent's Auxiliary dinners on The 
musicians were A/\in Gee Man. Jemrfer Yooru EJyai Onaa'ck. Stepharie Wak. Anna Cordon. Jordan Ofiesh. Kevin 0"Hordan. Gaffe 
Waters and San Wftt January 21 was our senior school large ensemble concert at the University of Victoria. All the concert 
bands, choirs and orchestras performed and it was a very enjoyable evening. The string orchestra performed Percy Grainger's 
ftAdy on the Qhore. as well as the Barber and the Louis Armstrong medley. We were very well represented this year at the 
BCMEA conference in the Honour orchestra Many of our string players performed in the pit orchestra for this year's musical 
Ewfta With the exception of Mr. Reid on the piano the entire pit orchestra was comprised of our own students and they did an 
brilliant job performing this difficult scora 

The school YW/j^^^^^^KKKf'^ ^y (he 
Brass Ensemble at the opening of the Crothall Centre at 
the beginning of October, when it was announced that 
construction of the new music teaching faciHties - the John 
and Anne Schaffter Hall - were about to commence, hi 
November the Senior School Orchestra, which included 2(' 
wind and percussion students, provided the music at the Remem- 
brance Day Service. Term 1 also saw perfonnances in December 
by the Senior Concert Band at the all campus Christmas Assembl v 
with a performance of Leroy Anderson' s "Sleigh Ride ". The Brass Ensemble joined with the Senior Choir at 
the Christmas Carol Service in the chapel. 

Second tenii began with a move from the portables to our temporary accommodation 
in the Middle School strings room, to allow for construction on our new music 
building to begin. Our first concert with the choirs and string ensembles took place 
at the University of Victoria in January, with all three Concert Bands - Grade 9, 
Grade 10 and Senior, participating. In February, band students, 
v/ho had been accepted by audition, took part in the B.C 
Honours Concert Band and Orchestra at the BCMEA Con- 
ference in Vancouver. Tliey were Yun Ji Lee (clarinet), Julie 
Hong (clarinet), Ian Chen (percussion), Janel Willms (horn). 
Several wind and percussion players were actively involved in 
the pit orchestra for the highly successful production of "Evita" 
at the MacPherson Playhouse in March. 

Following the Spring Break, the Spring Band Concert, featuring all band students from 
Grades 6 - 12, was held at the University of Victoria at the beginning of April. The climax 
of the evening was the grand finale featuring all 273 band students filling both the stage and choir loft, in a glorious 
rendition of "Hail the Conquering Hero ". May was a busy month for the members of the Stage Band, beginning with 
a performance for the students at the J unior School . This was followed by a programine of music at the Alumni Dinner, 
a performance at the Spring Fair, and finally an evening of jazz in the Copeland Lecture Theatre, with the SMUS Vocal 
Jazz Ensemble, and guests the Victoria Conservatory of Music Jazz Band. Yun Ji Lee accompanied the Grade 3 choir 
on clarinet at the Choral Concert, and performed the last movement from the "Clarinet Concerto" by Weber 
accompanied by Victoria Lai on piano, in chapel. 

June aixived all too quickly and with it the Closing Ceremonies at the University of Victoria. The music this year 

was provided by the Senior Concert Band which played "Adagio " byAlbinoni, "Brazil" and the "National Emblem 

March ". 

Mr. Reid wishes to thank the 140 students registered in this year's band programme. 



This year has seen a fresh start for a the Senior 
Jazz Band, although there has been terrific 
continuity in the band membership over the 
past four years. Twelve of the members of the 
group are in Grade 12 this year, and we wish 
them a fond farewell. Five of these students 
started with the senior jazz band in their Grade 
9 year with Mr. Houqhton and Mr. Parish. The 
band also owes crecfit to two years of direction 
under Don MacKay, earning a gold standing in 
the regional festival in their Grade 11 year. 

Highlights of current year Included several 
performances at Hermann's Jazz club, evening 
rehearsals with Hugh Fraser and Mr. Farlsh, 
and a week long tour in Cuba, where the band 
played guest performances at two Fine Arts 
High Schools with top billing at a Jazz Club on 
the Malecon in Havana. Every member of the 
Jazz Band took a turn at improvised solos, and 
the band made huge strides with each re- 
hearsal and performance. Thank you to all of 
the musicians Involved. — Mr. Parish 



In the Writing O Lyiass, Mr. Young bullies his students 
into challenging themselves and how theg think ot written 
language, otudents work on developing individual and ar- 
ticulate modes ot expression throug h poe trg and later, tic- 
tion. While iVIr. Young provides diriqisme, the students are 
the ones who ultimately hold the reins in the class. I he re- 
suit? Ulfpa-cool! 



OP a sal 

Whij I cannot be expecled lo write poetpij 

some inspiration 

ike^MCPPid aTTaip op an ear lij death, 
some rn(|putc detail triat catches mij eije 
OP a stranqep who captupes mij heart. 
Uut instead I m dpinkinq cottee with 
\33 daijs wopth ot bills 
on mij desk 

and the mail is still lijinq on the tloor. 
It I had some stimulation 

I could write a pantoum to th emcn in the street 
or a sonnet to the qirl in the elevator, 
tvcn a limep ick top th e qoldtish in tht^^ttTk^ ' 

Dut I ve onli]qoTCTiaTt-e3i*itt4,;3Gfcl 
and the radios nliaf|Tnq techno irirt H, kitchen. _ .-■•'" 

I iM^H^^Hk^^B^mq l^p-v^ 
With a littl^ppomptirjq ^1 / 


I could crccjte bpilliarlJ ppose 
about the smtc ot the nol 
the stapvinq ^^tpican children 

pTrrhiiii. — 

re on I he war in nuq 

Instead, I ve qot dirtij di^^s, 

dust bunnies on mij slippers, 

headache and no aspipin 

e excitement , 

uld bupst topth 


paqes wo 
titui coats ot lanqu 
d a little inspipati 
wouldn t be wpitinq thi 



V vv V- \\ v\ > % * 


■ > "^ -"s "•. ■; "^ % \ i 


la the end, entropy always wins. 

Twice~my tcocher said this to my class, but 
no one took this Crick prick's thesis to heart. 
We were blood thirsty for alpha red, 
a coffee to keep us going at 3 A.M. 
in our Bio chat room, so sleek efficient 
behind its esoteric title, 
scrambling to do that take home test. 
We'd march into school 
lugging bags under our bloodshot old eyes, a 
gummy contact over each. 


lust froshes^^*«*^::. WZj^ 

in the fluorescent shadows #^. 
hoping against hope in three years' time 
the men, the women would size us up, belittle us, 
crush us — . , .... ...,.- 


because they made us want it so bad- 


want us, love us, lick us like labia, labels - 

on all those cracked out exams that cost eighty 
bucks a pop 
to piss and cry over — *i 

in an empty room, for an ivy crest 
or something like it. 


Two White Wings 

"All the great things are simple and many 
single word: freedom' 


Newton got it wrong. 

Every object in a state of uniform motion 

longs for release. 

Even the mountains ache for sky 
reach out from mother Goea, 
breathe autonomy 
against the bracing wind. 

Maslow told us of our need to belong. 
But what of our need to break free? 

The egg came first 

to teach us emancipation. 

We are all chickens 

layer upon layer of evolution 

attempting to escape. 

Picasso tried to capture it - 

True irony 

the one thing which refuses to be caught 

It's not about chains 

And it's not about speech 

We all know it is bigger that that. 

It wears a simple loincloth 
And sits at a spinning wheel 
Woiting to march to the Arabian sea. 

We give it names like 
Malcom, Mandela, ^^jw-i 
Homes thot pulsate in eur mouths 

It can be drowned and broken 
or burned in Auschwitz, 
but it is victorious 
without ever knowing victory. 

c{in be expressed in a 


>. ■* Hj^: ■-St 




ieffiain an ailiJ once he ^ioio/j up!' 

'^fie S^ 0tagtam at S^^y0?^S^ U a wmce of beauiy and fiuM 
ufithin the dcfwoi cornrnanity. ^niie^ the ^uiiilan^e of ^^^k^y. S^nna 
^oJ)ei> and ^^Mt. S^Han &oned/ dudent&, ie^aadle^ 
of al>ility ot "taleni"^ ate encoma^ed to c^cpJme delf 
e-xTfiieiMon though all n^edia. '^htou^hoid the feanj dud£nti> leceive 

nee of ^^^^ha. S^'^''^ 

lit \ I /'It (i„-jt <^fifrit'/il ■'> i/i 

/■'>///'> /(• d///////fdr n{'(di('/i 

.■i<liili dill (t//i'i'<in<X I Ik 

lui/r/zl.;, ('i /ydf'd-j, -iiaI In ; ■ 

full ■<('! .'j^/i CI'/'/ I lir n'nl ( /il 

( III /r>f(li(J in it'liirh 

■ Judi/ih'i c i'liru //Il //I ii'ilh 
< I 

I \'!r/i .■•■•>ii'/i i nrlndi : /ii/i/il- 

i/i'j-^/ ilinii'in'J-'/ .viilf/li/i'^ ■ 

h\ ' r(<ll(j'Xr > <J^'iiJiiliirili.'>i-^'n, 

(inil ii'i n I In //ii'ii iJi'iinl- 
-i/'-ili' /iiiiliii/ii •'! Iiln'li' 



SenScc Council has done many great things 
this year. It not only promotes grab days to 
fundroisc money for charity but olso rises 
up the school spirit by organizing the 
activities such as r such os penny drives, 
spirit doy, and the hunted house in the 
Holfoween. Without service council, there 
will be no chocolates os brain food for 
exams. Service council is considered to be 
one of the most active council in school, 
and we try to moke positive change in 
people's life. Members in service council oil 
have enthusiasm to serve people in school. 

Member of Service Council 
Evgeny Alcksandrov 




The Student Council is a group that deals with 
general school issues from uniform to schoo 
leadership. Led by Meredith Lewis and Andre v 
Vandenvvesthuizen, the council focussed this 
on improving the student leadership and col ;i 
system at the school. They instituted electior§ 
May for councils of the subsequent year, and 
deciaed to make student leaders more account- 
able an^-attached to their respective councils. 

This group was committed to improving school 
life for bveryone and to addressing issues that wil 
make SMUS an even better venue for student 
leadership next year. 



v/. ', //^/////////////////< . '//, • -•// • ■'/'/(' ■•/^t 





The Prefect Council is a grot \ of bright njipded grade 12's 
selected by fellow p«erfSnoteae»)ers td fepreseijt tbe student 
body's best ioterests. Meetings ruo oQce per cycle at)d luQcb, 
wbicb is provided graciously |)y tbe browo ball staff, is eijjoyed 
by all. Prefects take or) vari|us studept ruQ activities irj 
coojupctioi) witb otber couo^ls. Together tbe council systenjs 
bave raised njoQey for tbe olw school njascot, the grad fuijd aad 
charities such as War Child 

The prefect body is accour)t&le to fulfill objective 
responsibilities such as lur)cl|ar)d quad duty. The roenjbers of 
this council also head other iouncils, lead as chapel wardens and 
represent the boarding corortjunity and other rninority ethnic 
groups the school is proud to encoropass. Although prefects 
feel they n)ust fulfflt objective goals to be held accountable to the 
rest of the school, the larger task lies in leading by setting"'ar 
strong rporal and spiritual exarnple in and out of the school 

This year, we found that an infornjal drop-in arrangenjept for those 
who love reading, but equally are extrerpely busy during their lunch 
hours, suited us all adrnirably. Mrs.Tweedie and Mrs. Waksel brought 
along treats, and the Crothall Boardroorp provided a tranquil venue 
where we were able to browse new books, listen to others talkin g //^////// ^, 
enthusiastically about books they had read, and wljere we could 
often just enjoy the conjpanionship of a group of (ieople who 
"cannot live with out books". We were a srnall yet dedicated group, 
and this core rerpained faithful to gathering together with a love of 
reading as the corpn^on denoroinator. throughout t^e year. 

The Booklover's club started off the year with a book buying trip 
ta.fioien Books. The Booklovers chose a divefse-selectioo-ot 
for the library and we had an enjoyable tea at Statj^ucks. It has 
been the Booklover's Club tradition to n7ake and display gingerbread 
houses before the Christrpas Holidays. This year we roade a 
colourful assortrpent of gingerbread tpen. A second bookbuying 
expedition in February provided a further opportunity for coippan- 
ionship and the purchase of interesting titles. Our Booklovers are a 
culturally diverse and delightful group of people who rpeet to share 
a love for reading. Thank you all for your support during the year. 
Mrs. Tweedie 

1 %W/ 

WVvfl'ci tvi^-v ve^H 

. V\acA 

iVie. DpiporMtr\i\s/ To wclc-pwie. prtx&pec-Tive, 

^toc-e. a«CTii^ we. 
. oppcvTi ^ ^ 

wctW ai^TcH TTcvM our loc-al c-£v»it>iui^nY «•& 
we.ll TVie i^ie.w*ite.r>& of our .4<7lvvii>£.«e>i£v>& 
OxAKTC-il pUvetjl a«^ »oTe-«rrtl rcle ii^ 

DUr oUTVlhkT3n^Tii prc«rc«w»ime«&. 0»^ fl 
cAsiW ba'&r&.TVieY repre"S«.i^Te^TVie. 
«e<i.lioc>l at'Td i^ic\cle ■cnudet^'fe, vhowtc. oPtjc^ 
cHcv4& lay^e\ "E.ov>ieTV>ic.'& ^ratoe4pcw-e.Kfl«.!/jee.l we-lc-cvuei 
c\vTc) fl ewe liicMi a >&e.v>&e. of^ wUcct' it" k, to vcb^ "tVie "SMtfS 
c-C)VMi^vtt^'nY. Fee^twac-W -frcvn vi«.iTn'T<^-f«v>iilie* i«. c«Iwc»y"& UlrtUlv 
cevyicAt^v&t^arw c\f^ OT»pnec-irfTive. - vow are- a verv able c\ktc4 * 
c-Uctt-vni^-wj loTt Vlatov membe-r* o)(<fc'TVi<^Uhc.Ue^'IVie.Mr&e.ive.'& bv 
\oeAt^~\£( aVCTiUble ai very •bVtcrVxnoTtc-^TVy&.w were, neaok' lb Vielp 
our wfiVi a(7i^>ll^^l*■|rdTK'e 1at.W&, e-s^corTour VfE-nbr^. dwrvv? 
Ope.1^ Wow&e. evd^T* ai^vjl wer^e. alwav*. willi^-<<a lb be. <ai^ e.~ I 
i^ic»il- pal" or-friei^lY voc-e. lb owr pr£>&pee-Tive. ^luctevofe. We 
cjlofpour Urffe lb vow for vowr isleolic^TiDvo (S^to) "sservic-e lb TVie 

^)CV-iooL /li'TPlVier UtUie. TViai^Wfe To owr day cii'T^ bocvi?)ii^vi 
Utv&fe, wVtp vplut^Teej-e^?) Tb •&p>e»'T<?l a^i eKTiire. *c-Viool ok^v or 
evevin'T^ Uo^-iVv^ a rjro«E>pec- live. •e.'iwc^evTi; TVie. c?lec-t*io»o Tb 
\ooc«-<^ c-av^ be a c^awvoTV-ui oioe at^Td you fw^ole iT^ee-vn I'viuc-l-i 
le.«.fe «>o e»»^>?l Ui<^li<:iUTec^wvv5a'<Y"e-'''n^ n c-c«^ be wUile 
p-ovtdiio<=i vc^iuoble ii'i^icjU'fe nolo TVie bot^roiikT^i e.xpenet^ 
Ac^f/yvb^vvy^ Coui'TC-il volw^Tlee,nfe. wilViTVie (sleSfic-a'lejsl <&uppor 
of Tflv>»>TY Fowler, ov^cje. a««i^-v pcviic-ipaTeoi n^TVie. 'Fe.«njv<al a|, 
Tree.'fe, ' procW-nofl a nvirve.lloiA* ClTrit^TViicvfe Tree. tW'Ti?! rcw-frn^T^i 
rt "feiaable i?lo»'Trillo»^ for TVie. CUil<?lrevo''& Wo^ratal TV«\»nW yow cw 



or c\ «reai 




wily Wh&U To iVkSt^W owr tjloa&vT* of Uoupfe CT^c-ot^inbtnfevi cwod 
service. TblW. A<^i^*vfa^\cv\ Off c-e.. We will w^ifb^ you. 

Mrs. Saunders Ms. Fowler Mr. Klenz 

:\r(^o)ucflVT£l ^.TUcfevIK 

»f DrTVie.1 

•//////y/////////////////////////////////y/////////////////y////7 77. 

(ka^mic Council 


V/////////////////////////////////////// /////////77///////////////. 

The Academic Council provides a student voice to faculty and 

administration on academic matters. This year the council's work ^ 

included a review of the Student Workload Guidelines, which 

resulted in proposed changes that will be brought to the faculty in 

the fall. As well, the council 4iad great Kitsc-us-sieftS-abetrt- th e ' ''''^ 

Academic Report and the kinds of positive academic outcomes it 

could include, about the anti-plagiansm service Turnitin, and about I 

assessment practices at th^ school. I 

One of the council's most satisfying duties is to organize the 
Scholars in Residence Programme. In January we were privileged to 
have the Right Honourable Kim C«rmpbefl, Canada's first female 
Prime Minister, visit the school. She spoke to a full house in the 
Copeland Lecture Theatre, on what happens afer one reaches 
one's goals, on staying true to the principles that shaped those 
goals, and on giving back to the community. Also in January, we 
were visited by Maria Cofifey and Dag Coering, a writer and 
photographer team of adventure travellers from Protection Island. 
Finally, in May, Dr. David Naysmith, a local plastic surgeon, visited 
us to speak about his work as a plastic surgeon and his volunteer 
experiences with Doctors Without Borders in Eritrea and Bosnia. 

Ms Stanford 

■■•'- -■•■•■ ■ -- ■-•■•■-•■-' . 1 

missing: Pot McCulloch 
SaroK Sapsford 

Claire Bottershill, Julia Gill, 

This yeor, the Athletic Council focused primorilv 
on one section of its mission: raising school 
spirit within the senior school. So, wc began 
the year by acquiring a new school mascot, in ^ ■ 
the form of a 6 tall blue jaguar named Mick. :^ 
n order to raise funds for the mascot, we then/ 
spent the rest of the year running concession / 
stands at various home games ond tourna- ^ 
mcnts. Other events included holding a Pep / 
Rally in January, updating the athletic trophy/ 
case, and organizing 50/50 draws and staff vs. 
student Softball games. The year ended with the 
planning of the annual Athletic Banquet, which 
recognized the senior team othletes from the i 
past year. A big thank you goes out to our ■] 
teacher reprcsentotive, Ms. Rebecco Hoffer, and 
all council members, for their tremendous hard 
work and efforts throughout the year. 

Chelseo Phipps 

Co-Chair of Athletic Counci 

The Arts Council is a group of free spirited studerxts 
striving to cncourogc artistic appreciation and creativ- 
ity. The council kicked off a fun filled yeor, with a 
rousing Grease sing-along in the Copclond Lecture 
theatre, where costume prizes and popcorn enticed ovei^ 
80 students to join in. Next, o mission statement was 
created to define the council's role in "promoting the 
non-curricular ortistic endeavours of the school com- 
munity". Throughout the second term, lunch hour 
acoustic music shows were held to showcase 
student performers. The council finished off its yeor 
lf«atkft:i2Jiaur music extravaganza called Keep thi 
Beat, which included 2 talent shows, on oir bond 
competition, art exhibition, 8x16ft murol, chopel 
service ond more. The initiative generated more thon 
$4000 for Wor Child Canada established itself as on 
annuel senior school event. 





Emily and Mr. Hyden 

The 2003-4 year was an impressive one for debate at SMUS. After 
solid results at a variety of competitions, which included the Ravenhurst 
(Nanaimo), the Bruce-Lockhart (Shawnigan Lake), the Hart House 
(Toronto) and several fun pizza debates in town, our students competed in 
February at the Island Regional Competition in Nanaimo. The following 
I six students qualified for Provincials at this event: Samantha Lee (Gr. 
^■f 8) Andrew Johnson (Jr.), Stephen Dong (Jr.), Emily Peiffer (Jr.), Rowan 
Melling (Sr.) and Patrick McCulloch (Sr.). Our two Seniors were unable 
to attend the Provincials due to Evita commitments, but the grade eight 
and the juniors all travelled to Prince George and placed well. In an 
outstanding performance, Emily Peiffer became the top grade nine student 
from the Island at the Provincial Tournament. She went on to the Na- 
tionals in Edmonton and placed first in Canada in the toughest category, 
cross-Examination Style Debate. She was third overall in Canada. 
Mr. S. Hyden 

StreamkeepGrs streamkeepers ip 

Unlike past years, this was a year of variety I" 

rather than intensity. Each year the school „ 

'-;-. seems to become an even busier place and *' 
1 consequently our habit of venturing into the field 

J *' most every weekend was not a realistic one. i 
> ' Instead we focused on a variety of activities 
* including a trip to the Howard English Hatchery in 
October where we participated in the fertilization 

of chum eggs for incubation on site at the hatch- \ 

ery. In January, we then received 400 chum j 
salmon eggs which we then incubated and re- 

L leased as fry into the Goldstream River on a ^ 

sunny Saturday morning at the end of April. i j 

We also completed our seven month contract in i 

November with the Department of Fisheries and / , 

Oceans Salmon Enhancement Branch perform- ^ 
ing water quality tests on a portion of Gabbo 
Creek. These data have helped to provide feed- 
back on work being done above the Gabbo 

Creek headwater in Rithet's Bog. Consequently . 

we were then in search of another field site and fortunately this spring, we were offered access to a portion of ^ 

land owned by the Swan Lake Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary. We hope that this site will be our next long- --j-" 

term project, as it requires significant remediation, monitoring and water quality testing. ^^ 

Four of our Streamkeepers, Anna Gawor, Hyun Ji Kim, and Martine and Vara Willox also volunteered at the \^ 

Pacific Salmon Foundation Dinner Auction in February, an event that helped to raise in excess of $50 000 for — ^ 

salmon enhancement. Grace Tso and Kyung hye Sohn helped with the Middle School's community service ^fS 

o .^.,,^, J. Aside from a few bee stings, the afternoon was a success. 

In recognition of work done over the past four years by both the St. Michaels University School Streamkeepers and 
Shorekeepers, an environmental achievement award was presented to a few of our most dedicated volunteers, by 

Mayor Frank Leonard at a council meeting on 

Monday, June 7th, 2004. 
jlg,i;^,<; . 3f. jhjs has been our third year of involvement with the 

Shorekeepers Program and to date we have com- 

^ pleted a total of 1 5 beach surveys. Each year our 

numbers continue to grow and consequently we 

have had to divide into two groups, with each group 

assigned to three different survey sites. This past 

I July, our second group was led by Erin Langwith 

(2003) and Stacy Johnson. 

Prior to venturing out on the beach, two days of 
h ^ intense training are required in preparation for the 

% i field surveys and the students learn how to map the 

I intertidal zone, identify a variety of intertidal habi- 

tats; measure physical parameters such as eleva- 
tion and slope; and identify native intertidal species 
•' by both their common and scientific names. The 

students are also trained in the use and application 
of GPS. The following three days are then spent conducting field surveys of six separate local beaches. To 
date the beaches we have surveyed include: Telegraph Cove, Cadboro Bay, Arbutus Cove, Willows Beach, 
Cordova Bay and Fort Rodd Hill. Suffice it to say that by the last survey each group operates like a well-oiled 

BqitvStreamkeeper ancLShorekeeper directed by Mrs. ^4<iiklinski 

ShorGskeepGrs Snoreskeepers 





Tents in snow - it's all great. But on the other hand, we evolved for a 


— Mark Rozanski, Winter Camping Trip 2004 

Cowabunga! From backcountry skiing to wilderness first aid to hiking to sea 
kayaking - in outdoor leadership, they've done it all! (And have come back to 
tell the stories) 

In addition to the out-trips, though, the outdoor leadership group also did all 
the necessary preparation for leadership: in weekly evening sessions, they 
learned about communication styles, problem-solving, navigation, menu planning, 
route finding, and many other practical leadership skills. In September 2003, 
the grade 12 leadership group assisted guides in leading the grade 9s and 10s 
on various SMUS expeditions, and did an overall fantastic job at keeping group 
spirits high. This year's grade 11 leaders will carry the torch next 
September, when they too will lead young adventurers into the wilderness. It 
has been a great year, with much laughter, enthusiasm and dedication. Thanks 
to everyone for your terrific efforts! 



The annual S.M.U.S. Recitation Evening was held on Wednesday, February 18th in the School 
Chapel. Students from grades 9 through 12 performed various recitations ranging from poetry to 
dramatic and comic monologues. All students at the senior school are required to learn and recite 
from memory a selection which they present in their individual English classes. Finalists from 
each class then participate in grade finals from which 4 students are sent on to the Recitation 
Evening. All 1 8 participants delivered superb performances. The judges for the evening were: 
Margaret Burke, an associate of Trinity College, London in Speech and Drama, David Mathers, 
an English teacher at Victoria High School, and Rev. Lynford Smith, our former chaplain and 
teacher at SMUS. It is worth noting that the judges were so impressed by all 18 performances 
that they found their task of choosing winners a most difficult enterprise. 

Thanks to all who attended in support of these students. The Best Overall Award was presented 
to Aminah Malik for her performance of a dramatic monologue, "Clear Glass Marbles." The 
People's Choice award was presented to Ivan Celusak for his amusing comic monologue, "A 
Divine Baseball Game". 

The other winners are as follows: 

P' place Sr. Poetry - Natalia Esling (Gr. 12) 

V place Sr. Recitation - Susan Davis (Gr.l 1) 

2'"' place Sr. Recitation - Ivan Celusak (Gr.l 2) 

1^' place Jr. Poetry - David Heffernan (Gr.lO) 

2"^ place Jr. Poetry - Peggy Hogan (Gr.9) 

P' place Jr. Recitations - Aminah Malik (Gr.lO) 

2"'' place Jr. Reciations - Callie Waters (Gr.9) 

I'" place International - Lee Ling Yam 










> i- 



I nT^ 

% ^ 

A Tribute to Harvey 

As a whole, a turbulent year witli an emotional curve similar to an excellent rollercoaster trip. It all 
started with a new face - Mr. Jamie Blake. A relative greenhorn in the housepaivnt business he 
successfully brought even more of that good foyer atmosphere into the building. Unfortunately, he 
is leaving for the States and we have to say goodbye already. He wouldn't be the only one - Kevin 
Cook, Harvey's father figure for years, and his family are turning their back on the house leaving 
room for Mr. Humphries from fall 2004 on. Let's all wish them the best and have a look at the 
numberless happy times of this school year. Tlie Harvey boys were once more a veiy international 
mix with positive newcomers like Oiiye, Alberto, Richard, Carson, etc. from all around the globe. 
The students were brought together in the traditional house activities such as the small sight-seeing 
tour through the city, effortful decorating sessions in the foyer on Halloween and Christmas, and 
the annuafkindergarten - senior school gathering. The various house dinnerswere always welcome 
by the hungry hordes of students. Although we had to do without Conrld anc^en To since the 
middle of the year, the house overcame the loss and remained a good community which left many 
worthy experiences and funny memories in my head. The first prefect meeting T called 
of excellent comrades and I'm thankful for the chats I had especially with ^^ ouMstei-s. J 
wishes to both Andersons and Humphries for the upcoming work and houjKmeJT ^ 

'Tilian Roth|opf 



Weft, here we are the end of another year in &jmon8 tlouae, and km supposed to wrap 
it all up in 500 words or lessTi Trom movie nights, to house dinners, to midnight swims, to 
baking nights, there was never a dull moment for the girls in &jmons this year, for the first time 
ever, wg had a house made up entirely of grades 1 0- 1 2, and we eouldn^ have chosen a better 
house i/ we triedi The new girls who joined us from far and wide fit in perfectly from day one, and 
those who were returning for their second, or even their fifth yizar, had no problizm maintaining 
that stellar liymons Superstar spirit! Though permanently hyper, the grade t O's were great ftm, 
and kept us all young at heart. The grade 1 1 's proved to be the brainiacs of the house, studying 
day in and day ouL -[Ind last but not least, the grade 1 2's were. - -Well, W(s were just waiting to 

Thanks to the prefects for all their time and effort this year - at least we made it through 
the whole year, right g^rls? fl huge thank you to all of our wonderftil houseparents who put in 
endless hours looking after us, and always took that extra step to make us feel right at home. Just 
imaging the mayhem we would have caused without you aroundi liymons House was just that 
much more bubbly this gear too, with our newest addition, baby Jackson. 1 can^ wait until he 
helps us at tlouse Olympica kd also like to thank our male counterparts in tlarvey tlouse. 1 
doubt we could have asked for neighbours who were funnier and more entertaining than you 

Iiadly, Ms. Talentino will be leaving us at the end of this year, as she moves on to bigger 
and better things in her We. Well, bigger anyways. Sest of luck, Tino - 1 know you'll be missedi 
Isikewise, best wishes to tt» grads and the girls who will be leaving this year. Good luck to those 
staying on for anoflier year in liymons tlouse - smart choice, girlsi Try not to get into too ^^ 
much trouble next ygar, though; you don't want to scare off the other houseparents tooi ^^ 

tlopfjftilly at the (znd of this year the (Symons lupgrstars will havfs reason to celebrate 
over another housegames victory, giving us an amazing hat trick to flaunt fill in all, I know 1 can 
say on behalf of the house that we truly had a great year in Symons, filled with memories to la^ a 
lifetime. 6o, Superstarsi 

Chelsea Phipps - "Head of tlouse 

: Bamad^ 

^ m « w .w ^^ 

This has been a good year for Barnacle house. We had some good times shared a lot of laughs and 
most of us stayed out of trouble, most of the time, at least as far as is known. There have been tons of great 
friends that have been made in the house creating bonds that will last a lifetime. We have shown some superb 
athleticism during house games especially senior and junior house soccer, way to slay Harvey seniors, Co Blue 
Devils. Bolton may have taken the title again, but we got them back by flooding their bathrooms and last year 
thoroughly defacing their precious penguin. Despite our loses we kept going. . . with a little help from Mrs. 
Jackson's baked treats and pizza nights. On house dinner we rampaged the all you can eat limit at the Macaroni 
Grill, those fools. The people in the house created some of the best memories, weather it's Jeff stealing an entire 
20 L bucket of ice cream from Brown Hall or friendly Deutschlander's Neils, Jan and Alex. Or our gracious 
prefects like Hafeez, props buddy, who is always a joke to laugh at and Mr. Cool Jacko Jung. Friendly guys like 
Stevey K, Simon and Charlie are easy going and sweet to talk to and James Lin, who is also nice, but is always 
breaking my walls with his base. Also the little guys i.e. Stewart and Jose who are always spunky and ready to say 
the wrong things. Or just great guys like Dave my bro and Erik. But "The Barn" could not have gotten by without 
our dynamic house parent staff. Guys like James, who pretty much taught every grade 12 chem, Franklin playing 
his tight beats on guitar and Action Jackson always with the best shots of the house in action, with his camera or 
the foyers camera. Finally who could forget our best buddy Gareth, who we will miss dearly and I am sure he will 
miss us dearly as he is gazing into a flaming inferno or on a negative 50°c night in Yellowknife. Good luck this 
summer Barn Boys it's been a good year. 

~This is your Head of house Shaun Heffernan 


^^^ J^^ 









HOT TIMMIS TAMALES! Wow this year has been quite a busy but super year in Timmis house. The hustle and 
bustle began as usual as the houseparents and prefects welcomed and settled 14 new girls into our house. This 
group included girls from Scotland, Germany, Mexico, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, USA, Saudi Arabia, and 
Canada, as well as our unique and fabulous group of five grade eights. Soon after meeting all the new girls, it was 
great to see all the returning girls coming back from a well deserved summer break. 

Who could forget to mention the delicious family nights? All members of Timmis house greatly appreci- 
ated the efforts of our wonderful house mom's, Mrs. Hyde-Lay and Wendy as well as some of the Timmis girls who 
prepared yummy snacks'every Wednesday night. It was a great way to break up a busy week with great food and fun 
company, ..yet another excuse for girl talk. 

Speaking of recipes, the secret ingredient to our Timmis house spirt is our rambunctious and delightful 
grade eights. These five girls have added the spice ta|^^Biales. With serious arachnophobia, bug killing missions, 
the cleanest room ever award and lots of loveforal^^^Rup of girls have contributed so much to the fun 
memones of this year With TaraLynn as their advi^^^^ have also been many adventurous outings, such as 
skating, dessert down town, and tnps to tlHipMHB^HHIHH 

Thanks mostly to our steller Jr's Bthe eforts of C'Ur Sr's, Diis year's house games has been a competitive 
and close run between us and those SymGm||||{||^t job on house blames Timmis! 

One ot the Timn s house favorites, is the end ot the) ear house picnic. Good food, good frien ds, a nd 
good memones. Lots of Timmis HUGS and best wishs ail around. What a wonderful year! ^H 

A great big thanks from all the girls to ol,' : jpportive nouse mcrns. Mrs. Hyde-Lay, Wend^TJ® 
JoAnne.and Lindsay, you've been absolutely amazing Good lu;kinyour endeavours next year JoAnne, you'll be 
missed! A HUGE Timmis welcome to Lindsay, who has joined our house staff for the coming year. Abig thank you 
to our Bolton brothers for making us feel at home - sibling rival^ at it's best! '^~~ 

To all tlieGrads this year, keep in touch, even if it's just a quicK email, and best c)f luck! 9^H 

To all our girls, remember to love yourselves and share that love with others... "The love v. e give awav is 
the only love we keep.''~Elbert Hubbard 

)000 TIMMIS!!!!!!!!! 


$■ 3- J. 1 ^j3 


Bolton House has done it again. Another awesome year in the books. The Bolton Buds have extended their consecutive House 
Games titles to four straight. Hopefully, with a little luck, and the skill and enfhusiasm demonstrated throughout the year, 
Bolton will be able to have completed the House Games events undefeated! This year, there has been another major addition 
to the Bolton House uniform. Last year there was the addition of house pins; this year, thanks to Mr. Bateman's hard work, 
Bolton house ties were created. This year couldn't have been the success it was without the outstanding crew of prefects we 
had this year. Garner, Conor, Mike, Ricky, Kristin, Alex, Taylor, and even George (for some of the year at least) made sure this 
year went smoothly. We had some good times this year, some which will remain secret. What makes this house great though, 
is the people in it. The "Bolton House Atmosphere" couldn t have been created without all the guys. Starting with the future 
crop of prefects, good luck keeping these guys in check. Darius, Rup, D. . . (COPS) , Kev^ Howard, Johnny, good luck next year. 
There were many other Bolton Buds who had an impact on the house this year. Starting with Horace who is always in the Head 
of House room, no matter who is the Head of House. C-rod and Arin, two future troublemakers, and crazy Sangwoo, you guys 
helped make the year. Myung Hwan, Rymundo and all the other crazy grade eights were very welcome additions to the house, 
albeit for the occasional fisticuffs. Even all the quiet guys, which there are many of helped make the year fun. Most important, 
theCamerons were the glue which held this house together. Thank you for everything! Mr. Common, Mr. Culham, Mr. 
Bateman, and Mr. Farrish all took control of any "incidents" in the house. Irreplaceable friendships and hilarious moments have 
been created in this house to be remembered and cherished for eternity. Unforgettable. It's been a good year, now the curtain 
must come down on the Bolton Show 2003-2004 edition. Peace. 

' - Duncan Mclntyre (Head of House) 


vi-f ^ia ■ 











Winslow Winazulus 

Life in Winslow this year has been far from unexciting, but th^^^Bng new seeing , 
I most lively house around campus or that's what we like to say. We welc6me|l8 new girls into our house this year 
and with out a doubt they seemed to fit right into the busy S(MffiB6cf being sfiWinslow girl. Even though we never 
seemed to excel in the area of house games, we weren't too Pncerned with t^t because our house spirit seemed to 
top it off. "Girls night in" at the Tweedies every Thursday night was always a -f^o rite due to the wonderful baking 
from all the girls. We can't forget the delicious desert nights with our wonderful skills of charades to keep us 
entertained. Halfway through the year we had to wish bon voyage to our ever smiling houseparent Tash as she 
I embarked on her journey to India. We then welcomed Kim who had no trouble filling her shoes and learning the 

I ropes of how to be a Winslow house parent. Monday nigl 
constant support kept us in good spirits for the week to c 
Nicole's sense of humor and constant supply of fashion m, 
endless support and love over the year to all the giHs. The 
cookies with the Tweedies to cheer you up. To the perfect ^, wijio 
supportive older sisters to all the girls. To the Barnacle bo; 
house of giris living right next to you! Thanks for all the fu 
tradition of being an amazing house! 

chelle were a good start to the week as her 
nesday nights wouldn't be the same with out 

Finally our thanks to Mr. and Mrs. T, for their 
ver any hesitation to go in and have tea and 

e made this year a huge success in being 
n't know how lucky you are to have such a fine 

ood luck and next year and girls keep | 

Sarah Macdonald (Head of Hous 


■ ^^^ 




Mark Bridgeman: Rowing, Setvice 

Colin Macintosh: Rowing, Music 

Alexander Isphording: Rowing. Theatre, Service 

Sumi Cebauer: Rowing 

Cameron Noble: Rowing, Music 

Mark Zakus: Soccer, Rugby 

Jeffrey Mitchelmore: Soccer, Rugby 

Taylor Willms: Soccer, Basketball. Coif 

Nikolas Purcell: Soccer, Coif 

Jennifer Couvelier: Field Hockey 

Julia Borns: Field Hockey 

Sarah Macdonald: Field Hockey 

Brianne Bentzon; Field Hockey 

Caylee-Britt Coshko: Volleyball 

Andrea Bosenberg: Volleyball, Tennis 

Brittany Crow: Volleyball, Service 

Jennifer Fritz: Volleyball, Service 

Sarah Sapsford: Volleyball 

Chelsea Phipps: Volleyball, Service 

Claire Battershill: Volleyball, Service 

David Crapo: Basketball 

Massey Poon: Badminton 

Nikolas Macintosh: Badminton 

Jamie Lai: Badminton, Music, Service 

Victoria Lai: Badminton 

Shannon Ko: Badminton 

Shaun Heffernan: Rugby 

Brett Cooper: Rugby 

Andrew Van Der Westhuizen: Rugby, Music, Sen/ice 

Garner Lea: Rugby 

Michael Ho: Rugby 

Clare Hauser: Soccer, Service 

Ellise McCarten: Soccer 

Dione Harrison: Soccer 


Nadia Charania: Service, Theatre 

Laura Christensen: Service, Music, Theatre 

Judy Chou: Service 

Robyn Plasterer: Service, Art 

Mairead Murray: Service 

Fraces Dunn: Service 

Kendall Cutler: Service 

Meredith Lewis: Service, General: Field Hockey and Tennis 

Adam McLean: General: soccer, Basketball and Rugby 

Alexander Langenbach: General: soccer and Rugby 

Ian Broome: Music, General: Soccer and Cricket 

Jessica Moll: General: Field Hockey and Soccer 

Grace Tso: Service 

Ryan Hache: Theatre 

Rowan Melling: Theatre 

Pat McCulloch: Theatre, Music 

Carley Colclough: Art 

Geoffrey Cooper: Art 

Jaimie Lee: Art 

Nanette Lee: Art 

Nadia Salminiw: Music 

Rachel Park: Music 

Diana Kim: Music 

Yun-Ji Lee: Music 

Scholarship Hwards 

Grade Nine Parents' Auxiliary Scholarships 

Danielle Denley Lauren Kerr 
Nicole Edgar Sean Godwin 
Callie Waters Lucas Parker 


Emily PeifFer 

Grade Ten Parents' Auxiliary Scholarships 

Kyra Benloulou Anthony Bryson 
Daniel Christensen Ryan Onasick 
Stephanie Klak Jessica Tara 

Campbell Bryson 

Julia Gill 

Lee Ling Yang 

Grade Eleven Parents' Auxiliary Scholarships 

Evegeny Aleksandrov Natalia Esling Justin Gill 

Meri Kieksi Sannifer Hoi Ellene Ko 

Navraj Chima Hyun-Ji Kim James Reid 

Headmasters Honour Roll in Grade Nine 

Emily Bridger 
Nicolle Kwan 
McKyia Mclntyre 

Stephen Dong 
Alexander Reid 

Headmasters Honour Roll in Grade Ten 

Laura Faryna Quintin Stedman 

Yoonji Kim Bianka Saravanna-Bawan 

Art Pithayachariyakul 

Headmasters Honour Roll in Grade Eleven 

Nader Ahmed Evan Hesketh 

Jeremy Hanson-FingerYara Willox 
Martine Willox 

Parents Auxiliary Scholarships in Grade Tv*^clve 

Claire Battershill 
Jen Blumberg 
Brittany Crow 
Julia Borns 
Alexandra Clarke 

Annie Deng 
Atsuki Hirano 
Jill Knudsen 
Rowan Melling 
Mairead Murray 

Esme Pau 
Robyn Plasterer 
Julian Rothkopf 
Luke Seely 

w^-^-^ -\ 


McLoughlin History Book Award - Emily Peiffer (Grade 9) and Jonathan Effa (Grad 

The Commander R. Dyson Cup for outstanding effort and attitude in Grade IX - Chanelle Sawyer 

The Chapman Cup (Best all rounder in Grade IX) - Alexander Reid 

Considine Cup (Most Improved in Grade 10) - Ross Vivian 

Student Council Award (Outstanding attitude and effort in Grade X) - Catherina Hur 

The Lifer Award (An outstanding student in grade XI who has made an all round contribution) - Natalia Esling 

Parents' Auxiliary Drama Awards (Top actor and actress in Grade Xj) - Daniel Jordan and Natalie Esling 

Alumni Association Scholarship for Merit (A Grade XI student returning next year who has demonstrated leader 
ship and has made an all round contribution) - Navraj Chima 


wards c6f ade 1 2> 

■ Alumni Award to the student with the highest average in science - Andrew Van Der Westhuizen 

FiSA and B.C. Science Council Award for outstanding science scholarship - David Jiang 
I Yearbook Trophy - Claire Battershill 
i Nesta Bowen Home Plaque for Art - Geoffrey Cooper 
j Blencoe Cup for Music (SHARED) - Yunji Lee and Jamie Lai 
' Llewelyn Bullock-Webster Cup for Drama - Ryan Hache 

Headmaster Awards 

Brianne Bentzon 
Laura Christensen 
Frances Dunn 
Patrick McCulloch 

Jennifer Blumberg 
Nadia Charania 
Jennifer Fritz 

Mark Bridgeman 
Brittany Qow 
Shaun Heffernan 

Qrol Lobb Award (A boy and girl athlete who demonstrate excellence in athletics, do well academically and 
contribute to the school community while a student at SMUS) - Chelsea Phipps and Andrew Van Der Westhuizen 

Brian Dyer Award for Community Service within the school - Alexander Isphording 

Darlene McCue Award for building bridges between driverse groups in the community - Judy Chou 

Groos Salver for Outside Community Service - Robyn Plasterer 

Nation Bowl for Citizenship (student you might like as your next door neighbour) - Meredith Lewis 

Ker Cup (Premier Award for scholarship, leadership, character and outstanding all round involvement 
- Claire Battershill 








> ^ i 





■f . 

vv *4 

Grad Dirirxcr Bmm 






» r* 



"^4- ^ 


^^ . r.YcV 


r.x'bs^ " .^c^ 

" 9s^ tvcjuki K^e fo 


• %. 


- ^Oavid <3. Farc^ 



fus OS ivs once fioed, 


- Hdyn V, Kennedy 



Bianco Bartz 

Managua, Nicaragua. . ..ahhh the recollectionz. Yes. for it was 
at Managua that I first met the gaggle, my extra hot, nvo 
percent, triple shot caramel macchiato sucking gaggle. We 
made for California by cover of darkness, me and the 
gaggle. . .ahhhh the recollectionz. . . Let'z get down to brass tackz 
here; we went in search of gold, gold and opportunity, 
me and the gaggle. In the Arizona desert we encountered a group 

of wandering nomadz, they stunk and were falling apart from the pox, so we 

shouldered our bagz and donned our glassez and moved on into the sunset, me 

and the gaggle. It was on that bitter trail I encountered some Radon in my drinking 

water, the gaggle was done for, they lay in the shade of 

cactus, glasses broken, and macchiatoz cast 

aside. . .ahhh the recollectionz. But I persevered for I 

stand before you today, a young girl of Managua, 

Nicaragua, in all my Egyptian 

Cotton, 500-thread count sheet glory. And I didn't 

copy Xan, she copied me. Quelle surprise. Aight? 


Claire Battershill 

M -■ . II 'This the work of the hammer: to break us open / with its ring 
J^^. y^U &. clang in the cracking earth / in the autumn ache of water 
flri^^H ^^H ;': spread between hills / in all these yellow trees, in the roots of 
^I^H w^K them." -John Mackenzie. Trust me to need a metaphorforthi; 
^^^^L wjlm:) thing. SMUS as sledgehammer. Fitting, n'est-ce pas? Without 
^^^^ hV'^ the impact of whatever opens us, we would remain secluded fron 
^^^"^ the world, unaware of our own passions. From volleyball to poetr 
to ridiculously elaborate birthday gifts, I've expended an insane amount of energy 
around this place. I'm sure you can all relate. So I leave with one foot already out th( 
door and some fantastic moments to hold onto. Not to mention some pretty 
wicked material for writing. Watch out! In the company of 
fantabulous (as Chelsea would say) people, I have had a 
lovely (as I would typically say) six years here. To my 
fellow grads: We kick! And for you who have broken 
some part of me open over the years, I offer the deepest 


Brianne Bentzon 

"The great aim of education is not knowledge but action."- 
Herbert Spencer. So to the Grads of 2004, go out there and 
show 'em what you're made of Mr. Gauthier, thank you so 
much for truly believing in me. You've taught me how to 
express myself in a whole new way and I will always look up to 
you. Ellie, your friendship has shown me the person I want to 
be. Some people see things, and say, 'Why?' But you dream 
things that never were, and say, 'Why not?" Mom and Dad, I love you 
4ever infinity times infinity. Stephie-Galumpa. you are the best sister I've ever had. 
(triple squeeze) Know that even though I won't be right there to watch over you, 1 
still have spies. 

"Throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. 
Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. 
Discover." Auf Wiedersehen Dariings. , ,? 

Wepaaa! Thirteen years at SMUS. . .and it's over! To my 
friends, teachers, coaches and mentors: thank you for 
making these past years a wonderilil experience • you've truly | 
been amazing. To my squash pals. . .wow! I will never forget 
the times we've had together. I love you all. To my fellow 
salseros; los quiero mucho! Sigan bailando y acuerdense: no 
matter where you go from here, if you find that clave beat, 
all will be well with the worid. I dedicate this to Mom, Dad and | 
the three boets. Thank you for all your love and support. 


Julia Borns 

Summing up what I experienced at SMU in the last 2 years is 
almost impossible. Even though it was scary coming here in 
: the beginning, not knowing anyone, Canada or English very 
well, I soon got to know so many nice, encouraging & 
amazing people that I didn't have time to regret my decision. 
0"^ '^^^^^■^ Thanks to everyone in boarding-you made me feel at home. To 
-^0*" ^^^^^ all my friends-you made the time here an unforgettable experience 
,^Q with lots of fun, chocolate and laughs. Thanks to my parents who always 

supported me and gave me the opportunity to come to SMU: I love you. Sarah-you 
are the best roommate I could ever dream of Kendall-you can always make me 
C L smile; boarding wouldn't have been the same. Robyn and Mer-thanks for always 
A ] making me feel welcome at your houses. I love you giris! 
\ ^Field Hockey was great (Goalies Rule!!). 1 guess the fact 
^ ''that I stayed 2 years instead of the originally planned 6 
I>^*! months speaks for itself It will be hard to leave and I'll 
G^^^nnissyou tons but I'll always remember you!! 

M^^ ^^*^;. .00^ ^: .A 100^^ r ..A^^^ . 

Andrea Bosenberg 

The ride to smu was long (literally), and I'm glad it's over. To I 
all my friends who made the drive worthwhile, thank-you, youl 
know who you are, Ijura, well, , , there are no words to 
express the fun times and memories, Dione, a diamond is 
forever, don't forget that, you better come visit me. You two 
are the best. Alex, small town girls are the finest, keep in touch. 
Nat, thanks for welcoming me into your house all the time, and fo.l 

the late night talks about life. Rachie, psychos for life, thanks for all the fun, we f 

will be forever in competition with Brett. Jess, wish we could've been closer, you're 

hilarious. Jeff, John, and Luke I will never forget our outtrip. To the guys, you made 

every night fun and memorable. To my parents thanks for 

all the support. Mom, don't worry. Dad, thanks for the 

help with my schoolwork. Don't know what I'll do next 

year without you two. To the rest of the grads. good luck 

and see you in the future. Love. Andrea. 

Ta^^TT^XGV^^^— T^qST^ 







Alexandra Bowering Elcocfe 

Nacadoches. New Mexico... .ahhh the memories. Yes, for it 
was at Nacadoches that I first met the posse, my sunglass 
wearing, knock-off Gucci bag toting, lulu lemon stretchy 
jacket wearing posse. We made for Kalifomia by cover of 
darkness, me and the posse. . .ahhhh the memories. . . Let's get 
down to brass tacks here; we went in search of gold, gold and 
opportunity, me and the posse. In the Arizona desert we 
ncountered a group of wandering nomads, they stunk and were falling apart from 
he pox, so we shouldered our bags and donned our glasses and moved on into the 
.unset, me and the posse. It was on that bitter trail I 
:ncountered some Radon in my drinking water, the 
)OSse was done for. they lay in the shade of cactus, 
passes broken, and not-so-Cucci bags cast 
isidc.ahhh the memories. But I persevered for I stand 
)efore you today, a young girl of Nacadoches, New 
Mexico, bodacious, sassy and crepuscular. 

Mark Bridgeman «i 

I had a good time at SMU. To my teachers: thanks for 
w immersing me. Nik, Ivan, Vander, Luke C and Sean F; thanks 

^^^ for "hands down' and the sincerity that went along with it. 
^^V Jory. Cam, Luke: 'AJ were too emotional and the crovk'd just 
I ^^m wasn't into it.": random fan. Rowan, the red brick is still 
Vm underwater. Carnen it's all about the camping trips. Laura: I 
never liked Spanish, so I distracted you. Robyn: thank you for 
every- thing, there is too much to say. Kendall: don't let them get you down 
(you know what I'm talking about, boo hoo) Clare H: thank you. Claire: when 1 
lose my marbles and you're a nut job can we hang out? Jen F: good talks. Colin: 
poker nights.. .and Cuba. Carley: Sinatra's singing 
summer wind. My family: thanks for this wonderful 
opportunity. Alex: best friend and brother. I'm always 
here for you. Jess: "Last night, 1 had a dream" and it came 
true; you make me overflow. If I don't end up going to 
law school, lets hope its an adventure. 'You gotta go. 




appreciate everythi 
but I'd do anythint^ 
with all my heart. 

Ian Broome 

If you are reading this from A - Z, I know mine will be one of 
the first that you read. So I don't want to bore you and make 
mine like everyone else's, but just to let everyone know, I 
loved every minute of it! No regrets. I'd like to thank all my 
teachers and all my friends. My advice to all the grads and 
future grads: Never lose focus of you goals and always strive 
to accomplish those goals amidst the storm.To my Mom and 
thank you for putting up with me. through good and bad. I 
ingyou have done for me. I may not have been the greatest kid, 
to repay what you've done for me. Thank you, and I love you 

Lucas Cameron 






It's then end of high school, what can I say? The adventure's 

finally over and it's time to embark on a new one. I've had a 

lot of fun and a lot of memories fi-om my 8 years here at 

SMUS. both good and bad. Thanks to my friends for all the 

great memories and times we shared. Ivan: good times bro, 

you made senior school bearable (jD and C) Nik: my partner p.Qiv ' 

in crime, thanks dude (586 EDK, we'll get our revenge man - ^^ 

gyro) Jpac:Timmy runs, business trips, it was all good man. Al: Mars '- 

was tight... I'm thinking some burial services are in order. Colin: keep new years \P^ 

between you and I. T squared: keep it real man. Conor: hope they didn't hear us in A 7.0 

Mc D's. Mark: I'm actually starting to like that hands down ' i ^^ 

Before I came to SMUS in grade 11, 1 was just a likkle 
Caymanian Boy. . . Bumbacleet! Now look at me, all grown up, 
graduating, and doing my grad write-up. . .1 guess I need to 
start thanking people huh? But where to start. . . Dew and Kula: 
thanks to you for proving to everyone that Mafic is more than a 
kind of rock. Luke: for all those great gaming nights, Steve for 
showing me what Emo is and Hargrove for helping me feel better 
about not being 'cool enough to throw grapes." Also thanks to Ryan for teaching 
me that Star Wars could actually be a lifestyle, and Rowan for teaching me that 
Communism could in fact work if it wasn't for all the bad things. I would also like to 
thank all of my teachers for teaching me stuff, such as, 
how to spell 'Psychology', and why Geology Rox. But 
mostly I want to thank Kim, for always being there for me 
through all of my SMUS ups and downs. To everyone 
else who is not in this, I don't have enough room I 
swear... Honest, I'm running out of spa... Well, See You 

The years I thought I'd live forever have now become the 
J^ timeless joy of memories. The friends I thought I'd have and 
^^^ ^ ^^ love until the end are now going their own way, to take 
^^^kV ^B what they've learned and loved and challenge a new 
^^^^^ ^H beginning. I've had the time of my youth, no better friends or 
^^^H^^P memories, mentors or parties could I have had, for I've truly 
^^^^^ enjoyed and appreciated every minute, every person, every good 
time with you my good friends. I thank you all for that, for making life worth the 
time and I wish the best for every one of you. To challenge, to love, to 
appreciate. . .and to truly enjoy life! 
Your Friend- Ivan Celuszak 






a^<^ ,^^f^0^ ^'^""/oOO^ ^] ""a lOO'^ ^: :,A 20^ 











Ricky Chan 

It seems peculiar to say this after all these years of Mathemat- 
ics and Physics and other such poppycock, but I feel that 
British Columbia has revealed to me my true passions. Nay, I 
do not aspire to be a lumberjack or other such fiddlesticks as 
ye may venture to guess, but rather something mightier, 
something of greater prowess. What I speak of today is the art of 
organ grinding. Yes, I say again organ grinding. For the life of the 
organ grinder is truly one of excellence, one of passion and compassion and one 
that requires preparation for higher learning and for life. And when I hear the words, 
"Grind on Brother!" I will know that it has all been worth it. . .all the tea, all the 
crumpets all the woe and strife. So grind on brothers and 
sisters; if I'm not back in ten years, check St. Paul's... 




Lilian Cheung 

Leaving, I would like to acknowledge some people who have 
made the past year and a half in SMUS as interesting as it 
could be. Atsuki: great talks about the lofty dreams we have, 
let's hope they come true. Monika: the III sister I never had, 
will miss you so. My roomies, Jude and KitKatKoo: rooming 
with me must have been a nightmare, thanks for seeing it 
through. Derek: will never forget the late night convos, calculator 
talks and thanks for the laughs. Big thank you to all the teachers who 

have taught me especially Mr. Fisher (for being xtra patient) and Mr, Young (my 

inspiration). Also, a big hug to Nicole for listening to my endless, boring rhetorics. 

Lastly, I want to thank my parents for their encouragements and more 

importantly for paying my sky-high phone bills. That sums 

it up. Adieu, everyone. 



. Laura Christensen 

She tucked that moment away in her heart, which made it a 
memory she could pull out and feel anytime she 
wanted... "You've been here /low /ong?" Forever. Junior school, 
where each day is an adventure. Middle school, where change 
is constant. And Senior school, where the world opens up in all 
directions. To all my friends, you know how important you are to 
me. Claire, you are a true kindred spirit. Thank you to my teachers, 
all of whom have demonstrated such a passion for their work, a passion that I hope 
to one day share. Mr. Cook, for keeping me centered, Mr. G for the chats, and Ms 
MacDonald, my roommate, for teaching me to trust my heart. To my family; Daddy, 
for encouraging me and believing that "I could do that!" 
Bri Guy and Dan da Man for all the jokes and memories, *^%^ 

and Mommy, because you're the greatest inspiration in ,i^ 

my life. "Her voice is what keeps me here: feet on ground, 
heart in hand, facing forward, beyourself ...her heart was 
full of moments like that. 

Madia Charania 

I want to thank my parents for giving me all the opportunities 
that I could ever have asked for and for always believing in m( 
: ; I love you both so much. To my brother, thanks for always 
putting up with me, I know it must be hard . . . To the wonderf 
staff of SMUS, thanks for all the support. . . Congratulations to 
all of the grads of 2004 and good luck in achieving all of your 
dreams! Thanks to all my friends, I couldn't have made it this far 
without you. Or the coffee. . .and to my best friend, Sarah, it's good 
feng shui. You're awesome and you've made my years at SMUS a ton of fun, I can' 
thank you enough... ozzy n" kariito are gonna kick it together forever, but you, 
you're cut. . .whatever. 

Judy Chou 

Four years in SMUS. I feel like SMUS is my second home, 
and it will be hard for me to go away to university next year 
because I will miss all my friends in SMUS. I still remember m' 
first year in Winslow clearly. I had tons of fun with my 
roommate Rachel. (Hey giri, remember all that midnight 
chatting and crazy instant noodle eating?) As well, Sumi and 
Gene who supported me and helped me go through many 
difficult times; we share a lot of happy memories. Most importantly, 
there is Geny who help me to understand who I am and who I want to be in future 
(There is something that I want to say to you: ya tebia lublu) Not only I will 
remember all these great friends, I also learned many 
different things from the school. I enjoyed the school 
musical because I really get to show a different me on th' 
stage. It is hard to sum up all the lovely time that I have in 
the school because the things I learned from the school 
will always be remember by me deeply. We rock Grad 

Alexandra Clarke 

It's been fun and weird and scary and exciting all at the samel 
time. Some time in between the old friendships, the new 
friendships, the breakups and the makeups, I learned what 
really matters: the people who make it all worthwhile. Mai: 
thank you for being my ballet buddy, making me laugh, and 
being the last one left. Nat and Andrea: I don't know what I 
would have done without the deep girl talks, fun and crazy night:| 
and the hospitality. Thanks Johnny for putting up with late phone calls, 
RVG for jungle dances and all of you who made boarding bearable... plus ketchup I 
and tears, cookies, five roommates and bench warming. Adam: what will I do 
without the advice, the silent moments, the chocolate, 
and the beats we make? Meet me in Montana. Mom and ' 
Dad, thank you for everything you've done for me, and 
Ari, thank you for understanding. I'll miss all of you but its 
time to move on. 

r.a^ ^":./. a^^ '-" o^ O^^- ' c>0^ ^'""a oOO^ ^:' AaO^'^.>..^A'i^":. r>^2.6 







(/' - 


Carley Colclough 

Thanks to my family for your support. I love you. and thank 
you to my teachers. They made my three years here 

1^: ^ ^^^ worthwhile. I'll never forget my friends; thanks for everything. 
HBUkAi ^^B I've learned a lot and had fun doing it: you guys are awesome. 
t>^^^^Mk ^Kf Here's to hockey in the common room, all the Bolton Buds, 
^^^^Bk V Timmis girls (2 more years Kim!), my co-producer, my dance 
^^^^^ partner, bio on day six, and falling in love in the pouring rain and 
muddy puddles. Siempre te amare. I know it wasn't perfect, but nothing ever is. 
Conor, thanks for being an awesome friend, but the 44-train will run over your 
Foote any day. Tay: I'll see you on stage playing to 30,000. Dunk: I love you too. 
Wendy, thanks for those 6:30 a.m.'s and everything else! 
Goodbye Brown Hall nutrition and Saturday duties!! 
Good luck in the future. 

Geoffrey Cooper 

My time here was short, but I learned so much, experienced so 
A ' much, and made some unforgettable friends. Ju, my main 

^^^L ~ ^^^ man. I'll never forget those crazy days in grade 11... and of 

^^^^k A ^^^B course, the air exchange!! Word to Mark, my 

^^^^k^^^V gangsta roomie for grade 12, you've been awesome. All the 
^^^^Hk^^ Harvey guys, I'll never forget those late nights doing what we 
^^^Bl^ do... good times, and keep up the traditions!. Dave Lang, thanks 
for getting me off my butt! To Frances... 'I know how you feel". Dave 
Jiang. . . I made it through some very dull classes solely because of you! To all my 
friends (]e.%s incl.). good luck in the future, and I hope to see many of you again 
someday, to reminisce on what will sadly be "the good ol' 
days". Quote of quotes from high school: Oct.l4*, 2003 - 
Mme. Hergeaux says: "I hate your mother", I can't thank 
my teachers enough, without them I wouldn't be where I 
am now. Lastly, thanks so much to my parents for giving ^ \ .ur. 
me time and time again, opportunities of a lifetime. 

Jennifer Couvelier 

It's hard to sum up the past 7 years here at SMU. They have 
all been amazing. The experiences I have gone through and 
the people I have met along the way have impacted me in so 
many ways. I couldn't have survived here without the 
constant support of my friends. You know who you are, and 
the times we have shared are irreplaceable. Thank you. My 
teammates- It's been fun, the memories will never be forgotten! 
My Teachers: thank you for always encouraging me to reach my full potential. To 
my family: Mom and Dad: thank you for your constant love and support, thanks 
cannot do justice for how much you mean to me! Chris: thanks for always being 
there for me. Congratulations and good luck to the Grad 

Class of2004. I'll miss you! 


f ^^, Brett Cooper 

^^H The final year of SMUS has finally arrived and caught me by 

% surprise. The 6 years that I have attended SMUS has been 
something I cherish and will never forget. SMUS rugby 
tradition is somediing that I will never forget. The boys: Mark, 
huddy, Jeff. The bashers: hafeez. AMAC. Lingo, tay. Dom. You 
boys made SMUS with "nights I cant remember with friends I'll 
never forget". The giris: Rachelle. Andrea, Nathalie, Jess and 
Susan. You girls are beautifiji and you know I was always joking. To the 
rest of my friends you know who you are and I wish you all good luck. To my 
parents: thank you for all the love and 
support; I know you will always be there for me. To 
my sisters Kerryn and Megan, don't ever change: you 
girls are perfect. Good luck to everybody and thank 
you for the amazing memories, stay young. The 
purpose of life is to fight maturity. 

Michael Cooperrider 

jt -. ^^B "But why is the rum gone?" A very fond farewell to all of you. I 
" ''9^1 mean that. To the four guys that I've known the longest, 

^L ^^B thank you. You are like the brothers I never had. I couldn't 

dj^^k ^^^ M have made it through Mordor alone. Thanks to my parents 
^^^^ 3i^B"^ *^°'^ "°'- g'^'^g 'JP- "'"'-' ^" my '3'^5' especially Tom, Shaun. . 
^^^^y^^P Mark, Rowan, Ivan. Geoff and Ryan. 32 abuffa. Thanks to | 
^^BB'^ Courtland for paving the way; SMU wasn't ready for 2 of us at | 
once. Thanks to anyone who never told me to cut my hair. 
Congratulations to any teacher that has had to put up with me, in class or out. 
Thank Buddha for Timmy Ho's, Mark's coffee machine, and especially Pennyroyal 
Tea. A very big thank you to Tolkien and Peter Jackson for 
keeping my head safely in the clouds. Smoke Crew! Tour 
2003! (thank god for Irish and Scottish giris) . I AM 
UNCLE ARGYLE! Give me a guitar, surfing, Aotearoa, 
good tunes, rugby, aftershock, and a full tank of gas and 
shall feel a lucky man. You haven't seen the last of 

, '"^ 

.\ <: 

^. 0' 




David Crapo 

Congratulations to the graduating class of 2004! 

r.^aO '--. G^o - . o^ ^-^ ^r^o/V ^' " V oo^'* ^. ,.A 2^^^ r.r^6 ^^^^ . c.x^^ '-" r^^ a^".' ,^aA ^' "- . nC^O'^ "^; " a oO^" " ,.A'i^^ ■. r 






<>.?>?'>*'>' ^■»^*" 






Brittany Crow wMms 

In September of 1990. 1 entered Kindergarten at SMUS. 
Thirteen years later, I'm ready to graduate and move on to 
whatever God has planned for me. To all my teachers and 
coaches, thank you for everything you taught me - especially 
the things that were not part of the curriculum or game plan! 
Many of my great SMUS memories would not exist without my 
friends; together we've built abs laughing, overcome trials and 
tribulations, analyzed the woHd, and had so much fun. I love you, and wish you the 
best in eve^thing you do. Alastairand Andrew: no matter how buff or manly you 
get, I will always be your big sister; keep kicking butt in all you do and don't break 
too many hearts! Mom and Dad, thank you for providing 
me with endless opportunities, and believing that I can 
do anything. Your support and love for me has been 
rock-solid - even through my teenage years! To the 
grads: in the words of Mary Shelley, "Live, be happy, and 
make others so". 

Kendall Cutler 

Living at SMU in Cr.lO I quickly learnt what it is to be 
independent and was able to see what else was out there ftl 
my small town gal side. Endless thanx to my parents for lo\l 
i & support over many nightly calls; we managed to make it [ 
some how, love you guys. Clark, Leigh, Todd, thanx for encl 
teasing, which has turned me into this; love you guys. To my f 
friends, thanx for good times and love. Mac: scary start turned I 
into a best friend; much thanx giri, missya love ya. Jules: I WILL win the bet. Alkl 
the abuse is all love- love ya babe. Men always up for riding the stairs. Annie: thJ 
for putting up with me you're awesome, don't forget me at Yale. Hef: many a gel 
times, the phone's always open. Ivan- we go back baby 
and that's what matters. Jess & Mark: thanx for the tears. 
Many a good time with all and many to come. Congrats 
grad 04. Nic 

Annie Deng 

Since grade 3, 1 have coveted the knowledge and confidence 
of "those big grade 12s.' Its hard to imagine that it is now my 
turn to walk out of high school with a diploma in hand. 
Before leaving to explore the countless opportunities that 
await me outside SMU's gates, I'd like to thank my family for 
their endless love and support. Mom and Dad, I am truly 
rateful for all that you have done for me. Nicole and Mrs. T: 
you're the best! To all the friends who stayed by my side through the 

ups and downs, the memories we share are priceless. I wouldn't have made it 

without you. To the Winslow gals: you have made my time here worthwhile. Salsa 

chicas: all the mood swings involved with salsa won't stop us from shakin' our 

booties 'til the moon goes down! And as for you, Dilly, 

depends what kind of teeth you're thinking ofl I'll always 

split the last Smartie with you. No one could ask for a 

better, or crazier roommate. Congrats Crad 2004! 

"When the going gets tough, the tough go dancing." 

Nathalie Down 

Two years and 10 000 memories later, I'm finally done. I 
couldn't have made it through without my friends. Rachie:! 
some people look, some people stare, some people have. I 
Our adventures will never end. Andy B: we might go to hell 
but at least we have Water. Gudrun: "LET US INI!" Laura: kc| 
a bucket with you at all times. Jess: welcome to the hotel 

California... Hafeez: shut up. John: keep flippin, you'll get it soil 

day. I like your gloves. Brett: you're welcome to come over at an)! 
time, even 1 A.M. Tay: the bathroom's down the hall. Zakus: good times atyourl 
house. Jeff: best catch EVER!! Yaya. I'll never forget. Hilary: nothing can comparl 
Mom and Dad: I love you, thanks so much for everything 
you've done, living at home made all the difference. I 
miss you Robby. Bestof luckto all ofGRAD 04!!!! "The 
best way to predict the future is to invent it." "The 
difference between a man and a boy is, a boy wants to 
grow up to be a fireman, but a man wants to grow up to 
be a giant monster fireman." 

frances Dunn 

So here it goes! Mum, Dad: thank you for all the love and 
support you've given me from the other side of the Pacific: I 
wouldn't be who I am now without you. Ed: what ever 
happens bud you'll always be my bro, I luv ya to bits. 
Houseparents: my second parents, thanks for putting up with 
me! Jody: ooshimasan will survive, you awesome roomy! Daisuki! 
Chels: the craziest roomy I eva had; luvya hunljap crew: you guys 

rock! Iro iro arigatou! yu, margie, gordo, ju, arsh, concon, judes, nobum, yuka n all 

da Symons girls: boarding life wouldn't be the same without ya guys, luv u! Saps: 

you're smile is priceless, don't eva lose it! Andres: thanx 4 always catchin me when 

I'm about to fall, ya luv means so much2 me. Alish: my 

best friend for all time, my only regret's that we couldn't 

grad 2gether; I luv ya sweetie! Last but definitely not least, 

tonton: friendship we have I wouldn't trade for the world, 

hope I can be what you are to me; I luv u so much, I'll get 

there one day. Crads2004 CONGRATS, we did it! 

CA^A I--- a^^.'-" M o^^- ' 00^ ^] ^'a loo" 

Arbuckle ffinch 

I^ Man, the past two years at SMUS seem like a lifetime and 

Photo I'm just getting ready for University! i came to SMUS with I 

AvJliltiblP nothing more than a lanyard and a down vest to my namej 
but I've left with lots more! Friends, memories. . .okay, somj 
book learning. LOL. A lot of you have probably seen me 
around - whether it's working the rugby pitch or the ladies i 
the quadrangle.;) Some words and memories to remember ma 
by... props to Blethering Place homies "tea and crumpets" all round. Ban 
- Next time you're mining quartz, don't forget your rucksack. Huddie - Still got 
that bottle of Crisco rolling around in the back seat - remember summer '03. 
Woo! Hafeez - Don't forget to eat them peas. Karl 
Donutz - Too bad about VE day, but the Reich can 
always wait 'til next year. To my bro Quincey - thanks 
for paving the way. To the rest of you - Don't "forget" 
the Ffinchmeister, he has a way of "cropping" up where 
you "least" expect it. Get it? 
This is the dawning of the Age of Asparagus." 



Sean Flanagan 

Elementary school was )ust a blur, but I remember good 
times spent with Pat, Ivan and Rogue. Moving on, we were 
able to stay together all through high school, through more 
good times and high lives. I've come to know many people 
through my good times here, to shout out to a few, even 
though there are too many to name. Tape and Mark: good 
times in Caddy Bay. Nik Mac and Luke, both the Captain and the 
Cap'n, Vander aka Cod, Ivan and the days of Fax . . . and parties; we've had good 
times; good parties and I just want to say it's been a sweet time with everyone. I 
would like to thank all the teachers who have influenced me, particularly Mr. 
McLeod for the sun and surf, well the surf anyway. 
Most importantly I'd like to thank my Mom and Dad 
for everything they've done. 
"Hands down, these've been the best days I can ever 
remember, I'll always remember" Chris Carrabba 

^^^^^ tin 

Elizabeth Francis 

My two years at SMUS were very different but unforgettable, 
.1 none the less. Thanks to my parents who sent me here in the 

f first place — who knew boarding life could be so much fiin? 
To all the teachers and house parents who supported me 
throughout, thanks a million! Symons house was great! 
Thanks Clare for making me realize that you don't have to be 
100% sane to be an awesome friend. To all my friends (there are 
too many to list), there was never a shortage of laughs and good times. Niels: I'll 
always remember the great times we had together this past year, I'm sure there 
will be many more. I'll never forget you. To all my friends and boyfriend: I love 
you all, keep in touch! And to the Crad class of 2004 
good luck with whatever your aspirations are in life! - / 

Liz i 

Jennifer Fritz 

Life is not measured by the # of breaths we take, but by the 
moments that take our breath away.' A big thanks for all 
those who have added to my list of breathtaking moments; 
including swing lessons in Chem. road trips w/ v-ball, booty 
related incidence in ODL, & mischievous times with friends. 
I'm grateful for lessons learned, laughing just for the sake of 
laughing, being pushed to excellence, and being caught when I 
inevitably fall. Drew & Mer: you guys especially made these past two 
I years worthwhile & I owe you for saving my sanity. Thanks to those who cared and 
may Cod bless you in your future journeys. Always remember; be thankful for the 
blessing of each new day and if you want to save horses, 
ride a cowboy. 

Sumi Gebauer 

Graduation...! I'd like to thank my family for all their support 
and faith in me. My sudden and last minute decision to 
spend another year away from home was sure one of the 
many crazy ideas they have had to put up with. The two years 
at SMUS flew by so fast and I will leave the school with many 
memones. A shout out to everyone in boarding who shared the 
fun, the drama and the Saturday morning laziness with me. Late 
night talks, midnight candy cravings, wrestling in the hallways, boring movies. . .it's 
been good! Thank you also to the Wl house parents and all their effort. Everyone 
elsse I met here: cartoons and sweatpants, brunches, random slurpee trips.. .it 
wouldn't have been the same without you guys! At last, 
to the '02 DSTYIer: yes, I will mention you too. You 
know how much you mean to me, 1 love you all! 
Congratulations to the Crads of 2004! "If you don't like 
something, change it. If you can't change it, change the 
way you think about it." 
i^ary Engelbreit 

CA^^^" „f^^O\'•■^^■ ^r^OiC' 

. oPiO'* ■ 




Derek Fung - 

This little box is dedicated to my family, (Mom, Dad, thanks ^ 
for everything, it means a lot to me) and my friends. I'd like to ,, 
be all cliche and list my friends each by name and personal 
message, but that would take me a thousand pages and many 

nights. You all know who you are, and I love and respect 
every single one of you. Thank you for putting up with such 
an anti-social person like myself 1 wouldn't say good-bye. 
because this isn't the end of our relationships; this is just the end of 
a chapter in our lives. Please keep in touch. And that's it. So I'm just going to leave 
you all with a picture of a monkey looking shocked, kind of like me when I realized 
that a part of my life is almost over. So long and thanks for 
all the fish, BH. 

Caylee-Britt Goshko 

You start slow, pnmingyour muscles for the run, beginning 
with an effortless jaunt. You waver, as you squint into the 
unknown, trusting the wind as your guide. The path levels 
and you pace yourself You hear traffic up ahead. You slow 
your pace to a halt, wait for a course, then you dart ahead, 
ignoring the bits of gravel that have gotten in your shoe. Then 
you see it: the hill. You knew it was coming but didn't realize how 
soon. You think about turning back, but you've gone too far. You start to ascend, 
shortening your stnde. All you can do is focus on what you can control, concen- 
trating hard as sweat flies off your forehead. You trip. Bruised and battered, you { 
push yourself up. Looking to the summit, you are blinded 
by a break in the clouds. The apex ahead, you sprint. 
Pictunng the view from above. A few more steps and it 
will be over. Winded, you reach the top. Joining the ^^Hj^Vf* ' 

sunlight, you kiss the sky and smile to the heavens. The 
run is over. But the race has just begun. Thanks. 


,A l>''^ . rx^.O '-^ 



. oOVJ'* -. 




Rachelle Goulding 

How shall I begin... well I guess I'll say thanks to all the people 
at SMUS who were able to stay sane through all these drama 
filled years. To the girls and boys that have made my years at 
SMUS fun: THANK YOU! ND-camp thunderbird (grade 5), AC 
jungle dance! AB: psychos! We're tied with coops now.JH: 
great guy. BC: love hate. Wally: brown partner. JM: Soul mates. 
YOU guys have been constant friends since the little years' and I 

will never forget you. To all my other friends: I love you and thank you guys for 

always being up for fun and happy times. When the dark clouds rose, you guys 

brought the sun out. J Thanks. To my father: I could never ask for a better dad to 

help guide me. To my mother: I have never known a 

stronger woman and never will. Sarah: I love you and 

hope you're always happy. ADL thanb for teaching me 

more than you know. To the CRAD CLASS of 2004: 1 

wish you luck and all the happiness in the worid. 

Remember: "Live everyday as ifit were your last'' oral 

least try. 

Zoe Grams 

This has been a jumping-in-fountains, sliding-down-hills, 
playboy-bunny, cooking-in-other-people's-kitchens. girly- 
nights, swimming-in-oceans, laughing-so-hard, singing-down- 1 
the-street and a drinking-too-many-frappuccinos kind of year. ' 
And now we are free! Mairead: thanb for just being the 
wonderful and original you. Clare: my chest is your chest, 
always. And, like, Whit, even though we have like, totally thick 
ankles, we still like totally rule, k? I have never met anyone sweeter tharl 
Kendall. And I will always appreciate you letting me takeover your kitchen and share \ 
your time, Robyn. Mel, Hen: what can I say but: yer pure magic, I 
waiting for this for 13 years, my loves. I don't know about 
you, but I have places to go, people to see. Let's do some 
living. As Mr. Wilde once said "Life's too important to be 
taken seriously." 


Benjamin Gudewill 

what can I say? Thanks to all the guys for those solid nights. 
To the girls: well, you were always up for a good time 
throughout senior. To the Bashers: well boys, it's the end of 
the road now. So many good memories being with you guys. 
You were all always up for doing crazy things and being bad 
in each of our communities. Good times. Huf; well, good old 
Huf. Friends since diapers, and friends forever. Thanb man. Nik: 
four years with you and look how much trouble we've been in. Big 
Al: all I am going to say is hot tubs at Al's, and his favorite thing, little hindu. 
vC ^ Thanb. To my good friends Oeff.John, Coops. Zakus, Jess, Xan. Hafeez, to list a 
-iLi few and the rest know who you are): what a great trip it has been growing up 
. ^ - together and doing the crazy things that we do. Good 
luck with your future choices. Hayley: thanb for a 
memorable year! Thanks to my parents for their support, 
^ U and thanks Eddie for everything. 'Vision, Passion, Action". 
A C Learn this and you're set for life. 


Ryan Hache 

First of all I want to thank a loyal companion who has stuck 
^ tnje to me through the dark times. Darth Vader. After high 
^^^ ^^ f^ school I plan to move on to the Corrosant high temple to 
^^^k B^^^ begin my training as a Jedi padawan under master Kit Fitso. 
^^^k W,^^P Enough about Star Wars, now is the time to begin my 
^^^^ f!^F incoherent mind vomit; CRON, old men, shnitphuc, Dr. 
^^^ 0^ Gruggler = no love, a bufu, gadge, gzzz, gi, gruggler, the genius 
of the original two, buba, Inga Jensen. Spanish class in grade 11. 
FETUS, DB, British school giri, fitness centre or as I like to call it second home, 
Mrs. Murphy's math class, aerials, couquis, Mr. gardiner, Mr. G, Louis Armstrong, 
Mt. Tolmie, froging, the closet, Hargrove actually got into 
the locker, rugi, my stall, two benches, every bathroom, 
bula, the forbidden words, Epic duels. Risk, Mr. C., I love 
cats. There is probably a lot more but at this time things 
cannot be remembered, but the will forever be instilled in 
my synapses, and that is comfort enough. SF?A 

Nicholas Hargrove 




To the future Dr. Hargrove who is probably reading this with 
thick globules of sentiment meandering along disheveled 
mutton chops, I would like to say one thing, "Buck up you 
disappointment!" To the people that will always matter most: 
my family, friends and mentors; think of something nice to tell 
yourselves just this once, I'll let you pretend I really said it. Te a 
Rynickador: if you ever forget the madness that we have created in 
;his world may 1000 rufuses drag you by your riostat to the pits of gruggleriand. To 
Whitoerny: I love you dearly, pity for all the feces you have to shave, your legs just 
got in the way is all. May you never go home the same way twice, it's our song - 
minus all the romance, I better stop or I'll give you an _^^ 

emo attack. WORSE! Now to finish this grad wnteup with 
some words that I believe sum up my life thus far and 
provide encouragement to the graduating class of 2004. 
"One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish" - It would have 
been funny if you GOT IT! 


Alexander Harper 

Summing up 13 years in a small paragraph is almost as hard as I 
j^ *- »^™eb( remembering it. It'll be weird leaving SMUS but I can't say 
^^^^ # ^^ that there hasn't been a part of me looking forward to it. The 
^^^^ift ^^B highlight of my time here has for sure been the Senior School. 
^^^^K^^B For those of you who I've been going to school with since Jr. 
^^^K^^r School, I couldn't have asked for a better group of friends. 
^^^^^ Guys: awesome times, way too much to list and much of it I 
wouldn't be allowed to anyways. To the rest of my friends: thanks for 
some great memories. To my tensai; you've made me happier than I could have 
ever imagined, thanb for always being there. To the rest of Grad 04, good luck! 


Dione Harrison 

Thanks to my teachers for their support and confidence in 
I .^1 (■ '^^' especially Mrs. Skinner for letting me achieve new 

-^^^ -^^- standards and Mr. Fisher for the 4 years of chemistry and 

tutorial. To those I've gotten to know. I wish you all the luck 
and fun there is. Andre: summer school, Summerland, 'eau'. 
early mornings, O/L; thanks for the great times, there's more to 
come. Mark: WHEN? And when we do please don't stop me fr-om 
shopping in the mid-aisle section. See you at res. Tay: odd smells, lady's 
room,''nature'',and always some sort of pain. It's been a journey to remember, thanks 
I for your patience. Jess: good laughs, it's been fun. . .1 hope stupid things don't keep 
reminding you of me. Jenny: forever soccer but not 
ugliness! Thank you most of all to Mom, Dad andjiichan 
for the best childhood I could ever ask for; I'll make you 
proud. Thanks to brother for paving this bumpy road and 
to Boo, Chao and Japan. "To strive is to live, and to live is 
to risk.' so I'll see you all later on my new ZX-6R!!!! 

Shaun Heff ernan 

After 4 years I've realized a few things: I've eaten 3000 brown 
hall meals, spent 200 hours in chapel and 1000 nights in 
boarding. I've also realized how much fun it's been and how 
much I've learned. Thanks to my parents who have always 
supported me; good luck next year. Dave: carry on the Heff 
torch. To my friends in boarding: HW, plenty of late night 
meanders. T2 always there and true, Kendall you mean so much 
to me, love the late night chats. Bolton boys thanks for the balloons. 
Dunk, Alex and Tay: you're great fi^iends. TS: lovin the music. Ex boarders Nick and 
Harv: good times. Ciris: Smac,JB, AB. RC.JM, LS EW, RP. The 1st XV guysJM. JH, 
Juicy. BC. MZ, Mho and Cooperrider: we left the UK with 
bounties on our heads. Lads, it's been a battle and a 
pleasure, thanks for your friendships on and off the field. 
UK tour was a blast; don't forget Belfast. "The relation- 
ship between SMU and Oak Bay is based on trust and 
sympathy. They don't trust us and we don't give them 

Osel Hita Torres 




Oh Brendan's Belly! How do I love thee? How do I rub thee? 
With soft deep strokes or gentle kneading? Words cannot 
describe its length, its breadth, its depth. But Oh. Brendan's 
Belly, I shall try to put thee to verse, for you are as soft as the 
rump of any fresh spanked baby yet as firm and supple as a 
Portobello mushroom. Ah, the sweet juices, the nectar 
intermingling in my hot mouth, mushrooms. . .rumps! Oh, I must 
have thee both. I would give my left arm for my mother's paella. And for eternal 
rubbing rights to Brendan's Belly! I love it; it's like a large breast; y tu mama 

Clare Hauser 

^ Wow, five years ago I though I was brilliant, and then I came 

^ to SMUS and learned to hate the world for making people 

^^^ M^ more bnlliant than I. I've also been thoroughly exhausted of 

^^^^ %« religion and culture and I can safely say I'm prepared 'for 
^^^^L »%:* higher learning and for life.' Shouts out to those in boarding 
^^^^ Ip that have put up with me and my wildly traumatizing antics: 
^^^ Mairead (LEZ), the two Scotts, Liz, and Isphording. You day 

students are another breed, but thank you. especiallyjill, Alec, and Mark: 

no matter how it ends, I loved you. A reminder to you all; "Even here there are ,5 

tattoos and hairdressers and ice cream and dogs with slippers. But these are just 

details, which protect us as long as they can from 

nothingness, the dear things. 'Joy Williams. Finally, 

thank you to Mrs. Ives, Mr. Young and Mr. Gauthier 

for keeping my sanity intact and helping me feel that 

'even despite the cost of living, its still popular', 

LaurenceJ Peter. I love you Jane. 


Atsuki Hirano 


JH - ■ At last, my life at SMUS is coming to an end after 4 years of 

^H* ^^ memorable moments. Even though there was agony and 
ll^^B ^ ^^k defeat, this has been an experience that will contribute to my 
^^^^^k^^^_: future. Rrst, I will thank my femily for their patience and 
^^^^B^Bj^V support. Next. I will mention those who have made my time 
^^^^^H^^ here so dear: Yu-chan, you have been so special; my first 
^^^^^^ Japanese friend in Canada. Arigato. Irene: (l could never call you 
Yun-ji), you were my inspiration to become a capable student. I'm 
proud to say that the 3 of us endured AP Physics! Esme, Lilian: even in such a short 
period of time, I have always loved our talks. I thank all my teachers (especially 
those in my grade llyear: Ms.lves, Mrs.Murtland. 
Mr.Ducharme) for their special help. Mr. Hunt: I 
appreciated your reliability and efforts in crafting an open 
homeroom. Thumm sensei: your support through 3 years 
has been huge. You are the most liberal and kindly 
teacher I have ever met! To all the grads: take care and 
best wishes! 

'^ Michael Ho 

Four years of Brown Hall, chapel, limited Internet... Now, I 
get to give thanks to all that made this place bearable. My 
FAMILY: shelter providers for the long weekends. 
ROOMATE: Speechless, 3 years of interesting times. I'll 
miss you. Comics are great but not for the whole day. 
SISTER: I'll always listen to you, and I thank you on behalf of my 
fish. D.LI: I'll miss all those lunchtime visits. SUNNY: You are the 
1st stand partner in my life! thalELF: Thanks for summer school and the free taxi 
rides to Hillside.]): You're a great partner! wingCHIU: What can I say? You're one 
of my best friends: I'll miss those foyer times and out trips. POOH: I'll miss your 
voice through the window. SURREY: Take care of yourself K.HUR: My computer 
won't be as fun without you. CONNIE: Always JpKS'^Wp^'; 

happy. Kcheung: Thanks for listening my - "* ^ . 

you're the coolest looking 8PO. and 
HOUHOU: hoho! You gave me my L 
MHO: Houseparents, Buds, 







,,.; c 



■4 * -r^if- 



^ y- ^ 





r^ nr> 



,>«! ■ : 





Michelle Hou 

5 years at SMU have changed my life. Thanks to my family for 
endless love. My gals: Shan: my great sis. we been through ups 
and downs. We still tight, but you ditched me and Hawaii! My 
angels: Claire Y: Van trips and shopping. Claire L: it's fun 
talking/joking/shopping with you. I'll miss you! Mazie: you're 
my sweetie. Jamie: xiao ben dan. Vic: last time 'Vicki". To the 
gang: CISon: Or. 8 till now. Thanks for all the talks and fun. I'm 

jalways here for you. Ricky: you're one true inend. Yeah you're cool! Derek: you 

[always make my day joyful. University will suck without you! Calvin: you brought so 

imuch fun. always caring. Thanks. "HoHoHo Merry Xmas'. Jack: you pitalover; take 

|care of yourself! Mike: you saved my life from cactus. 

iCood luck to the rest, Taiwanese and Grad 2004. To 

?my one and only honey, Jesse: you made my Gr.l2 year 

incredible. You're the reason I smile. Words can't 

describe what I feel for you. You're my life. Graduating is 

^close, I can finally say, "Life's Beautiful." 


John Huddart 

It's been a trip. This last year has been one to remember. The 
Guys: Coops: too many good times and lots of laughs. Jeff 
it's been awesome, keep in touch. Zakus: keep living it fubar; 
you've got plan b going for you. Linguel; you're the coolest 
foreign person I know. Take it easy, buddy. Brown: thanks for 
the good times. Tay; close, not so close, always been fun. 
Dunk; you're cool bud. Dave: so are you. Amac: you're the most 
decent guy I've known. Thanks. Nic: Calgary bound, keep it coming. 
Bashers: you guys screw around and get into trouble; its awesome. Harv: lots of 
laughs, really? You guys are in here cause we've played hard and always made it 
interesting, We've had some absolute beauty times; they'll be good to look 
\ !}■ back on. Rachelle, Nathalie. Alex, Andrea, Laura: It's been 
X \ great. Good luck and thanks. Thanks Em for helping me 
, know what's up and Boss, thanks for everything. Thanks 
'^^ to everyone else who's been in my corner, I won't forget. 
;i\-^' Take it easy. 

O'" - 


^^ I 

Duvid Jiang 




Sup g's! Wow, I can't believe this. I'm done high school! I am 
sad that I have to leave my childhood but man, living in a 
dorm's gonna be sweet. Though it is very cliche, I still want to 
thank some people. God. thank you for being there with me 
^ during my hard times and showing me your path. Josh, Jesse, 

P*^ Angelaine, Faith, Megans (both of you), Kylie and Kim: I love you 

all. I want to thank my peeps: Jeremy, Lincoln, Di, Grace. Sam, 
Kyunghye. Isfarting hehe, Brit, Yunji, Afghan, Jamie, Annie, Dee, Frances. Coops, 
Hanna, HufJudy, Luke, Roy, Steve, Pat, Ohashi...! think that's all of them, if you're 
not there then you should be, but don't confront me. I'm Asian. Teachers: Gardiner, 
Kerr, Smith, Stanford. Jones, Roth... thanks for putting up with me. I can't wait to see 
what the future reveals for each and everyone Z^* 

want to thank my parents for raising me 
kid . . .) , your financial support and love has 
what I am now. I hope you're proud! 

Allison Howard 

Thanks to my family, friends and teachers who helped me 
at different stages of my life. Even though I've only just started 
at SMUS this year. I've had an awesome time and can't wait 
until University. MD was awesome, thank you to all my friends 
there; Laur, Shif ]j, Selena: you've always been there for 
me; I'll never forget you. As for everyone at SMUS: it's been greatl 
See you in 10!! 

Alexander Isphording 

First of all, congratulations to all Grads. It sure didn't feel like 
/ two years. These were probably the most awesome, and 

^^L ^ ^^ certainly the busiest, two years so far, but let's see what 
^^^^^^^B university brings. I probably spent more time in the Drama 
^^^^D^^^k Room than anywhere else in this school (including my own 
^^^K^^^F room). Thanks to Colin, Frances, Nadia and all the others for a 
^^B^P' great Musical and for keeping me somewhat sane. Thanks also to 
Mr. Gauthier, a great direaor. and the other teachers who helped; 
you've changed the way I watch theatre forever, now that I know what goes on 
behind the scenes. Mairead and all the other newspaper people, it was nerve 
robbing and fun at the same time, trying (but not always 
succeeding) to get The Ivy published. Claire, this is the 
last time I'm fixing your Yearbook computers - no really. 
Pat: I can prove that six equals infinity! All the others, I 
didn't forget about you, but I am out of space. Thanks 
for the great time, let's stay in contact: 

Lincoln Jiang 

My 3 years at SMUS were memorable. Mom and Dad: you will 
always be in my heart and I'll be forever indebted for every- 
thing. To my friends: each of you has left an impression too 
deep to be removed. To my teachers: thank you all; I'm sure alll 
of you are thankful I've gone - the back row will need a new 
devil 'Dark Light" 'Staring into the horizon, amidst a forest of 
autumn colour, I can see a forked, yellow brick trail. Behind me lie 
the yams, tubers and muddy, soaked sod. O my, what an adventure to 
embark on. Let's don on the suit of armour, chin kept high, and make the choice. 
Left or right; right or wrong? Will I walk behind the 
shadows of great men, take my oath, and make 
them proud, or will I go all in, aces wired, and take 
that fateful turn into the nver? I think I'll march 
between the trees, carry an albums ex-cover, and 
carve my own legacy in the wood." ' 









Jack Jung 

Beat Back the HUN with LIBERTY BONDS, 

Yuji Kawashima 

Don't make me come down there- 


Malvina Kang 

'I wanna run through the halls of my high school. I wanna 

scream at the top of my lungs!' I'm euphoric, ecstatic elated. 
It is time to leave. But before I go, I wanna kiss a few people 

goodbye. Alexandra: I will always remem.ber times of "What areQO^ 

calves?" times of Mulholland Drive. My obsessed salsa ladies: 
shake your booty, shimmy around the world and always feel 

sexy. A huge kiss to you ladies. A huge kiss to Adrianne and Pete 

for a spicy grade 11 year, for deep talks and for the support. Finally, a fat red kiss 
to my mummy and daddy for understanding and keeping me real, Lester for 
always being a role model and Manville for just being Manville. I love you all 
deeply and will continue to love wherever I am. 
"They love to tell you 'stay inside the lines', but 
something's better on the other side' That is where 
I'm going, on the other side. Ciao. 

Alfred Keum 

Wish I could turn back the hands of time because it flows too 
fast. Three years in SMU gave me memories that I can never 
ever forget. There are many people I would like to show my _ ^ 
gratitude to for shaping who I am right now. Rrst of all. Mom / 
and Dad. I thank you for your support. Without your love, I G^^ 
wouldn't have made to this point. I love you so much. Ma , ^ 0^ 
Bro: Some day . . .? Ma soul Broju: Oh. Hyung: BNF is the word ^ q 
huh? Young-Ik Hyung: You are the real king of the FEIGN! Duark "^ ^ 

Sunny: Scream buerik! You are the best roomy I ever had! Triple] Seu-Na: Do not )0 

dress up in black! You know what I mean! Becca Bueirk A-Ram, Yun-Ji, DaeDoo O'^ 

Hui-Jai: Woojung forever and 85 pride(except Duark keke!) 

I'll missy'all! Thorough-Bred Seung-Hyun, Potential 

Feign SSang, Bonelessjun-Bae. Hardcore Cyu-Young, 

Sreve. CJ, and all other Korean HooBaeDle: Get Real! SM 

Hyung and CPU (Hark. CI8on, NoBum. CY,) etc: 

CP2HEAVEN! Gee that's all I gotta say. I guess it's time to 

move on. Peace OUT! 

Diana Kim Mi 

I remember thinking 7 years is a long time before I graduate. 
Now 7 years are about to end and I want to thank those who 
have made my time here something to look back on. Thank 
you to my teachers for so much. Thank you to all the people 
I've met throughout the years who became friends and made 
some days memorable. To a few people: here's to the good 
moments we're left with. Some words I leave you: movie nights, 
snowdays. talks. Finding Nemo, "racing' to French, 'hey soul sista - that's our song 
playing," studying for biology in Winslow or was it girltalk? My turtle-you're just as 
weird, weird and wEiRD, applepicking (fancy that.) To the 6-dimpled one: thanks for 
letting me devour the entire orange tictac population in Gr. 9. 3 years of locker 
sharing, and ransom notes (should we revisit the parliamer '^^^^^^^ 
family for the unending love and feith. Grads: all the best. " ^^^ 
coeur. L'essentiel est invisible pour les yeux.' ^B^ ' 

Jill Knudsen 

"My mind is the place 
where I make my plans. 
The world is the place 
where I take my stand. 
The beauty of life is mine today. 
They cannot take my mind away." 
-Dead Prez 

-Thanks mom and dad. for supporting me always, and thanks to those who were 
always there: you know who you are! Good luck next year! 

.A C^VA- _„ni^' 





Shannon Ko 

'"Throughout your life, people will come and go, but each and 
every one of them leaves a special foot print in your heart; 
some might be deeper, some may not." To ail my friends out 
there you know who you are. Thanks for always being by my 
side through thick and thin. All I need to say is that I hope you 
guys know how much it means to me to have you guys in my life 
because it definitely won't be the same without you. Special 

thanks: Michi: for a billion things. Things happen but we'll always be sis. CISon: all I 

have to say is I love you like my bro and thanks for everything. The list goes on BUT 

take it easy on the pitas! Last of all, I would like to thank my family for constantly 

being there for me. Mel: thanks for always supporting me 

no matter what I do. Without you I probably won't be 

able to survive. Finally the most important people: Mom 

and Dad. Thank you for everything. You guys are truly 

the best. I love you! P.S. IN miss the crew very much but 

keep in touch. PEACE! 

Kelly Krueger 

Whatever happens, we have got the Maxim Gun. and they 

have not 




,A C 



Janiie Lai 

"After five years at SMUS at five feet tall, Jamie is finally ready to 
move on and, well, grow up, emotionally and. . .physically. I 
don't think Jamie could continue on without thanking those 
•/ who have made her years here something special to look back 

on. Her years at SMUS have been marked by memories of 
sports, outdoors, saxophone and, oh yes, her constant 
harassment of people in the hallways." -Diana. Ms. Stanford:You're 
awesome! Thanks for inspiring and encouraging me through difficult times! Di: You 
might LOOK quiet, but you're actually quite wordy. Thanks for being my 'big" sister; 
you're the best. Vic:Thanks for listening to me; you're also the best. Grade: My 
lovely chipmunk, thanks for sharing your not-so-funny 
jokes with me all the time; I love you! Kyung: Thanks for 
keeping me company in French classes; Je t'aime! Dave; 
Thanks for being such a sincere and precious friend to 
me. Saps: The fact that you exist is quite funny, thanks for 
being there! Mich: Where's my lion? Ib^^^B^i.'^ 



f Amy Kohler 

Congratulations ot eh graduating class of 2004! 



George Kuo 

' M.Ho: I'll never forget the night chats we had, and the food 
\ ; I stole from you. D.L: hope next time you can come party 

^^^ ,: at my house. 8po: e-mail me if you have problems. K.C: see 

^^^^^A^^ , you at UT. M.Hu, C.Y.: take care I'll visit you guys wherever 
^^^^^■^^^ you are. J J, P.L: you guys are always cool. Sunny: I'll never 
^^^^^^^W forgive you for leaving me in Grade 9. Hur: now you got a 
^^^^^r comp. I miss having you beside me using Ho's comp. My 

dearest sista: I hope you don't have to worry about your problem 
anymore and remember that ill always be there for you. Becca: you're like my 
Korean dream come true! I want to thank you so much for being the only person 
supporting me; you don't know what it meant. Horace Fang: I owe you so much. 
You spend half of the year listening to my proble ms, so 
I'd like to say to you, "Thank You." The Cr. 8s: I hope 
when you guys are reading this you have grownmore 
mature. And at this moment I'd like to say. ''Sa Rang 
Hae" to the special someone... 

Victoria Lai 

The year has gone by so quickly and already, I am starting to 
miss the "fun". My obaasan: I will miss you so much. By the 
way. Oh Henry! Claire, TAG; no matter what you do, I will 
support you. Yun-ji: sorry that I didn't know you that well 
before. Hope we continue to stay in touch with each other. 
YOU ARE! Mrs. Koo, Michi (incarcerate!) and Poon poon: I 
will miss our laughs and jokes. Graciepoo: 'squish squAsh. Dr. 
Di: ca alorsl and no more apple picking for me! JaMe: thanks for being my friend foi 
these years! Pabo: where are my hugs? And the rest of the people that I didn't 
mention, thanks for all the memories! Love yah all! (Yes I have a life, yah know) 
And sadly, yes, some people will never learn that they are 
actually "nubile". A thanb to ail my teachers that have 
been with me for 7 years and FINALLY, a thank you to my 
mom and dad who made this happen for me. Good luck 
to Crad Class 2004! "School's out, memones past, don't 
ever doubt, our friendship will last." -Unknown 


^.-lA^^" . r.ra"' 

^aCjV<^^ .r.C\^^'^ 

nA.O^'^^. ^f^P,a.^ 

.lW^^. -Al^^ 


fZ ^K Alexander Langenbach 

My 2 exchange years at SMUS have been really fun and I am 
^ glad that I made that decision to come to this school. School 

^^^ ^ ^^ was hard with many AP's but I have to thank all my friends 

^^^^ g ^^k who made it possible for me to have such a good time here 
^^^^«^^^^ and you guys will always be invited to my house in Germany! 
^^^tm^a^T "'"° ^" "^y ''°y^ ''^ boarding, thank you for all these good and 
^^Ht'^ funny times; I had a nice home here: Hafeez (can't list all 

nicknames): working out. Duncan and Taylor: always fun nights, up to 3 am! 

Thanks to my day-friends for all your kindness and hospitality. John: TALK TO ME. 

My closest friend, thanks for always being there. Jeff: never laughed so hard (Happy 

Birthday!) Mark and Adam: good German times. Brett: 

remember always to go 40 km over the speed limit. 

Taylor: best room competitions on the soccer trips! RVC: 

good times together! Mom and Dad: thanks for the 

opportunity to go to SMUS. I wish good luck to all my 

friends and enjoy your life. PS: Garner, lock the door next 


Jaimie Lee 

So these are the best years of your life. You'd think that after 9 
years of school here I'd have something to say. Perhaps 
something profound, witty or even savvy, but strangely 
enough I can't seem to organize everything into a concise and 
understandable paragraph. Probably I will think of something 
great to write about long after this is published. So here is a 
spontaneous version of what I basically want to say. To my 
friends, I cannot possibly name you all within a 1000 character. Thank 

you for all the smiles, the laughter and the memories. Most likely we shall end up 

friendly strangers but I wish you all the best in the future. Special thanks to my Mom 

& Dad; your baby has finally decided to get up and walk her 

own path. Thank you for all the support, emotionally and 

especially financially; Til love you forever. Sammy: you 

are the sister, what can I say but thanks. Remember: 

"What does not kill you ultimately makes you stronger'. I 

am leaving bruised and bleeding but ALIVE. 




Sun Hyung Lee 

Four years at SMUS have passed by rapidly, but they sure will 
last in a great part of me. Although SMUS life was tough and 
not always pleasant, such experience has been a catalyst for 
maturation. I'll firstly thank my parents who granted me an 
excellent opportunity to study in an excellent school. I also 
thank all those who have cultivated unforgettable memories and 
embellished my school life. My graduating buddies: hairy 
Australopithecus Alfred, old-man Peng, Hack hyung, 3J Rach, Yunji, Becca, Yeji 
noona and so on. We are on a highway to success! My staying friends: Mai Ma. 
Joonbaefs so cute, Sang, HaCyu, Charlie, Kwak, Serom, Sarah and all other 
Korean boys and girls. No more unofficial spares, people! 
I hope everyone had a great year and is willing to 
continue on the long journey of overcoming tempta- 

Garner Lea 


I came to SMUS as a boarder in grade 8. My life here has 
^^L been full of ups and downs, but I will always think back on 

^^^^ .^ ^^^ the years spent here with fondness. With my arrival at the 
^^^^^ j^ ^^H middle school came my introduction to rugby, a sport that I 
^^^KuTi^^P have been playing ever since. I have also made some great 
^^^^Ugw friends that have helped me on the way, and I am grateful for all 
^^•^ of them. It has been a long and memorable journey, and now it 
is nearly over. A thank you goes out to my mom and dad for all of their support 
over the years, and for giving me the opportunity to have these experiences, and to 
all of the people who have helped me on the way. Without you this wouldn't have 
been bearable. And to the class of 2004, good luck in the ftjture and remember; its 
not what you do, but with how ^■ 

much class you do it. j| 


Nanette Lee 


Helped by the YOUNG LIONS 

The OLD LION defies his Foes 


Yun-Ji Lee 

^^ / m Ever since I first came to SMUS, I've enjoyed every moment 

^^^^. fU of my life, happy or sad. Looking back the past 5 years, I 

^^^^ ^ ^^^ have to admit that I wouldn't be able to be where I am right 
^^^^^K 1^^^ now without all the love from my family and friends, 
^^^^^& ^V Mommy and Daddy: I love you and I don't know how to 

^^^^H ^ thank God for giving me such loving parents like you. Thank 
^^^* you so much for the wisdom and love. Appa, Umma, 
saranghaeyo, Yun-Young, my sweetest brother, thank you for being my best friend 
and my mentor all the time. 1 am so fortunate to have a brother like you! I love you 
and I will always look up to you. To all my friends of Grad 2004: Guys, I love you 
all and I will never forget all the memories we've made 
together here. No matter how challenging your life gets, 
just remember that we all have been "provided outstand- 
ing preparation for higher learning and for life." So, show 
■em what SMUS Grad 2004 is made of! YEAH! Huge 
gratitude to all of my teachers from grade 8-12. Enjoy 
your life! 



a^o '-:.f^^O^'^-,- f,0^^~''"AlOO'^^:..AaO^'^.>..^A-i^":. C^^ ''':^^G^^'\^c^^ ^'-'^ nOO^^'^AlO^'^ ^.,.A2^^^ r,^^ ^^:. m^^ 








''Every good communist should know 
that politicol power grows out of the 
bmel of Q gim." -Mao Tse Tung 

D(^(JGS, AUC0f40L, 

jl v/(ocGMce, oa (MSAMrry 

^ TO AMVOMe, &UT Tf4Gy V£ 
M£."~WUMTefL S. 









Peng Leenutaphong 

I've learned so much over this past 3 years at St. Michaels. 
Being a boarder here taught me lots of things. I'd like to thank 
all my teachers and house parents who always helped and 
supported me, and especially my parents; most of your calls 
were so annoying to me. but I understand why you call. To all 
my friends, I won't forget you guys. ..keep in touch, ok? Good 
luck everyone. 

Derek Li 

Though I'm not as close to as many of you as I would have 
liked, I can honestly say that I'm content with who I know. The 
^1^^^ i journey at this $$$ institution is alas over, and no other than 
^^^^M< my parents should I thank for giving me such an opportunity. 
I.^^V I've learned to procrastinate, wear "proper' uniform (T-shirt 
f^m and tie covered by a hoodie) and just have some damn fun! 
wllr Michi: 8:20-Sign me in! Where are we going for lunch? Ho: See 
you in Business School! Shannon; You coulda been one HOT nurse 

you know. George: Thnx for letting me use your room for PE. We gotta go K one 

day! Claire L; Let me know when you get in to a hospital (working there or not!) 

Calvin: Get Stussy! Remember that Horses need a lot of attention! Poon: Jap 

Restaurant time! No more shopping PLEASE! To my BIG 

III sis Karen: Take care of Kristin for me. Bro: How's 

Queens? To everyone else; Sorry. Only 1000 characters. 

Remember that you'll always be a special part of my life. 

Good luck and call me when you're filthy rich guys! 

Claire Lin 

I can't believe my journey at SMUS is ending. It's hard to put 
into words but the past 4 years have meant so much to me. 
Michi; honey, I'll miss your sweet smiles. George: smarty, 
thanks for lending me your shoulder whenever I cry. Hark; I'll 
never forget all the bitter and sweet memories we've had 
together. CY: my dear sis, lots of ups n downs in my life, but 
you're always there for me. 3Q! Shannon: I love our little chats! 
M.Y.: 20 McNuggets?! Vikky: oops, bubble tea and hot guys! Thanks for 

the lessons you taught me. Mazie; best roommate ever! Becca; see yah in UT! 

Thanks and good luck to all my other dear friends who I've not yet mentioned! Love 

yah all! F6, Amy: 03 Summer; HARVARD rocks! Dad and 

Mom; thanks for believing in me and supporting me. Bro; 

thanks for your endless supports, without you I wouldn't 

be who I am today. Lastly, my zhu gege, Ross; words 

can't describe how special you are in my eyes. Knowing 

you is the best thing in my life. 


Meredith Lewis 

Meredith Lewis, now back from sabbatical in Australia, has 
S been at SMUS since "...well, let's just say it's been a while. 
I hottie," winks the capricious blonde over a cup of non-fat 
:' chai latte in a local cafe. A member of the field hockey team, 
as well as co-chair of "StuCo," Meredith sighs and wishes she 
had more "time for Mere," shakes her locks and laughs "but it's 
all in a day's work'. She wants to give some shout outs to her 
you know who you are, good times in the great scorcher. "Hoc-Buds' 
- you know who you are, good times with the great sphere. "Sur-Buds" - you 
know who you are, good times with the great wave. Wink! Tosses hair! 


Harvey Li 

Who's Absent? Is it YOU? ENLIST NOW! 

Jessica Mabee 

There are so many thanks that I owe to everyone who has 
been with me along the way. Thanks to all the girls who have 
shared this time with me, made me constantly laugh, taught 
me so much about friendship and for all the unforgettable 
nights and days together. The boys, who are so funny and 
make everything thing either bad or good more fun than I 
thought possible. You know who you are; I wish you all the best 
of luck. To my family; thanks for loving me like you do and for always 
supporting me. My mum; thanks for being my friend. Dad; stop embarrassing me 
and thanks to Hen for being like a brother to me. To my friends that are like my 
family; Laura, Robyn, Dione, Claire, Anj, Ben, Huf, Nik, 
and all of your families who have been there for me. 
Love you all and good luck! 


,f^a^^^'^^^00^ ^J- AlO^" "...Ai^^:. rx2.c^ ^^."/.a^^.'^^c^A^^*". nnO^^'^'.AOOO'^ ^...A^^^^ r.v^A^^r.A a^^ '■:.f^^i 












Colin Mcintosh 

Let me see: 5 years, $70,000 and plenty of memories, most 
good, few not so good. Memories that I am supposed to 

sum up in a 1000 characters or less. . .Well. I don't think I can 

'Ill^^^^jR^H i« do that, but as long as those involved remember, we'll always 
lU^^^^^^^t ' be able to reminisce. Well then, whereto start? Of course, 
■K^^^H^Br Mum. Dad: thank you. These years wouldn't have been 
I ^^W^ possible without you. For those I knew in grade 8. middle school 

was fiin while it lasted, but all good things must end, as the old cliche says. Wow, 

you'd think that would've occupied 1000 charaaers. but nope. This is harder than I 

thought. Friends, I can't possibly name you all, and if I tried, I'd probably miss 

some, then they'd get pissed off at me and well. I just want 

to avoid that. You know who you are. and if you don't oh 

well. I tried. Best wishes and congratulations to the entire 

Grad 2004 class. 'Always remember you are unique. Just 

like everyone else" 

Sarah Macdonald 

Driving through the imposing front gates and into the picture 
perfect campus of SMU in Cr. 9 was one of the scariest 
things. Leaving my family and childhood friends in Banff were 
not things I wanted to do. The biggest thanks goes out to my 
parents for the endless support and love that I've received. 
Thanks for giving me this wonderful opportunity. I love you. 
To my friends: I must say I wouldn't have survived this place if 
you weren't there to make all the good times that much better and 
to help me through the rough patches. Laura and Jenny, thank you so much for 
making me feel part of the family; the weekends away from boarding were much 
needed. My Winslow sisters: endless nights of laughter and talking have made this 
crazy place survivable. Barnacle boys: thanks for the good 

Elllse McCarten 

The best and most beautiful things in the worid cannot be 

seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart. 

—Helen Keller 

Beginnings are scary. Endings are usually sad, but it's the 
middle that counts the most. 
— Sandra Bullock Hope Floats 

Michael MacNeil 


The five years I have spent at SMUS have been unforgettable 'J a Q 

to say the least. Every year seemed to slip by faster and 
fester, and all the years spent at SMU seemed to blend into 
one LONG year. Thanks to Steve and Ryan. Rowan: "! would 
like a near beer please." Luke Seeley: you have to do the 
headphone thing again. Mike C, Mike M. Mike Cooperider, Tay 
Dione,Jess: for reminding me to put you in my write up. AI,Jill. 

Aron, Conor, Mark, Cam. Brianne. German. Nick S. Nick H and any other 

people I missed, sorry if I did, if you are still mad I will be waiting for you atop the : 

highest peak of the Alps to take your revenge. Anywho, school was fixn, at times, I 

will forever hate having to put on that uniform on a hot 

day after P.E. That feeling will haunt my dreams. Most 

importantly thanks to my parents who never gave up on 

me and were always there supporting me through 

everything. Also thanks to my bro as well. Good luck to 

grad 2004. 




Mikolas Macintosh 

Through my five years at SMUS I've learned many different 
lessons and now the time has come to move on into new 
adventures. Thank you to all my teachers who helped me 
realize what I was capable of even when I wasn't sure. Props 
to all my friends: L-PAC: renegades. . . give my regards to 
Snoop and Pac. Ivan: all I have to say is good times, take'er 
easy. Giraf, Cmac: you'll have to sport the greasehawk at 
university. Mari< B: how many brothers fell victim? Dashboard in 

the hizzauz. Keep rocking out. Skeletor: maybe someday you'll own your very own 

McDonalds. Vander: good times with the p-train. Rowan: all I can say is grow the 

hair till it reaches the ground. Gamer: Props... with my left hand. 

Qm: who needs to oilie when you can pull laybacks? J- 

PAC: it's about time for another business trip. Conor; 

white is pure and the rest To everyone I missed, have fun 

and enjoy. . . And I'm spent 






Patrick McCulloch 

5 years. 5 years of runs and exams, hard work (hah!) and^^| • 
pointless classes, 5 years of growth and maturation, ^^^ 
education and excellence. 5 years of joy and sorrow, laughterjiOC 

and tears. 5 years of friendship and bitterness, love and 
hatred. 5 years of sin. 5 years of life. 
To everybody important, you already know how I feel about 
you. To everybody else, you probably don't want to. To all the 
grads, good luck. Some of us are going to need it. 

^^^^'^^*~', ^caO'^^ 


^i^ i^^ . '-' ^/v G^'*" ' r^f^A, ^' 





r,a" ' 


> r^^^ 



Duncan Mclntyre 

Two years spent at SMUS, so many good times. To the guys: 
you made the time spent here awesome. Red Stripe Crew: 
Ricky: best roommate. Thanks for making me laugh all night. 
You're so cool. Taylor: All I can say is Nirvana. So many laughs 
so many memories. Alex: wow, priceless, See yah in Germany. 


'S> Gulps eh... alright 

Adam McLean 

Seven years finally done, now to get on with life. Thanks 
Mom and Mike for your support and helping me through it 
all. To the rest of the family: thanks for helping me in your 
own way. To 'the guys': thanks for all the fun times and 
unforgettable moments. You made it all worth my while, and 
good luck with everything down the road. Thanks Doug and 
the crew for fun summers. Alex: what can I say? You made the 
last two years a million times better. Thank you. In the words of 
Dude, meet me in Montana, xoxo.Jesus". In the words of Lloyd. . ."Oh, Big 
well, see yah later." 

Michael Millerchip 

Holy crap. , .13 years at this school. That's. . .a lot of my life. I'm 
^ glad I have the friends that I do, past and present, along with 
that very special someone, I think her name's Sarah. . . oh wait, 
It s freak. Sorry. But just like most of the work I've done in this 
school, I've put this thing off till the last moment. In fact, my 
last spare of the day on the day that it's due. My advice to 
anyone who would wanna read this thing: don't put things off if 
you can do them right now! It saves you a whole lotta stress and stuff if you just 
space things out. Ok, that was my thoughtful moment of the day. Moving on. You 
would think after all these years of learning I'd have something important to say in 
my final words at SMUS. Instead I'll just list off funny stuff 
that's happened through the years. The berry incident, 
the Uplands chair, that time I tried to catch a rabbit at 
UVic, when I hit Brad's car. golf balls, the think chair, and 
getting in the blue book 7 times. Civic nation. 

Huf Mclntyre 

It's been along time. 13 years, every year's been awesome. 
^ From dances to parties to water balloons to playing tag with 

lljl^ ^ j^^ the bashers, it's been tight. Wouldn't change a thing. Benny 
^^^ J[ I^B boy, my homeboy since I was born, one I can depend on no 
^^Hm ^^W* matter what happens. Niky and Al: kindergarten to now. It's 
^^flQ^B^ been great having you boys a part of my life. Bashers forever. 
^iJ^P'^ Remember outside Safeway, hot tubs, air horn golf many more. 
Matt: hope to see you soon. Zakus: true gun show. Good knowing 
you since the start. German: fun in chem. Mitchelmore: good times at the 
mountain. Rest of the boys: thanks for the good times. Jess and Robyn: always be I 
like sisters to me. Friends forever. Brianne: been a great 
friend for a long time, I'll never forget you. Rest of the 
girls: I'll miss you too. Mom and Dad: you've been great. 
Thanks for sending me in the right direaion. McKyla: I'll 
miss you the most, good luck with the rest. Don't be too 
crazy. Without this, I couldn't have done it. Thanks and 
good luck. 

Rowan Melling 

To all the key slingers, joe-hippies, and Curtis Dugnans: 
always remember a scurrilous fellow named Rogue and do 
push-ups when you cannot, drive on the left to avoid 
^ wtj^ highway robbery, find a hero, find a nemesis, be nationalistic, 
M ^^B drink rum. pressure cook potatoes, aspire to be a hobo, or a 
■ ^^F pirate, write poems, and dance for your bread once in a while, 
JH w consider Teufelisch from time to time, name a child Jesus Christ, 
keep in mind Jerry and the black white cookie 'Two races of flavor 
living side by side in harmony. It's a wonderful thing isn't it?' stop checking the 
time, sell sausages and sow seed in a pasture whilst wearing a cloak. Oh go ahead, 
don your doctor's robes, make the millions for which SMUS has prepared you but 
do not become some two-armed, desk-bound Nelson - 
you shall regret it. Cheers Mates! "You must hate a 
Frenchman as you hate the devil!" - Horatio Nelson 
-The Cap'n was here. 

Jeffrey Mitchelmore 

After 9 years, it'll be good to move on from SMUS. Schoor 
has shown me so much, but most of all it has given me so 
many opportunities. Rugby Tour, sports, out trips, band trip 
board trips, dances and parties. To the guys: thanks for 
sticking around. No regrets! Zakus: friends since Grade 4. 
Always got your back. Huds: shared some good times, been 
through a lot together man. Coops: From summer of Grade 7, 

great buds since. Lingo: keep in touch. Hump: some great laughs. Han/ and Nik: 

vid-games and Timmy's. Bashers: you guys are crazy. To the giris: good times. 

Love you all! Rachel: great talks, always here for yah. Ellieand Dana: thanks for 

helping me through the years, stay close. To my family: 

thanks for all your support and patience. Steve: you've 

taught me all I know. Cheers. To the grads: good luck in 

the future and remember, no matter how hard life gets, 

take a minute, take it easy, and do what you love. Finally, 

all of my friends, thank you, it's been one to remember. 

.A uv''" -^pi/v^' 

iOUVJ-' __„A/,^- 



Jessica Moll 

How d'you put all your thanb and farewells into 1000 
characters if youve been in this school since kindergarten? 
There's only one answer: you can't. My teachers: thanks for 
: checking homework or else I wouldn't have learned much. 
Mrs. S: thank you for always understanding. I'll get you that 
spa day. M.C.Loud; thanks for putting me outside, where I 
belong. To my friends: we've built up memories I will never 
forget. You people amaze me & I couldn't have made rt through without you. Keep 
smiling, and I will too.'Hey, where'd those noodles come from?" My teammates: 
thanks for always pushing me to work harder. My snowboarding buddies: the red 
lion parking lot will always save me. Santa will Cruz on! 
Mark: you'll always be my bestest. Thanks for everything. 
Dad; thanb. Mum: I'll always be your pillar; just a bit \ 

X3i\er.''When they talk about success they talk about ^ ' •' 

reachin the top. Well, there is no top. You've got to go 4K^ 

on , not stop at any point. ' -James Dean 


Calvin Ng 

It's 2:00am on a weekday. Everything is so routine: late night 
I dinner, msn, talking trash with my roomie, cramming for 
Phys, Chem, Cal, Psy and English. I enjoy my boarding life 
the most at SMUS, going to Mac's. Shishaing, etc. It's a life 
time experience. In here, big thanks to all my friends in my 4 
years journey at SMUS. Hark, a very friendly and understanding 
roommate to be with. Remember "Diablo"? Harvey hoodlums! 
Someone who I live with and do stuff with: KT, Alfredo, Sun, Mark, 
Ceff, Nobum.Ju. I'll miss the time with you guys. Also, Esme, Connie. CW, San. 
Jen. Dunn, Deng. Dereks, Ko. Kristin. Karen, Surry, Winnie: you all are the people 
who make up my life. Cr. 9 ESL. M Yang, C. Yang, C Lin, 
Suena P, Rick. Clay. Michi, Massey: they're all my buddies 4^-jftl 4^^ W 
from Gr. 9. It's been 4 years already. Don't let the 
wonderful memory fade. Special thanks to Muk Dou, I :i« 
love you and I'll miss you. "Love is not measure by 
distance, it's measure by heart." 


Mairead Murray 

"The day came when the risk it took to remain in the bud was 
greater than the risk it took to blossom." A. Nin. Token ^ 
obscure quote: done. Thanky Mr. Cauthier for taking a m 
chance on an unknown kid. SMacdona for her passion of J 
words, PCardine for being my chum and an old rascal: come '' 
to NY. And Mrs. McLeish. thank you thank you. A big fat hug to 
Clarepoo: issues, les. word and all! I love you and will miss 
midnight soirees, Nick thanks for being so kind and silly. Holy wad, ice cap on your 
pants! Claire: supergirl vive ia Lit. Fr. devoirs jamais faits! Tall Alex-was eine 
fuzziligus kaninchen. To me Scot lasses Mel & Zo ah love yew wit all me heart. Lin-S 
z, go tojuilliard, visit me with pageboy hair! Liz, wtf? Lil 
Al C: carry the torch of smart ass, screw work ethic. I 
love my mom, all of you thank her because I AM that 
good. Teehee. 




Connie Ng 

^P- •- ■ My 3 years at SMUS have come and is about to end. It has 
^M _; M been a memorable experience where laughter was heard and 
^^^^ '^H tears were shred. I must thank my family: Mom, Dad and Ash. 
■[^^^ A^^k you guys have been my soul supporters. Without you, I don't 
^^^^^A^^V think I would have made it through. Then, all the amazing 
^^^^^K^m friends I made here. BecCa: thanks for bearing with all my 
^^^^^^ weird habits, you will always be the best roommie! Frances: 
life's been tough for both of us especially after you-know-who, 
thanks for helping me through the hard times. Mazie; all the times spent with you 
were so much fun! You can always count on my support on all things you do! 
Clayton: thanks for listening, but you're still scary coz we're similar in too many 
ways! Esme, Sunrey, Winnie. M.Ho, Derek L, Sojungand 
all of Timmis: thanks for making life at SMUS such a 
wonderful experience! Best of luck to you all! And there 
was always Jack, my ah gor. Although you chose to leave, 
our memories will always be kept within. 

Aron Nimani 




The years have gone by, and though I fear the most I can 
show for it is a well-wom wristwatch, perhaps the greatest 
effects have been the more subtle ones. Friendships forged, 
broken, re-forged, the flames of hatred fed and quenched: we 
have made ourselves stronger, but have we made ourselves 
better? Who cares? We partied, we danced, and we lived. For all 
the bad times, we had all the great times, for all the anger we had 
all the love. In the end, when your life hits a breaking point, you will leave your 
friends and they will leave you, and the time you spent together is all that will ever 

Cameron Moble 

The best of times, the worst of times. Years I spent at SMUS 0'^ 
were the most life changing and the best. Cr. 6: a little kid 
no one knew. Middle School is now a blur of truth/dare and o( 
"Willpower." Thanks teachers. Shout-outs to Mr. Williams, 
Mrs. Mollenhauer. Mr. Thierry and of course. Ms. Booth. 
SPAM! Senior school was like Middle school all over again but 
wasn't alone. Cr. 9: bike hooligans! Getting shot at by Jory's bro. 

Listenin' to tweak. Gr. 10: Tweakin'. becoming a rockstar bass player. Nights at 

other people's houses. We all had ski-jump haircuts. Cr. 11: Outdoor leadership. 

out weeks and CARS! Longhair, skateboarding. To the people who help me out 

with my life thanks: you know who you are. To parents: 

thanks for keeping me together from the best to the 

worst of times. To my sister: look up once in a while. 

Enjoy the worid you're slogging through. I'll be thinking 

and praying for you. Adios! "Success is the ability to go 

from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.' 

^A U^*"' .^f^&^'■' , oC^U^ 

\ OUV.'" , .„A i^" 

f\Qt • 

. r.a" ■ 


,fN(Aft^" , lOiO^ 


-,.,rt i^- 


, . r^^^t^^i^-^^!^^^-:^^'^ 


Yu Ohashi 

It is impossible to experience one's death objectively and still 
carry a tune. Woody Allen 

Melanie Paget 

When I was told I was going to Canada. I had images of me 
frolicking in drifts of snow perhaps watched by a happy 
congregation of bears, cougars, beavers and moose, before 
retiring to my log house to some maple syrup all to the dulcet 
tones of Celine Dion. But it didn't quite go like that, eh? I have I 
strived to re-train the small country of Canada in the use of the 
English language, cleverly infiltrating their everyday vocabulary 

with trousers, jumper and tracbuit bottoms, finding this a little tiresome I am left 

with the ever useful saying, "oh you Canadians," I leave you with the advice that they 

aren't sweat pants, fries or erasers and there is nothing wrong with the way I say 

book. These past few months have been better than I 

could ever have imagined. I feel privileged to have shared 

your lives and I suspect that you will not fully realize how 

profoundly grateful I am for this gift. To all, my thanks, 

love &. support. Co out and conquer the world Canada, 

Scotland salutes you! 


Rebecca Paick 

3 years ago, I came through the gates of SMUS, afraid. Now, I 
leave with lots of thank yous and love to give out. Mom and 
Dad: Thank you for all your incredible love and support you 
have given me through out my life. Brian: my bro, thank you 
for being such a great listener and a perfect adviser. Connie; 
How would life be the same without my dancer? I'll never 
forget our laughters. Friends forever! Sojung and Minji: My 
favorite twins! I'll always remember our time together. Keep in touch! 

Kevin and Steve: My #1 guys, Kevin: your generosity has always given me comfort. 

Thank you. Steve: your bright smile has always lightened up my days, my spirits and 

my life. Thank you. Sunny and Alfred: Your nonsense jokes have always made 

me laugh. Good luck to you both. Yunji: The best 

clarinetist! Hope your dreams and wishes come true. 

George: Thanks for all the Starbucks and MSN talks. -"S 

Timmis girls; My love goes out to each and every one of " ^^ 

you. Have a great year with bundles of fun! . 'x'^^T 

Clayton Pang 

jnr^ ^P Too many things, too little space to write. Ricky: we've been 

wL _ - through too much together and I have nothing to say but 

^^V,^ brothers forever. Shannon; I wouldn't survive without you sis. I 

Love yah lots. Michi; those talks of ours have been memo- 
rable, but there's more to come! Mazie; Shorty, don't worry, 
just remember I am always here to listen. Derek: they say you 
are all weird and stuff but oh well, haha. Hark: just have to 
remember that everyone is very "motor-bike!" Claire Y: thanks for 
miss your apartment. Marie: Jap Dolly is THE best! Nat: don't 
worry daddy is here. Nobu: there are ups and downs. Take care bud. Nic, Azn and 
German do get along afterall. M Wo: yeah, we're so gangsta. LA: Stay cool. CPU: 
remember to check in on time! KT: yeah dude, you rock! 
Frances, forget the past, friends for life now? Mike: 
Cactus, watch out! Celia; Wake me up! Connie: scary 
how we are so alike sometimes. CNC: peace. Mr. Cook, 
Dad and Mom: thanks for many things. I know I've been 
bad! Peace. 

everything and I 


Seu-Na Park 

Congrats, Crad2004! I'm finally outa here, yet wearing grad 
sweats still feels odd sometimes no matter how much I luv'em. 
Time flew! Yet, all-night chats and gossips, torturing 2400m, 
our "favourite" BH, going to Mac's at 2am, Mt. Tolmie after 
staying up all night. . .all will never be forgotten. I wanna thank 
my Mum and Dad for such an awesome opportunity. My 2 bros: 
luv ya'll. Much thanks to my patient and ardent teachers. My beloved: 
truly the BEST. Su: (whatt more can I say? Show time-YJP! Yunji- 
pain! Beach cutie-Mazie. Alf-"hidden card" fella o'humor. Cozy chum-Jude. shrewd 
/5^ C sista-SaeRom. Hollal-Aya. Eternal cock that too-Sunny. Universal charm-Sandra. 
. . Tiny hippo-Sarah. Limbo king- Sang. The boss-]]. Blend- 

Jjjg. Srevish. Shoppin' freak-Sam. Pure lush-Hagyu.yet 
)0 Resh hubaedeul etc. WINAZULU, THE HOTTEST! 
OOP^emories are worth a lifetime and faith witliin your soi 





Yeji Park 

The M-1 does MY talking! Don't make it TALK to YOU! 
Freedom of Speech does NOT mean Freedom to criticize thel 
GOVERNMENT. STOP asking Questions! 



r,r*^" ^rNto"--. ^aOft' 

. OOVJ"" ' .„A'I^^ 

- .c^O ^" 






A 7 





loo'";;** , ..4' 



IQQ' ..,A^"^'nra<^ 

Esme Pau 

Take care. Idle hands work for the ENEMY. ENLIST NOW! 



Idle hands 
for Hitler 

Micolaus Pf erdmenges 

I've been here for five years, but now it's time to go back to 
my farm and wear rugby shorts all day. I like Export As, close! 
calls with Huddy, and breakfast with Alex. 

Robyn Plasterer 9H 

13 years! It feels like I've been here since the genesis of SMUS. 
To my family: thanks for the sacrifice. I don't know what I've 
done to deserve so much. Of course, a heart-felt thank you to 
all the teachers who taught me to care and the friends who 
gave me something to care about. People say this place has 
shaped who they are, but I believe it has allowed me to be the 
person I ara. Such freedom is rare, and I'm grateful. Kindergarten 

crew, the poets, arts councilors and ft-iends: it's been a blast. What have I learned? 

Never pass up the opportunity to be silly, always pass on Brown Hall. Leave the shirt 

un-tucked: there's nothing wrong with fake rebellion. I still go to the playground on 

weekdays. Swing high: there's something about the wind 

in your face even cliche can't ruin. I fell down stairs on my 

way to class, paint with my fingers, and love the Sound of '..^ 

Music. 1 leave with the insanity of my bizarre, ever 

gratifying friends. We are our own bouquet offish. 

^^U^*^ _r^f^^^"' ,iOim 

Stephen Paulson 

It must have been yesterday when I came skipping all bright 

^^^ eyed and full of wonder to my first day of SMU in grade 4... c- 
^^^k wait. Nevermind. That was 8 years ago and frankly I think thai 
^^V day frightened and confused me. Anyway some of the 
^ ^V highlights that come to mind are: rollerblading and band 
j>,r attempts with Luke, EPIC DUELS WITH THE HACHES. DB, 
long drives and utter insanity with NickJINCLEPOT ROAD. 

making movies with rowan and nick, recording insane songs with Mark, ideogames 

at Caswell's house, doing scenes with Ryan in Acting, mentally destroying Luke in 

physics 11, SALTS, crazy basement parties at my old pad, making love to Swedish 

super models in the science building bathrooms. . .ok, I 

made that last one up. I wish I could have gotten to 

know some of you better because you all rule but thank 

you sincerely to anyone who is or was my friend. Good 

luck to you all. "Dear my friends in the time we've spent 

forever after beyond this when will our nightmare ever 

end?" -Coheed and Qmbria 

Chelsea Phipps 

Arriving at SMUS as a petrified 12-year-old, I never thought I 
would enjoy my time here as much as I have, but I've had the 
time of my life. M &. D: shipping me off as far away as possible 
was a good idea after all! Thanks for the opportunity, and I 
love you both. Court: at least we had one year together. Love 
you! My houseparents: thanb for looking after me for so long. 
How'd you manage. Parker? Special thanks to the medical staff - 
what would I have done without you? RH: likewise. It's impossible 
to thank you enough for everything; you'll always be close to my heart! Same to 
you, BA. Claire; what an amazing fi-iend you are! Thanks for always being there for 
me (you know I will be for you). FD. EM, LC, SS, BC, CH: 
you're the best friends I could ever ask for. All my Symons 
giris and teammates: thanks ■ it's been fun! Thanks to 
everyone for the countless fond memories I will carry with ^^ .^ 
me forever. What else can 1 say? It's been great! ^ <^ , 


\ ^ 


r^ >j 

Justin Pommerville 

First of all. thank you to everyone for a memorable time at 
SMUS. Thank you to the school for helping me pursue my 
goals. Ivan: I'll always have a cold one for yah bro. Lpac and 
Nik: gotta love those business trips; close your eyes and just 
picture me. Mark: keep that huka going. Al; that hot tub is killer 
son. Harvey; you betcha. Just one question left to ask: Who's up 
for a little Timmys? 
Good Luck to you all next year and Just Give 
No matter what we went through, it was just me and my crew. 

X OO^" ^...A i^^ . r rTiO '-^ . . r^a^ ■ 


,AOlft^'" vlOU"' 


■.<M>'~ . r.rao 














1 'H 


Massey Poon 

4 years of SMUS and boarding life has prepared me for a lot. 
Thanks to my parents forgiving me the opportunity to explore. 
Thanks to my dear friends: Clairex2. Michi, Ricky, Clay, Cal, Ko, 
Hark: spent most of our wild moments together. Should thank 
Claire for that. It's the place to be. Let's meet-up again! Con: One 
loud yet caring"8 po". Neverforgetourfailed diet plans, "window' 
shopping days. Mike: thanks food savior, tears savior, boredom 
savior. Derek: You're easy-going, great to be >vith. Rach: One talented gal I admire. 
-■ ' Language buds forever. Vic: hardcore gal, fi-iends are out there waitingfor u. K and K: 
id Cod Bless both. Surand Win: take care of each other. Calvin: besttimes are times 
. spent with you. No regrets. Jen, Cell, Iris, Sanni, Jon, Marg, 
Ivy, Andrea. Reno, Clori. Aya. Twins', Yeji, Roy. Clar, 
Vicky, DerekF. Ken, Esme.Judy, Sumi, George, MikeY: 
U good to know you all. Hsepar't: thanks for 4 years. Love 
\^ C you. Congrats to the Crad class of 2004! 

Hanna Rae 

After being made to leave my life-longfriendsand the best 
school ever, I was sent to SMU and made start my life over. 
Been here since Gr. 11 after moving from Scotland. I hated it! 
Mostly, everyone was pretty friendly and helped me settle 
quickly. Thanks to you all. Had lots offlin times in, but 
generally, out of school. Made life-long fnends here too and I 
want to thank all of you for the fun times we've shared. Lots of 
memories will be with me forever. . .J 
"Put the past behind you, don't forget it. . .just be happy and move on.' 

Mikolas Purcell 

Waste helps the ENEMY! CONSERVE MATERIAL! . 

Madia Saln^aniw 

Well, this is it. The end of a chapter, the opening of doors; our 
grade 12 year is coming to an end, and I know that even 
though I'll look back on grad year wistfully in the future, I know 
that I am ready to move on and discover what I have to offer 
the world. It hasn't been easy. There's been some times where I 
just thought we'd all just drop out. But, I guess that didn't pan out 
cause we're still all here. But, I wouldn't have been able to cope 

with ■ out some great friends and memories. Good times with rowing: tight spandex 

and hot guys. Men's National Team ''winkwink'. Crazy times at dances, spares at 

Starbucks, slushies at macs, and ohmygod outdoor ed week. Giris I think I just went 

crazy. Keep my 'secrets' safe. And of course I can't forget 

the plays: great friends, late rehearsals, afterparties. good 

times, xoxo. Mom and Dad from your queen bee. Al: 

you've conquered the sea and sky what else can you do? 

Good luck to all grads, we did it! 

4 -> 


Julian Rothfeopf 

Tojuro's Vic folks and other precious souls. Here we are! 

J I Close to the final lines of a long chapter, soon making the big 

I^^L ^ ^^^ " leap over to a new one! It's university time! Again new places, 
^^^ 4 ^^^K» P^°P'^> ^""^ languages. Let's stari: with a big Danke to my 
^^^^H ^^^B' family. Arigato. thanks, merci, shie shie, etc. to The Hugonator, 
^^Hfi!^^^^ Partner Yuji, Monsieur Science Friction/GeofFThe Chilling, Mark 

^^^^^T Daddy, Claes the Viking, Vincento Yang, and Captain Cook of 

course! Greetings and Dankeschons to Tom T,, Alex, Calvino, Big L, 
THE SYMONS HOUSE PARENTS and their patience, Ricky, Conradical, the guy who 
bnngs the pizza to BH, Walker. Master Chan, Conor, the one and only Frances, all 
die Deutschen, DJ Pang, Annie. Spynks, Mr. Shergold and 
Mr. Gardiner, Fieldy and Mr. Yan and so on. Soon I can 
make peace with high school. Various and happy 
memories of you guys in my backpack to Vienna! Prost 
Harvey, good luck to the PITs and I hope we see each 
other again on this small planet! 

Sarah Sapsford 

Well, firstly I'd like to thank my coaches and teachers for three 
memorable years at St. Mikes. Then to my friends, I thank you 
for putting up with me and I wish you all the best of luck for 

the future. Remember this one important piece of advice: 

normal is boring and who wants to be boring! 

^f>UH - 1 ouu- 





Samantha Saravana-Bawan 

Sing with me. sing for the years, sing for the laughter, sing for 
the tears. Sing with me. just for today. Maybe tomorrow the 
good Lord will take you away-Aerosmith. First and most 
ll^^^^^^llB importantly I would like to thank my parents for their support, 
*^^^^^"^» without which I would never have achieved all that I have. To my 
teachers: thanb for the encouragement. To my friends: Hanna: 
thanks for all the support and help(clickclick.) Rach: finally we getta 
chill (your wonky sleeping patterns have definitely improved!) Karen, Jess, Soph: 
PEACE FOR SOBRIETY! All other Cr. 11 buds: don't cry. Gonna miss you guys. 
Bianka: have fun in school, sucker! You know I love yah. To everyone else: from 
chasing the group of 5 and a half. 6am runs, gym rituals, never ending obsessions, a 
lack of sweatpants, some major roadrage, salsa dancing 
and fun bio nights thanks for being there and supporting 
me in whatever I did. Keep in touch. Gonna miss you all. * 

lsthisit?lsthisit?'Theendhasnoend.' ^ — ^ ■ 



Jeremy Schacht 

I can't believe it's all over! The last two years have been great. 
Thanks to Dave, Sarah Lincoln, Hanna, Mike. Mr.Jones and 
everyone else who has helped make these years 
memorable. Finally won something in poker! Too bad I didn't 
get to play very much, woulda been rich! Wouldn't fall for 
"double double dare yah" again! I swear. . .really. . . I wouldn't! Pat, 
Lincoln: HAH! Had to sit next me in Chem! I'm sure gonna miss 
lunches at brown hall; I don't care whatyouall say, the food is 
awesome. Everyone, enjoy your lives and don't lose touch! 




Whitney Shiels 

Freedom! Nicko. I love you! You've seen the monster in me 

and stayed with me all along. Thank you. Nothing has ever 

made me feel better than basking in the glow of the clarion. 

Keep mnning. And don't worry: there will always be a bush for 

you in my yard! Worse forever! Tape: thanks for always listening. 

Clare: you are awesome! I love how you could always talk to me. 

Zoe: I'll miss you my love. I'll never write a poem without thinking of 

you. Mel, my dear, thanks for the hugs. Sarah: I'm still choking. You cucumber. 

Carley: I really appreciated having you as a friend these past couple years. Thank you 

for always being there when I needed someone to talk to. And always helping me 

escape. I'll really miss you. Hanna: Shorty, I love you. Nik: I 

will never forget a moment we had. I'll miss you forever. 

Nadia: thanks for making me stronger. Rowan: the spoon 

is the way to the taxidermist. To those who couldn't be 

herewith me, Tobin, Olga, and especially Sara: I love you. 


Laura Saunders 

To my family thanks for all your constant love and effort. To 
my friends, thank you for making snowboarding trips, out 
trips, field hockey, hanging out. parties, dances, outdoor 
leadership and this part of my life unforgettable. Good Luck in 
the future! 

Luke Seeley 

Here's a list of fond memones I have of the past four years at 
^ SMUS: playing FourSwords with Caswell in ^The Wiz" (and 

Ijg^^ «■ ^^^ getting work experience for it), hanging out in our grade- 

^^^^^ ^^ specified spots in the quad each year, SALTS, singing "The 
^^^HA ^Bjj' School Song" and "Lord of the Dance" in chapel, badminton, 
^^Kua^BF dancing with "the hot giris" at school dances, the Parish 
^^Hfl^^ brothers, science building bathrooms, terrific uniforms, leading 
the grade nines with Jeff John, Andrea, and Laura (and Craig and 
Andrew) , waving to people as I ran around the field after school, playing my Game 
Boy Advance SP (the "SP" stands for "special") , the Spring Fairs, Steve getting mad at 
me, great teachers (thanks for putting up with all my after-class questions) , Physics 11 
withjory and Steve. Physics 12 with Jeff, Marine Biology 
with John Macintosh, PE with Steve and Ryan, having Dew 
crawl back to me after ditching me for 2 years. Mark's gas in 
English, all the drama, stealing Hargrove's lunch and 
"Rowan of Iron." 

Deanna Singh iHiA '- 

Its been so long, I can't remember a beginning to SMUS. That^O 
makes it hard to imagine an end. Over the past 12 years the 
good has outweighed the bad and now, I am left with a 
direction to walk in. When I think about it. that is the most I 
could have ever ask for. Thank you Mr. Gardiner for teaching 
me how to learn. Thank youjonsie for teaching me how to live: 
work hard, play hard, don't waste time. In the years to come, I'll 
remember that as best I can. As for my fi-iends, there are those of you who have left 
little footprints all over my life. You know who you are. We will keep in touch. 
Remember. I probably wont be far from where you left me. Its time for us all to fly a 
little higher. Until we meet again... 



^r^AU^"-. ^AOlft^' 












* Jfl 


SITES 21-50 ^;>^ 
"IN TENTS 6-10 .^ 


Mr ^ 


" A<^^^v 

■4L ■^■•«i... 


















Taylor Skelton 

Duncan: late night BBQ's. Darius: Inad an awesome year witin 
_,j^ you. You'll run Bolton next year. HefF: We've made some 

fl^^^ ' ^^^ pretty messed up stories during class. Good times. Ricky: 
^^^B^ ^^H Thanksfor Pearl Harbour: it was exciting! All the otiier guys, 
^^^^B I^B you're cool but I'm not writing about yah. To the girls: stay 
^^^H^p^ sweet, or plan on getting there real soon (only applies to a 
^^H^ couple!) SURREY Fordham: My bro since /years old. Orlando: 
Nobody knows how to have more fun than you. Barnes: You're pinner. Kush: You're 
white. Towns: You're awesome. Marillon y Anne-Marie: Te amo. Mom and Dad: 
thanks for everything. The road ahead is a little unkown: we can either fly high or 
sink like a stone, but no matter what we choose now it's 
our own, so now in the world lets make our presence •^ ^' 





Nikolas Sopow 

Ever since late February of 2003, 1 have been restoring a 1969 
Cadillac Deville, and I would like to share with you some of 
the more memorable moments of that process. I purchased 
this car from a skinny, Italian mobster (no joke) , the car was 
sitting in a horse ranch in Old Saanich and I had to meet him 
there in the evening to buy it, then have it flat bedded out. 
Two people have been thrown and locked in the trunk on 
separate occasions for making some joke about the state of the car 

^ou know who you are). Then there was an incident where about 4 gallons of 

gasoline spilled out onto my floor while we were replacing the fuel filter and the 

entire house reeked of gas for weeks. Also, in order to remove the carpet, which 

was proving diflncult to get out, I decided to clamp ropes 

to it then tie the other end to my friend's Honda Civic... 

he floored it, carpet came out. In conclusion, my advice 

to you all is: Never buy a car over twice your age unless it 



e carpet, which 



Sarah Strocel 

Would you like fries with that? I would like to thank my parents 

!^ and grandparents for sacrificing so much for me; you will never 

^^^ ;;< know how much I love you. Old-man Benjamin, MonSTAR 
^^^' Michael, and little hockey hero Thomas: I love you all. Cheers 
' ^^v to all the grads; may ail your dreams come true. A huge thank 
h^^ you to all of my teachers for endunng four years of me. To all of 
'' the admissions folk, especially Tammy: thank you for all of the 
sup- port (and chocolate!) . As for friends, they come and they go, but I would like 
to thank the ones that stayed. I love you so much. Nadia: you must be a football 
coach. What? We're having beef and broccoli? We have our priorities straight, of 
course food is more important than, well, everything. 
Who cares if we're broke as long as we're full! I love you 
so much. I could have never gotten this far without you. 
Thank you CharChar. Kariito and Ozzy "the truck" will be 
best friends forever. As for us, well, our week's 
up. . .whatever. 

Kyunghye Sohn 

I came to SMUS in Grade 7 as possibly the shyest girl on earth. 
During my 6 long and eventful years at this school, I have 
somewhat overcome my little hurdle and have met the most 
amazing group of people. Thanks to all my friends who made 
me laugh and kept me sane. Good luck and I will miss you all. 
Di: what would I do without you? Annie: you're sexy, crazy and 
cool. Jamie: thanks for all the good times and the French help, 
Erin: thanks for all the 'guidance,' everything I shouldn't know I learnec 
fi-om you. Finally: thank you to my mom and dad. I listened more than you know 
and I wouldn't be the person I am today without you. To my dearest sis: believe it oi 
not I couldn't ask for a better sister, friend, or a personal 
tutor than you. 

Sarah Stevens 

^^ 1 Well I can't believe that grad has finally come. I have been 

™ A^ waitingforwhat seems to be so long. My five years at SMUS 

3^., nik. have been some of the worst and best of my life. I 

^Hfe 1^ ^Mk have experienced opportunities I never thought possible, 
^^^ n sS "^^'^^ ''^'^ '°"§ friends, discovered who I really am, fallen in love 
^H^n ^^ and meet the man of my dreams. I will be sad to leave but 
^^l5f, ^ excited about the life that lies a head of me. Brittany: I love you 
for who you are and don't forget about our tea parties, CB: we will 
do some more cooking classes and I will always be here for you, Hanna: yes I know 
I am a freakaziod. Conal: it all starts now and I love you. To my Mom and Dad all I 
can say is thank you and I love you. Poppa and Grandma: 
even though you're not here, I know you would be 
proud. To anyone I have missed I am sorry and thank you 
because you have made an impact in my life. "Life is to 
short to be apart from the one you love' ~Sarah Stevens 

Kristin Sun 

My last year of high school is coming to an end, and I really 
appreciate my family, my friends, and my teachers. Thanks to 
1^^ my parents, who gave me an opportunity to study and let me 
I B^ ; to have a fabulous life at SMUS. Thanks to my house parents 
ft'lB' who let me realize that Bolton House is the best. Also, I will 
B^r miss all my friends. Roy: stop playing computer games and go 
find a girl friend. Clarence: take care of Roy and don't let him be 
a nerd. Renault: take care of yourself Mat Cho: you are always my 

brother. Evelyn: hope you have a great year at UBC. Surrey, Winnie, Mho, all the 

Cantonese and Taiwanese: let's keep in touch! Finally, I want to say thanks to my 

giri and she who always supports me. Karen Lo Por: you 

wake me up every morning, hang out with me in common 

room, and take care of me. How can I survive if you leave 

me alone? Let me say something from my heart: I love 

you forever. 




. 1^^" ^. .. A l^^'^. >..^Ai^"„ . C,2.<^ ''-r.L a*".';^^^ ^^ '^^ oOOA ^: G A lOO-^ ^^ ..A 2^^G r.raA i^^G A a*0 ":.r^^ 0^*-,' f^nA 









Andrew Tape 

To my friends: I will miss you all dearly: you are what have 
kept me sane all these years. To my enemies, or people I 
dislike: For your own sakes, change. If you can't get along 
with me, you can't get along with anyone. To the few I love: 
You, and only you, know the real me. You will be with me 
'I am heaven sent don't you dare forget" 
Okay I Believe You, But My Tommy Cun Don't, Brand New 





Hark Tsal 

3 years of boarding life in SMUS, only FUN explain everything. 
Life goes on. now it's the time for me to say goodbye. I 
would like to thank my parents and my brother so much for 
everything they've done for me. I would also thank all my 
sweet friends here. Calvin N: I will remember all the fun things 
and stupid things we have done. Claire Y: fire rice is always 
there for you. Claire L: I will remember everything between you 
and me. Ricky, don't forget how many nights we have slept 

together. James L, my well-trained young girl killer. LLY. remember your phone 

number. Michael Y, don't ditch me cause of girls again. Kevin T, kujikujikuji. Han^ey 

CPU. Clayton, I will miss your washroom. KT, there is nothing you can't do! Alfred, 

TW vs. KR forever. Nobu, the cool Jap. Kevin, the master! 

Sannifer: Lao Po, I'll miss you so much after I leave. I'll 

always remember what we have been through. You are 

the best girlfriend I've ever had. I'll remember the time you 

always take care of me. I love you. 

ling you a 


Hafeez WaIJi 

^ ' _> First off. I'd like to thank my parents: if it wasn't for their love, 

^^N>-, support and advice I would not be the person I am today. 

^^^^ #^^ Same to my brother and sister for their advice and construe- 

^^^^^ ^A tive criticism. TW-Boys since Gr.lO, clank. JH: Such a farmer, 
^^^Hh ^B I'll never forget Robin's bathroom. AL- Walks with you will never 
^^^Ht^V be forgotten. JM: 'I'm Busy' I'll never forget Gorman's. MZ: Pre's 
^^^^^ at your house were classic. BC: the picture and video of u will 
never be forgotten, NP: Nucca it was always a good time when we were together. 
DE: Gregan! AM, DC, HL BG, HM. Nick: great jokes with you guys SH. IT .Dunk, 
TS and the Winslow giris: you made boarding. Alex C, LS, RVC, AB: it was always 
great being with you giris. Holla! To the grade 11 's AC^, 
DM, CM,JV. DE: Run show next year. To all the parents 
of my friends: thanks for your hospitality. I can't express 
my gratitude. To the Barnacle/Winslow house parents: 
thanks. To the graduating class of 2004: best of luck and 
stay away from ambulances. 




Thomas Taylor 




SWEET! THE END. I've been educated by the most 

excellent of friends. I want to thank Shaun: you always were 

helpful, thoughtful, pissed off a lot. but it made life seem real. 

Cheers to you. I thank Mark, the "mandude:' times were really 

fun. Hooka! Ivan: you offered me your house, food, a good ^ 

time, and have become a best friend. Coops: You will always be|)^ 

a true DUDE, We surf on. Cam: your mom was kinda strange at "q/v 

times, but you showed me true music. Jack: thanb for Korea my friend, you are a . ,/ 

pure Yankee on the inside. Jaron: you brightened my day with humor. Keep skating. 

Rowan, you Communist, you're loved, even if you don't skate, Nick and Luke: 

skating is the path to deep Harmony. Julien, you kept my 

ideas sharp about Bush. Hafeez and Peng, props for the 

good times in Barnacle. Steve K: have fun next year. 

Thanks to my fether, and brothers. And Jordana, who 

made life bearable, I love you forever. My thoughts will 

be with you, always. Cheers to Smoke Crew and Grad 

,04. CO SKATE. 



Grace Tso 

■■^, Time has certainly passed by quickly. I remember thinking foui 
years ago that graduation was too far off to even ponder; but 
now. here we are, ready to take the next step forward. Many 
thanks to my friends who have made SMUS a memorable 
ride. There have been ups and downs, laughs and frowns, and 
not to mention the occasional 'snort'! To my parents, thank 
you for your continual love and sjpport. Michael, you're more 
than anything I could ask for in a brother, always pushing me 

forward and encouraging me to strive for the best. To my teachers: Ms. Stanford - 

you made calculus come alive!! Mr. Jones - thank you for all your words of wisdom 

on chemistry and life. Mr. Gardiner - you've opened my mind to a worid of 

possibilities and dared me to take that leap, Ms. Calderon 

de la Barca - I'm so glad I got to know you this year. 

Thank you for all your guidance. Congratulations to the 

grads of 2004. 





Lindsay Waterman 

I came to SMU with many delusions and expectations: it'si 
an educational nirvana; from within its ochre walls I shall take! 
over the worid; UFOs don't exist. These illusions broke 
down upon my arrival, but in the short ti'me I've been here, 
I've fallen prey to some of the best experiences of my life - the 
best friends, the best lessons, and the best depressions. Thank 
you cherished friends, teachers, and enemies all. Your help has 
been beyond price. To my parents: your generosity is completely outside the 
sphere of my comprehension. 

YOU are the spirit of the Thing itself" Miyamoto Musashi 
Be not for or against" Bruce lee 

Wounded honour can only be cured by cold steel' Rowan 






^Al^" ■. r.ra6 i-~-„. r,a" "" r^iU*"." r^nA^~ 


^AlOVJ-" ^..Ai^^ . rr^O^^ „. r^^"' 




■p 'i ^^ 








ashioH Show 










P^( , « -■ f II est finis, mes chers. There's something about leaving this 

i^ ^^k ^^ place that makes me want to yell, "YEEH AW! "But I don't 
},A ^ jH^^^ ^^Ih '^'^'-'^ ^l^y- '''ft^'' reading and editing every grad Vi/rite-up 
ca^ '^^^^^^^^ Hv ^"J'''^'*^'^ '^y °'^' entire grade, I am writing my own on the 
7* ofjune. I have a confession to make: I have never been a 
good girl. So to all of ycu who didn't look down on me, I'll say 
thanks for the understanding, such as it was. To all of you who 
, G^' did, thanks for the disdain: it amused me more than you'll ever know. In 20 years, 
. Qi when I'm living my vastly fulfilling life in a Tuscan villa married to a beautiful Italian 

f- man, I'll be able to think of these years with gratitude and a bit of longing. Right 
^ now I'm just glad to be gone. So, everybody had fun next 
30^ year and for the rest of your life. Be a hedonist; indulge. 
,qO* Othewise, what are you living for? And never look down 
lOO ^'^ ^^ short people. Ciao, bellos. Alcuni di voi che 

, amavo. 'You are young [and] you must be living. Co 
i '- now you are forgiven." Dispatch 





.A 10^" 






Andrew van der Westhuizen 

I am the wanderer. Where wandering has taken me has been 
wonderful and magical, with people and experiences that I 
couldn't have asked to be replaced by anything else. These 
people are all teachers, mentors, scholars, mad scientists, 
weirdoes and more than anything, gems in their own 
glittering fashion. Together we have formed a band of 
brothers never to forget where each of us has led each other. We 
have sworn til death do us part, yet school will do just as well. 
, 2> Change may separate our swords and shields from one another, but the fellowship 
" " , bonding hearts will live on. We will each see our own flushing rivers and rowing 
^* canyons in our own fentasy worids. And in the same way we depart, we will 
jf^^i under the same roof and raise our glasses in a cheer to life 
rx'i. and curiosity. Our adventure is far from finished, and with I 
^, thisi bid you all farewell. May you live the life you 
^ choose. Let's go a'roaming. 

Celia Wong 

My first and final year in SMUS. I do need to thank dad for 
' choosing this school. Met a lot of people with different 
,, cultures, and made a whole bunch of new friends. School is 
= fijn. boarding is fun, chilling out during weekends is fun, and 
even score keeping is fun. This can be said as being the most 
special school year of all. Symons House rocks. Cuz there're 
tons of cool people. LOL. Special thanks to everyone out there 
who has once helped me or had mad fun with me. Thanks for all the 
supporting. I love every single one of you. 

aOO^-" '^.^A'i^^ . rr'x^i--- 


Connor Watt 

Although I only spent 2 years here at SMU, I have to say that 
have had some of the best times of my life here. Mostly thank 
to boarding. First off thanks to Cerman for teaching that 4 
hours a night is more then enough sleep. Next is to Dunk anc 
Rick for the BBQ's but next time let's be a bit more discreet 
Tay: playing PS2 and movies. Darius, keep the house in good 
shape next year. Carley Calhoon we all know you really love 52 b 
44 is pretty good too. To my friends back in the Fort, thanks for all 
the support and good times. Mr. and Mrs. Cameron thank you for all your love anc 
guidance. Wendy thanb for everything. 

interesting 1 

Taylor Willms 

Well first off, big high fives to my padres. Props, Crapo for 
many great laughs about random things, and the 9 straight 
years of b-ballin'. That's a good pick right there! Huddy, I car 
always count on u to let me crash at your place, keep the dirt 
times rollin and always fight the system. Adam, just keep 
shooting those tri-balls. they will drop. Oh yes Lagenbach, the 
competitions & the random fights were sweet! Thante Linguo. 
Brown Town, some good times, the mocking, laughing, and the 
ghts. Zakus, "So what comes in a basket of fries?" 'The Bashers', you 

guys are crazy, some good games of tag! Big shout out to 'The 
Rachie. Laura. Andrea. Al. and Jess; some eventful 
evenings that are unforgettable. Ry, lookin' forward to 
joining you in Calgary "next year". Coose, thanks for all 
the negativity, and university lectures. Thanks to all my 
friends for a great 5 years at SMUS and some awesome 
memories. So just layback, relax and enjoy the good times 

I Diggity 



Mark Wong 


DUDE! It has Ended. First of all, a big thanks to all the 
A '-^ boarding residents: Cookie, Yan-man, Forbsie and my 

^^^ '1^^^ Hoodlums: Ceofl^: the best roomie and Mr. Fro Burner, the 
^^^^ ^ ^^^ Cermanju: 'ring-ding.' To my two half roomies Lach: Keep i 
^^^^ ■ ^V minty fi-esh and Con: What happened with the carrots and 
^^HjB^r celery? I'm really going to miss the party room: checkered 
^^^^ ceiling, fuzzy seals and the fish, Bambino and Twigs. To all the 
ladies, yeah, you're hot! Twiggie, I'm going to miss those late movie nights and 
watch out for the lump! Dengie, what happened to those private lessons? "P and 
Mikey: too many good memories. Tucker and Jello, hope your marriage is going 
good. To my other hommies: Harv, Nic the fleischbal, 
Cacahuete; I'm going to miss poking you in Calcumalus, 
Jack: lunch time shopping sprees, Nobum and Clay: 
C.P.U., Cal and Fran: I'll remember our biggest heist ever. 
Can't forget my Timmie Ho's Crew; Ivan: the margarita | 
man,JP: WHEY too crazy, Luke, Al, Cooperrider: 
ookah me up! 


rNOik^"' ,oO>0'^" _a90^'^ .^,oAi^" . r.raO '--'_. G^^^'^aA,*^^"", 








Erica Wray 

Four years and it seems like a lifetime. I never thought the 
end would come, yet here it is. So many people have made 
~y time memorable and I want to thank you all. Girls - You 
are the ones who have made it all worthwhile. Through the 
ups and downs, you've been there when it's needed the most. 
You've shaped my time at SMU with so many amazing and 
cherished memories. Bianca - It was true what everyone said, but 
the memories will never be forgotten. Dan • Thank you for the endless support and 
encouragement; it was always appreciated. Sara-or should I say Denmari<- What 
would I have done without our countless outings? I love you bigger! To the giris in 
Vernon • Words cannot do you justice, and to try and get 
personal would never be enough. I could never ask for 
better friends. Thanks for everything. Jon/Andrew/Nick/ 
Alexander • I love you. Rnally, to my parents - You have 
given me opportunities 1 could never have dreamed of I 
promise HI make you proud. Good Luck to the grads of 

Claire Yang 

4 years at SMUS has indeed made me a better person. I have 
made many true friends who connect me with their sweet 
hearts and fulfill rny life. RC: you have brightened my life and| 
given me different experiences; life wouldn't be the same 
without you. You are the best ever and I will always miss you! 
CL: my best friend in SMUS. Thank you for always providing me 
food when I was starving. I won't forget those happy moments in 
Gr. 9 and 10. Shan and Michi: It's never boring being with you guys 
We all want to stay in BC. Let's have fun in uni together!! Clay; You are such a 
good listener. Thank you for all the advice; I'll never forget your words. Hari< &. 
Michael Y: My two little brothers with whom i always 
share happiness and sadness. Our friendship will never 
end! Study hard in uni: I believe you guys can do it! Maz 
& BoyHK: 2002 winter was definitely the best break ever! 

Wish to have fun with vnu otivs acraini 

Michael Yang 




the best hp ever!!! To 1 
K.T.: you guys are 

Finally it's my time to leave. "Cookie 

all the roommates I had. M.W., R.M. 

awesome! PIZZA TEAM and BigTwo team were great!! Ricky. 

Clay, Cng, Michi, Massey. the Claires, Hari<: It was fun to hang 

out with u guys!! Weekend routine? dinner, movie, arcade, 
(pizza sometimes). Michi; Thanks for 2 years! C.L.: Thanks to 
you and your family who took care of me. 'Da mei nu." C.Yang; I 
not only see you as one of my closest firiends, but also as 'Big Sis." Irene: 
Our 'conversation' inspired me A LOT!! Hark; It was fijnny when we had the same 
thoughts and said them together. George; thanks for helping with Physics!! K.C, 
small Kevin, Oscar. Alex; It's nice to play b-ball with you 
guys! 123. 'Zuiaide' Laopo; We're 'more than silver.' 'de 
silver couple." Don't forget all the "da feng da lang' we 
had NO 'flower-consumer! 'Joyce, Iris, Margaret. Alice, 
Sannifer; Nice to meet you guys. Take care of 1231! 




( ,r*^ ^aA. VJ' 

12 years at SMU have left me with a lifetime of memories. 
Junior and Middle School were fijn but the Senior School 
was where the party began. Dances, pre-drinks. fridge pics, 
soccer BC's, Kamloops and Out-trips. Rugby-The boot is 
ours this year. As for my friends I can't thank you enough: 
you have made my time here worthwhile. Being a lifer has 
given me the opportunity to make a lot of friends; you know 
who you are and won't be forgotten. Jefl^-Been ft-iends since grade 
4, where do I even start? Coops-Lucky for infomercials, Huds-Tim Norton's parking 
lot. Amac-Gennany was awesome. Humpiece-You broke into the scene during pre- , 
drinks. Linguel-Fruh Kolsch. Nik Pf-cow town boy. Huf, Nik. I i 

Al-lt's been a long time. Ben-You Mexican. Grads of ^^^^^^^^^^^Bfi A 

2003! Dione-Thanks for being an amazing friend. Lastly, ^^^^Ki^f^^^^l 
thanks to Paul for being such a good brother and to my ^^^^Bh^iHV^I J^^ 
parents for their constant love. Cheers Grad 2004! See ^^H^^ ^» ' ^1 G^ 
you in the future when we can. "Drink a few cold ones and 
tell a few old ones!' 



God was certainly 
starxdmg by me. I 
smashed five saloons 
with rocks before I ever 
took a hatchetr - Carry 

In heaven all the 
interesting people 
are missing/' - 
Fricdrich Nietzsch( 

Above: There is nothing more helpless and irrisponsible, than a man in the depths of a pie-eating binge. 

'c7 regret iRat 
c7 Rave 6ui one 
life to give for 
my country/' - 
€^atRan JCale 

bove: Jeremy, bend over the phonograph 

\bo rare, w c^fce." 

r^ *>i 



^t,- "MUM 



KS; ' 




:m 1 

' i^^B 1 


,v \ 






t / 


















^^^ "kT^^^^ '.^— crfjj S^^MflL. -^i Jitt^^^^^^^} 

1 J^Jtt 


^^^ ^^e'^Ja!^^^^ 

t m 



Diane and John Graham 
lliya Pavlovic 
Gary Paulson 
Catherine Boissevan 
Andrew van der 
John Lattimer 
Laura Keziere 
The Chao Family 
Elizabeth Dunn 
Patricia Krucger 
Doug and Heidi Pringle 
Nancy Greene 
Anita and Dave Gil more 
Sang Min Kim &. Family 

Jane EfFa 
Vicki Irvine 
Karen Martin 
Mr & Mrs Sjulstok 
Sam Kuen Luk 
Wilfred Uu 
Yasse Eghdami 
Hyelim Lee Nam 
Morgan Hall 
Sandy Lang 
Tsung-An Lu 
David Chiu 
Juno Wei 
Ann Bryan 




Shirin and Sarferaz Ahmed-SMUS Cricket 

Acheson Whitley Cameron-Jr Girls Basketball 

The Sal maniw Family ,^_ ^^ 

The Waters Family -v. '*^*- "- 

Mr and Mrs Jeffery Mose^r 11 Band 

Rick and Brendaiyiichelmore-Rugby Team First XV 

Brian ans Ann Cameron-Senior Jazz Band 

Art Celusak and Monica Cotton- Senior Cricket 

Pacific North Woods 

The Hudson Family 

Alexandra's Dad- Timmis Hous®^^?"^ 

The Kohler Family - Symons H ouse 

Anya Gawor 

Thankyou to Craig Farish for his Photography